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The Elements Of Success: Vitamins That Offer Ladies Vitality

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

If you’re a woman, chances are you love to shop, remember things long after your man would have forgotten them, still like to be complimented by the people you love, appreciate an unsolicited whistle, worry a lot and need to take better care of yourself, at least as far as taking your daily vitamins is concerned.

Statistics show that even the most health conscious among us don’t do themselves proper justice and only an “elite” 7 percent have eating and exercise habits that would allow them to skip the daily supplements. The rest of us need a little help from “our friends”.

But, even too much of a “good” thing can be detrimental and/or dangerous. So, when it comes to vitamins, it’s best to know which are vital.

· Bone up on calcium: Osteoporosis is quite common or at least a common concern for most women, especially since it has the reputation of becoming (over time) a debilitating condition that results in bone mass deterioration, allowing the bone to become more porous and putting ladies at greater risk for fractures. You can alleviate the risk factor simply by staying on top of your daily calcium and vitamin-D intake. Note that calcium becomes easier to absorb when vitamin-D is also present, which can be taken in tablet form or gotten directly from the sun. The former may be the better option for those who are cautious about too much sun exposure and/or those who work under fluorescent bulbs. Just remember to take only the suggested daily allowance of vitamin-D…no more, and no less. Remember, too much of a good thin can be (literally) toxic. Other alternatives to bolster your vitamin-D intake include drinking D-fortifies mild, and eating plenty of fatty fish oils and cod liver oil. Still, the amounts in each are almost negligible, so your best bet is a daily supplement.

· Become an iron maiden: You may feel fine. You may eat well, meet all your obligations in addition to working (full or part time,) and even exercising, but still feel sluggish. Well, besides your full schedule, you may have a lack of adequate iron to blame. And, it’s this iron deficiency that is also causing a lull in energy. In fact, iron is one of the most elemental and important trace elements that is essential for cells to function properly and to help with the formation of healthy red blood cells. So, consult with your doctor and ask about popping an iron pill daily….a vitamin that may be especially vital for non-read meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians.

· Get familiar with you’re A, B, C’s, and E’s: Vitamins A, C and E are the basic vitamins that help you maintain your youthful glow via vibrant and healthy-looking skin. Packed with antioxidants, they help fight cell aging and can even aid in the prevention of heart disease, memory loss, cataracts and cancer. In addition, vitamin A is vital for preserving eye healthy, boosting immunity and keeping tissues healthy. Vitamin-C is responsible for helping with healing, reducing sun damage and lowering odds of cancer, heart disease and cataracts.

And, now for your B’s. Vitamin-B12 (typically found in eggs, shellfish, milk, red meat and poultry) helps with preventing memory loss, nerve damage, anemia, heart disease, and even the blues/depression. It is also essential in keeping your brain functioning properly.

Vitamin-B6 is another essential B-supplement that helps boost your brain power. Functioning much like B12 it assists in the production of necessary brain chemicals that keep synapses free and active.

Folic acid, another vitamin in the B-family is also important for females, especially those who enjoy a little “vitamin-W” otherwise known as wine. While healthy in moderation, it reduces the absorption of vitamin B. It’s also recommended for those who are pregnant and/or trying to conceive.

Just remember, before starting on ANY daily regimen or routine (even if its healthy) consult with the professionals (YOUR doctor, who knows YOU and your medical history) first.

Long Island Health, Fitness & Beauty Articles > The Elements Of Success: Vitamins That Offer Ladies Vitality

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