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If you had a big baby

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Daylight savings :)

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If you had a big baby

My DS measured big the whole pregnancy, both sonos and measurements the doctor took of my belly. We discussed a C-section as a possibility but did not plan anything for certain. I went into labor at 37.5 weeks, was in labor for 3 days and had a C-section since the baby hadn't dropped, labor wasn't progressing and I was exhausted. My DS was over 9 pounds and came early, so the sonos were right on for me. If he was full term, he likely would have been over 10 pounds.

Posted 3/26/15 2:25 PM
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If you had a big baby

At 37 weeks they told me DD was over 9 lbs. They scared me saying she was big, she might have shoulder dystocia and made me do my glucose screening again.I delivered her naturally at 39 wks 5 days, she weighed 7 lbs 15 oz. So the sonograms might not always be accurate.

Posted 3/26/15 3:07 PM

love my little girl !

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If you had a big baby

My dh was delivered breech , 9 lbs and his mother delivered him vaginally , drug free in the 1970s. She is 5 feet. You body is made for this. I don't believe this approach is evidence based. Go to to do some research on inducing for a big baby.

Posted 3/26/15 4:20 PM

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Re: If you had a big baby

They estimated my ds to be on the big side, around 8lbs. I pushed for over 3 hrs, then he was in distress and I needed an emergency c section. Turns out his arm was up on his forehead, and blocking him from coming out vaginally. They actually cut him a little bit on his elbow as they were doing the cut for the c section. He ended up being almost 10lbs! If it was because it was an emergency, I am glad he was c section, because as big as he was and small as I am, he didn't have much room in me, and actually has a slight deviated septum from birth

Posted 3/30/15 5:29 PM

Love my 4 kiddos!

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Re: If you had a big baby

My DS I was sent for sono's on several occasions because my belly measured big. Sono's all showed normal size baby.

at 38 weeks I begged for a c section or to be induced because I was horribly big and miserable.

I was told before 39 weeks without a medical reason, ie pre-eclampsia, slow heart rate, etc, they would have to do an amnio to determine if the lungs were developed enough to deliver.
After 39 weeks the amnio was not necessary.

I opted to be induced at 39 weeks- was sent for a sono and estimated baby to be about 8 lbs- which was on schedule with the other sono's I previously had.

Fast forward to my induction scheduled at 39 weeks. I had my DS who weighed 11.5 lbs naturally. I broke my pelvic bone, they had to dislocate his shoulder during delivery and he was blue and non- responsive at first. Got a 2 on an apgar.

To this day I still have issues medically from giving birth to a large baby naturally.
If I knew then what I know now I would have had a C- section in a heart beat!

The medical risks to not only yourself but your baby increase with a larger baby.

Talk to your doctor. Sono's can be off, see how they measure you. Discuss all options and figure out what works best for you!
Good Luck!!

Posted 4/1/15 2:38 PM

Just another chapter in life..

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..being a mommy and being a wife!

Re: If you had a big baby

I really feel like they need to stop even ATTEMPTING to guess size from sonos.

In this day and age you woudl think they would have better technology but they are ALWAYS wrong.
I have never heard of any sono guesses being right.

I had the opposite. DD was too small, too small ,too small.
I had to go for countless sonos, NSTS and dopplers at the end.
They put so much unnecessary stress on me.

And she was born at 7 lbs- very avearage

I put NO faith in these guesses.

Message edited 4/1/2015 3:43:39 PM.

Posted 4/1/15 2:42 PM

LIF Toddler

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Re: If you had a big baby

so many of these responses make me so sad. it's sad to me how many women are made to feel their bodies are growing babies that are too small or too big. i don't understand the notion that a doctor knows better than a woman's body and nature as to what size your baby should be when born. technological advances in maternal care are great for the small percentage of pregnancies that are actually high risk, but to the detriment of the vast majority of healthy, normal pregnancies. Chat Icon

Posted 4/1/15 3:40 PM

Our April Baby is here!

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Re: If you had a big baby

My dd was measuring big. At my 38th week appt I saw a doc in the practice who I don't usually see. He stripped my membranes to try to get me going but said he would not induce me. He would let me go as long as 1 week past my due date.

At my 39th week appt my normal doc saw me and stripped my membranes again. She said baby was going to be high 8 lbs or 9ish and she scheduled me for an induction on my due date. She did not want me to go as long as that other doc did though they are in the same practice.

I ended up giving birth naturally one day before my due date and she was 9 lbs, 1 oz so they were spot on with their guess. I am soooo glad I would've been induced had I not gone naturally since she probably would've been close to 10 lbs if left to bake!

I am tall so that might've helped me opposed to a very petite person but I didn't have complications and neither did baby. She was very healthy :)

Posted 4/1/15 4:20 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: If you had a big baby

My first was a preemie ands I needed stitches so when my second was measuring 10lbs I cried I thought it impossible to push him out.
Dr said no way to know until it happens, all was fine and no stitches! !! He was v born on due date, 8lb 9oz!!!

Message edited 4/1/2015 10:06:45 PM.

Posted 4/1/15 10:06 PM
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