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Cool, Calm, and Pregnant Trying To Concieve? Why Taking Care Of Yourself Is Of Utmost Importance

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

Having difficulty getting pregnant? Well, before you head for the bedroom, you may want to head to the spa. That’s right, a little extra pampering for mom may just lead down the right road to needing a whole supply of pampers.

According to recent research, pregnancy, at least the ability to conceive, begins in the mind. Studies determined that women who were fret over finances or physical aspects of pregnancy were less likely to conceive than those who remain less stressed.

In fact, research revealed that stressing over medical concerns produced 20 percent less eggs and 19 percent less fertilization. Additionally, women with work concerns were determined to have 30 percent fewer eggs fertilized, and moms to be with monetary issues showed a propensity toward miscarriage.

And, according to statistics, six million (that’s one in ten) American Couples with an average of one in six couples in North America, of childbearing age, experience fertility issues.

Peers say part of relieving “parental pressure” is remembering that half the fun is trying.
And they say that the first step to a neo-natal state of mind…is making some mental adjustments.

Body Language: Our bodies speak volumes…but you must understand the “verbiage”. Clue into and get a good understanding of your ovulation and menstrual cycle. Plan intercourse around your particular rhythm, remember, timing is everything.

Patience Is A Virtue: Don’t rush the process or the procedure. Try to remember that our bodies send off signals that our mind interprets. If you are tense, your brain will know and your body will respond accordingly. Also take into account that sometime, these things take time….and that you don’t “have to get it right the first time”. If you’re under 35 and have been persistently trying for a year, or if you are 35 or over and have been trying for 6 months, you may want to consult a physician or fertility specialist.

Make an Attitude Adjustment: Remember sex before trying to start a family? I always said “Keep it tropical”, you just may see some coconuts”, unfortunately, for couples trying to conceive, it’s all “mechanical” and coconuts are optional. This may very well be the “problem”. There’s nothing less romantic than sex on demand. Think about turning a routine into a romantic rendezvous. Turn on your spouse by turning into the pre-family minded femme fatale he frequently fantasizes about….have fun and maybe you’ll conceive of more than just an idea for a good time.

Brush Up On Baby Talk(s):
Get out there and meet other women in your situation. After all there’s lots of truth to the adage “Birds of a feather”….find a group of women who’ll help unruffle yours, while in turn forcing you to encourage them and perhaps finding some new unique answers and solutions to your dilemma. Don’t want to air your personal issues in a public forum, ask your doctor to recommend a mental health professional trained in family and fertility issues to confide in.

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder: Take a vacation from scheduled sex. Maybe even take a vacation from each other (for a short while…at least as far as intercourse is concerned). Take a trip, spend quality time with your partner…live, laugh, love and let your desire grow. If you think about anything, think about all the pleasures of intimacy, throw caution and calendars to the wind and you just may be pleasantly surprised.

Words To The Wise and The Inquisitive: No doubt much of your stress is “self-imposed”, but I’m here to exonerate you from all the blame. You’re probably subjected to more interrogation than those under the Spanish Inquisition. Eager and enthusiastic family, friends and co-workers have most likely become your fan club and are tracking your progress as eagerly as ravenous paparazzi. Don’t feel obliged to oblige them. Instead, keep your private life private and simply decline to answer by letting them know you’d prefer not to discuss the issue and that “no news is good news”….you’ll let them know if and when anything changes and when the time is right. And, remember to thank them for any well-intentioned advice.

Give Yourself Some Motherly Love: Moms are among the most beautiful people in the world…give yourself the right to get into “mom mode” by first taking care of yourself. Remember, moms always tend to see the “good” in a situation. Start applying that philosophy to YOU, even if you are not pregnant (this time). Psych yourself up…take a retreat with an inspirational book, an herbal tea or a latte. Take a nice warm bath, treat yourself to a new outfit, hairstyle or manicure, pedicure or entire makeover…maybe even invest in some luscious lingerie…love yourself and allow yourself to be loved….tomorrow is another day… and think of it as another month to play. Again, remember trying should be part of the fun.

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