I placed on on-line order on May 30....the charge cleared my bank on June 5th and I was just charged AGAIN on July 29th for the SAME purchase!!!Chat Icon That's OVER 2 MONTHS LATER....W t h???

It is so irresponsible of the company to have not notified me of the error since they knew about it. I just called freaking out and the girl's like Oh, yeah, we issued a refund already....well thanks a lot for letting the consumers know.

They are so freakin lucky I went to balance my checkbook before paying bills this week.

They offered me a coupon for my inconvenience...REALLY? So I can spend more money in your store? That's your idea of compensation for tying up my money for over a week out of nowhere? In this economy.....that's obnoxious!!!

Ummmmmm, not good enough!!!

So they're sending me 2 coupons worth $10/ea to use in their store (no other purchase necessary). I guess that'll do.

I'm just pizzed at the fact they didn't feel the need to notify anyone and thought they'd just fix it and run away with their tail between their legs. Unbelievable!!!