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Missing school due to surgery

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Missing school due to surgery

I know there was a thread debating the validity of missing school due to vacation, but what are your thoughts about missing school for medical reasons..?

So, DD needs to have her tonsils out. She will be out of school for 1 week. I can schedule her in mid-January and she will miss 5 or 6 days.... or I can schedule her around the end of February so it coincides with February break and she only misses 3 days.

She really should have had the surgery the end of this year, but I just had a baby, so I couldn't do it. Therefore, I want to schedule it as soon as possible.

Also, she is only in Pre-K. I don't want to discount the fact that it is still school and still important to be there, but it's only half-day Pre-K... will she really miss that much?

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Posted 11/22/11 9:38 AM
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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I'd do it sooner than later for medical reasons.

Yes she'll miss school, but she'll be able to jump right back in.

Posted 11/22/11 9:39 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

IMO, i wouldn't postpone a surgery that was medically necessary for my kid's safety or comfort just so that she would miss less school. but, i am also one who would take my kid out of school for a vacation (one that has some cultural value and would be a good learning experience--not just a trip to disney land). i believe that learning to catch up, teaching yourself lessons from missed classes, and showing the discipline to do school work even while out of school all provides just as valuable experience as actually being present for class.

Posted 11/22/11 9:46 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I would do it sooner rather than later too. To me, missing school for illness is always reasonable. I would hope that a school would recognize that and accommodate my child accordingly. If it was for a nose job or the like then I would have said wait until the summer. Obviously that would be for a much older child. I remember my sr. year of HS some girls cam back from summer vacation with nose jobs.

Posted 11/22/11 9:47 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I wouldn't hesitate to miss school in this situation. Honestly, my DS is in Pre-K and I don't consider missing school for any reason at this age to be a big deal at all! I can't understand why anyone would personally! I think K and on is a totally different ball game. It's pre-k!!

Posted 11/22/11 9:57 AM


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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I wouldn't think twice about missing pre-K for a necessary surgery! I pulled my daughter out of pre-K for number of extended trips to Europe - one of them was 6 weeks long. She didn't fall behind, and is advanced in her kindergarten class.

Plenty of kids don't even go to pre-K.

Posted 11/22/11 9:58 AM

Mommy of 2

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

Missing school for a medical reason in any grade is always justified. Your child's health comes first. Do what you need to do and don't worry about what she'll miss.

Posted 11/22/11 10:05 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

If NY doesn't require kids to attend Kindergarten, I definitely would have no issue with missing Pre-K. Not that I would anyway. Medical needs always override school needs.

Posted 11/22/11 10:07 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

schedule the surgery for jan....its too important. Even if she were in elementary school, I would say the same thing. I have had students out for surgeries, and no one thought twice about it (except to feel bad for the student for needing surgery!) Chat Icon

ETA: My oldest son missed school for his (he was 3 days a week, 3 yr old program) and my youngest missed his 2 day a week, 2 yr old program

Message edited 11/22/2011 10:21:31 AM.

Posted 11/22/11 10:20 AM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I wouldn't blink and eye for missing pre k for a surgery.

Posted 11/22/11 10:38 AM

Horray for 3 boys!!

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Mikey, Greg & TJ's Mommy

Re: Missing school due to surgery

Posted by Lillykat

I wouldn't blink and eye for missing pre k for a surgery.


Posted 11/22/11 12:42 PM

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

Altho I agree pre-k is still school and still important I think its a much more flexible time than say 1st grade.

So Yes, I'd vote earlier rather than later.

Posted 11/22/11 1:00 PM


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Mrs. Honeybee

Re: Missing school due to surgery

i would pull my dc out if they were in ANY grade for a surgery. Health is first. and with a docs note, schools are more then ok with it.

Posted 11/22/11 1:26 PM

Two Under Two Mommy

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

Posted by Cheryl

Posted by Lillykat

I wouldn't blink and eye for missing pre k for a surgery.


She is in pre k! I would book her surgery as soon as possible and totally not postpone for school.

DH is a surgeon and some older students do schedule their surgeries based on school schedules. These are older kids though, like junior high and high school.

Posted 11/22/11 1:58 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

My son had this surgery when he was in Kindergarten. I scheduled it for as soon as he could get in. He was constantly ill, why would I wait for his vacation and let him suffer. From my experience, my son needed a full week just to feel somewhat better...he had a hard time with the recovery. Good Luck!

Posted 11/22/11 4:40 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

I'm a teacher and I would say health comes first. You can give your child's school enough notice and if she has any fun projects that she will miss she can do while she recoups at home. Hope this helps!

Posted 11/22/11 4:42 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Missing school due to surgery

ITA with others. She will still understand the value of school even after missing a week.

But this is coming from a parent of a 1st grader who has missed 30+ days this year.

Posted 11/22/11 6:21 PM

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