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Twin Belly

Username: MrsPorkChop
Last Update: 8/9/12
Photo(s): 26
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OMG - love your postpartum pics! You look amazing ... and you're giving me a lot of hope !
Posted by Smiles111 7/21/12 11:30AM
Posted by Smileyd17 7/13/12 11:26AM
Look at those after shots. What a fabulous stomach !
Posted by MrsA1012 7/13/12 10:38AM
You look amazing! Can't wait to see how beautiful these babies are!
Posted by Deedlebugs 4/19/12 11:56AM
wow, looking great at 36w!!
Posted by julz33 4/19/12 10:31AM
You look fantastic! Congrats!
Posted by ODonnell 4/16/12 12:36PM
You look wonderful! are doing SO good!
Posted by Smileyd17 4/10/12 3:34PM
Gorgeous mama!
Posted by J9-13 3/30/12 2:06PM
Wow, you truly are carrying beautifully...I think I was that big with just 1.
Posted by Kissy331 3/29/12 9:08PM
you look great love the bedding too!!
Posted by NoStressMom 3/21/12 1:46PM
Posted by Smileyd17 3/20/12 9:17AM
Posted by julz33 3/10/12 6:17PM
You look amazing....when I carried just one, I looked ten times worse....can't wait to see your bundles
Posted by Kissy331 3/6/12 1:02PM
you look fantastic!! and i love that your bed is always made!! :)
Posted by hunnybunnyxoxo 2/29/12 11:32AM
You look awesome! :)
Posted by Phyl 2/7/12 6:21PM
I'm so happy for you and you look fantastic!
Posted by ODonnell 2/3/12 3:39PM
You look amazing!!!
Posted by 2PreciousBlessings 1/31/12 11:43AM
congrats! you look amazing!
Posted by Lanabean 1/5/12 10:58AM
Congrats! You look amazing!!
Posted by Tine73 1/2/12 8:37PM
u look great! congrats to you
Posted by bklyngirl 1/1/12 10:57AM
You look awesome Mel!!!! SOooo happy for you and M!
Posted by Sweets13 12/28/11 9:50PM
Congrats!!!!! You looking stunning!!!
Posted by Chatham-Chick 12/7/11 5:09PM
Congratulations!!! How exciting!!!
Posted by bride07 11/27/11 6:56PM
You look fabulous.
Posted by JennZ 11/11/11 9:17AM
You look wonderful!! Congrats on the twins! I am so truly happy for you. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.
Posted by MrsPornStar 11/10/11 2:06PM
You look great!!! Twins?!! So exciting, congrats!!!
Posted by johnsae 11/10/11 12:39PM
TWINS?! I am so excited for you!!
Posted by DirtyBlonde 11/2/11 8:52PM
Ahhh OMG!! Congrats!! So exciting!!
Posted by J9-13 11/1/11 7:58PM
I am so excited about this!
Posted by Deedlebugs 10/27/11 9:21PM
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