I have been really stressed lately because I had to decide when I was going to be disclosing my pregnancy to my school. I am a perm sub and my contract is a yearly contract . Which means year by year the school has to recommend me for my position every year. I know sucks right. Well after much debate i told the Assistant principal that I am expecting . He seemed really happy and explained to me the plan for next year. It really depends on the budget which they have not started to discuss anytime soon. I was told by personnel that perm subs would know if they were returning by late August or early September. So I had to disclose my pregnancy it made me really nervous. I do not know if the school knows or if the AP that I had spoken to does and if he had disclosed it to the principal. he did say that there should not be any issues for him to recommend me and that there will most likely be a job for me when I returned from my leave.