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My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

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life is good

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My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

So I wanted to be sure to post my birth story, because I know everyone learns so much from each others’ experiences! Given that I was an induction, my experience could be relevant to someone – so hope this is helpful!

By way of context, I had a truly textbook pregnancy for the most part – particularly as it relates to my DS and his growth/progress. My only issues which were significant for me throughout the entire second half of my pregnancy were incredible swelling in my legs, hands and ankles/feet – as well as some orthopedic issues related to past back injuries. I did physical therapy for 12 weeks to strengthen my back and hips – which helped to make a vaginal delivery even possible. Pre-physical therapy completion, my doctor thought I wouldn’t be able to sustain a vaginal delivery, but I did!

Baby was measuring big (8lbs at 36 weeks), and my BP was starting to rise – so my doctor decided that she wouldn’t let me go too far past my due date. EDD was 5/23, and she scheduled me for induction for 5/26. At my 40 week appointment (on 5/25), I showed no progress whatsoever – no dilation, no effacement….nothing – and DS was still “way up there” as my OB explained (she also said I had a “miserable cervix”! Chat Icon ). I was stressed over the possibility of going in for an induction, laboring for hours and ultimately ending up in a c-section. My OB and I agreed that we’d try one dose of Cervadil – and if it didn’t bring on progress within its initial dose period of 12 hours, we’d immediately go for a c-section (thus avoiding a drawn out labor if – as my OB suspected – I was in fact “not induceable”).

Went into Huntington Hospital around 9pm on Wednesday, May 25th to start Cervadil. L&D was busy, so they weren’t able to insert it until around 1:30am. Within about 45 minutes, I was having some significant cramping. I asked the nurse what we could do, and she offered either Ambien or morphine to get me some sleep before the morning. I opted for the morphine – both because I had never taken Ambien and didn’t want to risk being groggy in the morning, and because I was really just having bad menstrual-like cramps – and just needed something to dull them so I could sleep. One shot of morphine around 2am did the trick.

Woke up around 6am, and started to feel the cramping again as the morphine wore off. By about 8am, I was getting anxious to get an enema as I was having some significant pressure “back there”. They wanted to hold off on that a bit, as it tends to bring on labor, and they had told my OB not to come in till noon-ish since they had inserted the Cervadil so late. Change of plans as I insisted they do something – I was in agony (as DH recalls, he never imagined he’d witness me scream “I want a f-ing enema” to the nurses….but I did Chat Icon ). They called my OB in, and she got there within about 15 minutes. She checked me around 9:30, and I was 5-6cm dilated - - and my water broke minutes after she checked me. She was downright amazed that I had progressed as far as I had – and that a vaginal delivery looked possible!

Since I was Group-B Strep positive, they quickly got me on fluids and penicillin. Enema was administered (awkward, but gave me the relief that I needed), and I got my epidural by 11:30 – which made everything better. I progressed throughout the day, but the baby was still somewhat high up – so around 3:30 they gave me a small dose of pitocin to see if it would bring him down (I was 10 cm by this time). Started pushing at 5:08pm and DS was born at 6:24pm. Probably somewhere around 6:00pm, my OB politely said “I hate to say this, but I think I’m going to have to cut you a bit to help him out”. My response? “I don’t f-ing care, just hurry up!”

I required a bump up in my epidural twice – once while pushing, and once after I delivered DS – in order to deliver the placenta and for my doc to stitch me. My pain was all a result of ‘rectal pressure’….a phrase that I had never uttered before, but has new meaning to me now.

My experience at Huntington Hospital was amazing – but that’s partially attributable to the fact that one of my close friends is a L&D nurse there….and she was there (on her day off) to manage my delivery. Prior to her arrival, I will admit that I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting the responsiveness I wanted from the nurses – but that all changed once my friend got there. My maternity and nursery experiences were amazing!!! The nurses on both wards are amazing….so empathetic and supportive! I can’t say enough good stuff about them. Same for my OB (Dr. Donna Schneider) – she was incredible!!

Since I had a fever during delivery and was Group-B Strep positive, they had to keep DS in the NICU for a day – just to make sure that there wasn’t some infection that I had passed along to him. Also, he ended up staying one additional night in the hospital as they waited for his lab cultures to come back clean before releasing him. While it was difficult to leave him there, I knew he’d be home with us by the morning. Plus, the maternity nurses let me stay in my room till almost 9pm – so I left around 9pm, went home (pumped), slept, and was back at 9am to BF him and take him home with us.

Some experiences to pass along:
Did Skin-to-Skin for about 40 minutes in the delivery room – awesome! To this day, I can calm DS if he’s irritated (infrequent!) by doing skin-to-skin. Such a great feeling that the sensation of touch has that much of an impact on him.
Breastfeeding takes time, but is worth it if you can do it. I let DS take formula the first night after delivery (had to as he was in the NICU and they were still monitoring my fever), plus one feeding the second night so I could sleep. He didn’t have any issues with nipple confusion or anything else. I let the nurses there take control of my boobs and help me get him latched on correctly. He’s doing wonderfully! I will say that it’s like having a full-time job….in addition to taking care of him – I need to work on finding time to pump so I can leave him with DH when necessary.

Episiotomy….ouch. Water – as in a bath or simply keeping it clean – is a must. I made the mistake of walking around the block a lot last week – and haven’t healed as quickly as I probably should have. Stopped the walking, and I can feel it improving. Were it not for the stitches, I felt pretty much fine by the day I was discharged.

Bloating/weight – it comes off! My bloating and swelling started to subside about a week after delivery – and still has a ways to go, but has given me some relief (I still can’t feel my fingers….but I haven’t had feeling in them since March). As of 2 weeks post partum, I had lost about 60% of my pregnancy weight gain. I have a lot more to go as I was heavy when I conceived – but I’m pleased with how easily the initial bulk came off.

Without further ado:
Ronald Vincent
Born May 26, 2011
8lbs, 8oz; 21 inches
The light of our lives!

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Posted 6/14/11 9:04 PM


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Re: My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

Good job, momma! He's beautiful!Chat Icon

Posted 6/14/11 10:17 PM


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Re: My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

Congrats!!! He's beautiful!

BTW- where did you get the Star Wars Onesie? It's too cute!

Posted 6/14/11 11:36 PM

Baby girl has a baby brother!

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Re: My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

Congratulations! What a wonderful, encouraging birth story for anyone facing an induction! Thank you so much for sharing! He's just beautiful!!

Posted 6/18/11 9:19 PM

Gabriella Aubrey born 3/26!

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Re: My birth story! (successful Cervadil induction)

nice birth story! your DS is adorable! he reminds me of my nephew!

Posted 6/20/11 12:16 PM

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