We are in NYC Schools. DD is going into 5th. Her current IEP (for dyslexia & dysgraphia) has her in an ICT class (so general ed & SPED teacher) with small group work when needed and pullouts 4 times a week. She also gets an IPAD for assistance. When we went remote in March, she got her pull out 1X a week and HW from her SETTS teacher. We worked on it together and I tried to keep up with her daily practice. Her SPED teacher (and really GENED too) checked in regularly and and provided small group hours if needed. We are doing 100% remote in the fall. I haven't spoken to the school yet- I will next week. But, just wondering, how did your school handle the IEP and what is the plan for this coming school year. I completely understand they need a little flexibility due to circumstances, but I also understand consistency is key with learning disabilities. Her current SETTS teacher (who we LOVED) had a baby over the summer and will be on maternity leave until October/November- so I'm just stressing a bit on how this will be handled.