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daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

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Mommy to 3 Boys :)

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Jen - counting my blessings...

daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DS starts daycare in November. Right in the thick of cold season (eek). Truthfully , are your kids always sick? I'm so nervous about that.

Posted 10/3/09 8:30 PM
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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

*knock on wook* my DD was not sick at all last year and is a daycare kid. yes she had the occasional runny nose, or cold here and there but thankfully not what i thought it was going to be. she had one sinus infection too but that's not too serious. her daycare is pretty small though and the woman in charge is meticulously clean.

Posted 10/3/09 8:36 PM

I'm one lucky girl

Member since 11/07

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

When DS was in Daycare he was sick alot but not all the time. But honestly if they are cleaning everything all the time then it should be kept to a minimum. Good Luck!

Posted 10/3/09 8:38 PM

Candy Girl
Candy girl- you are so sweet!

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

Ever since my DD started daycare in September, she has had a runny nose. Sje was 8.5 months when she started and had never been sick before.

Posted 10/3/09 8:55 PM

<3 <3 <3 <3

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

Samantha is just getting over a cold, I'd say since starting daycare in June she's had 3 colds.

Posted 10/3/09 9:07 PM

I'm cranky

Member since 7/06

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Mama Cranky

Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

No-hardly ever actually (outside of the occasional runny nose). Of course, she is sick NOW (how ironic).

Posted 10/3/09 11:00 PM


Member since 2/06

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DS started in 10/07 when he was 3 months old. He got sick for the first time a month later with RSV and bronchilitis. After that he had on and off colds and ear infections for months and months. But I have to say after dealing with it for 6 months I have to say that his immunity seemed to have gotten a lot better.

Yes, he catches a cold here and there but nothing like it used to be that first 6 months.

And some children, as you can see, manage to stay relatively healthy which is great.

Posted 10/3/09 11:03 PM

My little loves!

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DD got sick in the beginning, but now she is rarely sick. Knock on wood.

Posted 10/3/09 11:17 PM

It goes fast. Pay attention.

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Message edited 9/2/2011 10:52:23 AM.

Posted 10/4/09 12:11 AM

My miracles!

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

Abby started at 3 months old on the first day of December last year. YES she was always sick. She had multiple colds and ear infections. She also got a few stomach bugs.

She was home with me all summer and didn't so much as have a runny nose.

That being said, the single best piece of advice I can give to a new mother who plans to go back to work is to NOT tack on her sick days to her 12 weeks of leave (assuming she takes 12 weeks) because you may need to hold on to those days when your child gets sick.

Posted 10/4/09 12:20 AM

Mom of 3

Member since 11/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DS has had a lot of colds, which I've also picked up. He had a few minor bugs too. He just got bronchiolitis last week, which is the first really serious illness he has had.

Posted 10/4/09 12:23 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DS really wasn't sick more than I expected him to be. I expected worse. I think that the other parents there were pretty good about keeping their kids home when they were sick. He did not start during the cold and RSV season and to be honest, I was glad for that. I do not really know if it would have been different.

Posted 10/4/09 1:44 AM

Happy Days!

Member since 8/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

No, my son was in daycare for two and a half years, and he only got sick two or three times, once with pink eye and maybe twice with ear infections.

He is in school now, and had an ear infection his first week!

Posted 10/4/09 4:52 AM

Beyond Compare

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

I can truthfully say that while he got his fair share of colds I would not say he was always sick. It was pretty managable...although every child is different. Another mother in the class pulled her son out because he had too many ear son has had about 6 his whole life.

Posted 10/4/09 7:25 AM

My Everything!

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

He started at 8 weeks old - he got sick a lot the 1st 2 months - it tapered off significantly, and now at 2.5 he got sick one time this year!

Posted 10/4/09 7:32 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DD has been in daycare for 2 1/2 years now and is always sick from November - May. Usually just a cold. But she has also had, pink eye twice, coxsackie once and an awful stomach virus once.

DS has been in daycare for 1 year and he gets alot of colds, but not as much as DD did last winter. I don't think he's had anything other than a cold and pink eye so far (knock very loudly on wood.)

Posted 10/4/09 8:42 AM

Mommy of 2

Member since 5/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

My DD started daycare at 8 months. She got sick for the first time at 10 months.For the most part she is sick from October to April, on and off, every two weeks or so. I can't definitely say it is daycare because I am a teacher and I could be bringing it home to her.

Posted 10/4/09 9:14 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

Occasionally, but I think unless you live in a bubble your kids will get sick anyway. I have friends who stay home but still do lots of outside things- playgroups, etc. and their kids don't get sick any less often than mine. DD started daycare at 10 months, and now at 2 and a half, she seldom gets sick.

Posted 10/4/09 10:03 AM

06ers Rock!!

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The One My Mother Gave Me ;-)

Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DD started daycare 9/8. On 9/16 she started with the runny nose. It lasted @ 4 days. A week later it was back and hasn't really gone away. Yesterday we were at the ped's office b/c she woke up with a nasty cough. Her ped said she is "just a little sick" and she was fine to go to daycare on Monday unless she had a fever - but did say to keep her away from a b-day party she was invited to yesterday.

Posted 10/4/09 10:27 AM

My Babies

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Re: daycare moms - are your kids always sick?

DS started daycare when he was 10 weeks old. He didn't get sick until he was 5 months old. It was a fever virus. He didn't really get sick again until he was 11 months old. He was breast fed though and I believe that this had alot to do with it. From 12 months to about 18 months he was sick very often and had pneumonia 3 times (he stopped BFing at 12 months). Since 18 months he has gotten sick once and that was this week. He has had colds on and off but that is something to expect with daycare.

Posted 10/4/09 12:25 PM

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