It is no secret the “You, Me and Dupree” actress has been taking lessons in the raunchy dance, and she has now proclaimed it as one of the best activities in the world.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “Every woman when they take this class, and they should, realizes pole-dancing is one of those things you don’t know you’re capable of until you try.”

“You go with a bunch of girls and have the best time. Every person who has ever taken the class walks out with their hair bouncing, gets in their car, puts on music and is like, ‘Wow! I love life!’”

Kate, who split from her Black Crowes rocker husband Chris Robinson this year, insists she has now developed muscles in places she didn’t know she had from regularly gyrating on a pole.

She added: “You can get obsessed with it. Personally, I’ve never been stronger from doing all these tricks. Now, I can climb a pole without using my feet!”

Kate buying books at a Mystical Bookstore (12/15)