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New on this board!

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New on this board!

I'm new here! I posted in the pregnancy board the arrival of my baby Nicholas Andrew last week, October 31 and I want to post it here.

I have some questions, though. The past few night have been just crazy. My baby sleeps well during the day... he wakes up every 2-3 hours and I feed him. After 10:30 pm he doesn't go to sleep. I feed him (20-40 minutes), he falls sleep, I put him on his bassinet and 5 minutes later he is crying again... and this goes until 5:30 am.

The last two nights we have put him in the bed with us at this time and that is the only way for him to sleep... but, of course, I get so worried that we are going to roll over him.

I don't know what the problem is... if he doesn't like is bassinet (although during the day he doesn't have any problem with it) or if I'm not feeding him enough any time so he wakes hungry again. Any suggestions?

Here is a picture of my baby...

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Posted 11/7/05 11:52 AM
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Re: New on this board!

First off, congrats! Your son is so handsome!

Sounds like he has his days and nights mixed up, which is very common in newborns. Just try to nap when he does during the day, and in a few weeks (which will feel like an eternity to you) he'll get it all straightened out.

Try to stimulate him during the day (change his diaper a lot, talk to him, etc.) and keep him in bright lights (open the curtains, etc) so that he can start to figure out that he should be up when it's light and sleeping when it's dark.

Good luck, I've been there, it's really hard, but will get better, I promise!

Posted 11/7/05 11:59 AM


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Re: New on this board!

get the miracle blanket!! it's great!

Posted 11/7/05 12:14 PM

I am a lucky Momma!

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Re: New on this board!

I found that during the day emily had no problem sleeping in her crib for naps...but in the beginning if I was in the room with her (it's in our bedroom so i'd be in here cleaning up, putting laundry away, etc) she'd throw a fit and want to be held. Also at night she watned nothing with the crib. So honestly now she sleeps in her bouncer right beside my bed most nights. and in the AM after we bring my DH to work we sometimes take a nap together in the bed because without him there I feel like I won't roll over on her -- and also she sleeps a lot in the bouncer during the day too.

I'm probably causing her a lot of BAD sleep habits but it's all about survial and I felt like if it worked and it meant I could sleep some at night too, then I needed to do it because I need to be awake all day to take care of her and if I wasn't sleeping at night thenI wouldn't be able to function.

Also in the beginning we played a "relaxing waters" cd that had streams and light rain and that helped to give "white noise" and also I'd swaddle her tight in a blanket. Now she likes her arms and legs free so she's completely changed!

Just know that it is completely normal and you need to findo ut what works for you!

Congratulations and welcome to the other side!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 11/7/05 12:18 PM


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Re: New on this board!

Adri...I can't help you YET!!! But, just wanted to say how CUTE your son is!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope things get better for you both!!!!!

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Hopefully I'll be getting to join you on this side FOR REAL soon!!!!!

Posted 11/7/05 12:20 PM

My Everything

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Re: New on this board!

Do you swaddle your baby? My DD wakes herself up constantly if she is not swaddled.

Also we got a snuggle nest so she could sleep in the bed with us. You aren't actually holding them though so this doesn't always work. Sometimes I still have to sleep holding my DD and I do get pretty nervous but it's the only way she will sleep sometimes. I think its the warmth, smell and maybe hearing my hearbeat that helps her sleep.

Posted 11/7/05 12:45 PM

Love her so much <3

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Re: New on this board!

congrats Chat Icon

Posted 11/7/05 1:02 PM

5 weeks till I'm a big sister

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Re: New on this board!

congrats and welcome he is adorable I have to agree with sarahsmommy

Posted 11/7/05 3:33 PM

Family of 5!

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<3 Mommy <3

Re: New on this board!

Adri- I think I wrote this same exact post the 1st week or so... Ryan would sleep all day (only waking to eat) and then at night he'd stay up from 11-2 (or longer) I had asked the ped. and he said he was a little too young to have his days and nights confused, and to just give it time...

Well after 2 weeks the problem did fix itself... now at 5 weeks old we've slept through the night a couple of times, and on avg. we go to bed at 11 wake around 4 or 5 to eat and then wake to start our day around 7 or 8 everyday...

In the meantime this is what I did- I swore my baby hated his bassinett... I still think he does.. I can only get him in it when he's already asleep (so basically if he dosent fall asleep eating... he's not going back in the bassinett) I started saying well.... Ill let him fall asleep on my chest, and then ill put him in... well guess what...Id fall asleep too...

The baby will like sleeping with you better.. my son loves to sleep on my chest with his head pressed against my left side.. (I strongly feel he can hear or feel my heartbeat) Its a bad habit but you gotta do what works for you, and dont let anyone tell you differently... The truth is, your not gonna get a good night sleep with him sleeping with you, so eventually you'll want him sleeping in his own space...

I swaddled Ryan everynight (still do) and then I started putting his carrier in his bassinett and putting him in there... it works great... (I havent tried his crib because I need him next to me at night...)

Now- some nights he sleeps in his bassinet, some nights in the carrier, some nights with me...he truely calls all the shots... it may not be "right" but its working well for us..

As far as feeding goes- babies sometimes "cluster feed" your baby may just wanna cluster feed at night ( as Ryan did too) eventually that changes....

Posted 11/7/05 4:20 PM

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