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My twin birth story November 24, 2008

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Two in Blue

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My twin birth story November 24, 2008

I had pretty uneventful pregnancy up until I moved from SC to NC at 32 weeks. My DH basically did everything but once I started seeing my new Dr I had protein in my urine. My BP was fine though so we took a wait and see approach. I did the 24 hr urine and failed it but only marginally. The next week I only had trace protein and BP was good. However, I went to my appointment at 35 wks 4 days-my BP was high around 168/95 and I had +2 protein. I officially had preeclampsia.

My Dr said-well I think you are graduating today. I said what do you mean. he said we are going to deliver you now! Have you eaten(I hadn't) I had drunk some water and took heparin around midnight, so they scheduled me for a 2 PM C-section-it was 11AM! I didn't have a bag packed or anything. My DH was on the way to Charleston to finish up some dental work he had been in the middle of when we moved so he turned around and met me at the hospital.

We waited about 20 minutes and then got into a traige type area. The basically asked me abunch of questions an dgot me checked in. Then I was wheeled down to the OR and we waited in the hall because the room was not ready. I had to pee really bad an dthey kept trying to get me to wait for the catheter but Hey I was 35 weeks pregnant! So they wheeled me back out and I entered this tiny room with a guy waiting in there with scrubs. I said hey you're a Dr right? Come to find out later NO that was the Dad's waiting room and i flashed my big pregnant azz to someone's husbandChat Icon I pee and get back on the stretcher and go right in the ER. To be continued my baby is freaking out!

Ok I'm back-poor little guy has gasChat Icon They get me in the OR and the anesthesiologist comes in. I bend over sitting up. He puts in what I guess is lidocaine which burns like a mother then does the spinal. The nurses are like hurry up lay down! So I do. They drape me and get my DH in there. I don't feel a thing! My legs are tingling and then nothing-0very strange feeling. Then my chest starts to feel very heavy like I can't get a good breath in. I tell the nurse and she says thats cause someone's sittig on your chest honeyChat Icon Baby B was wedged up by my ribs and I guess thats the high tech way they get him out! I did start top feel nauseous and she injected me with Reglan and I immediately felt better.

About 5 or 6 minutes into the procedure I heard Ronan cry-they held him up for me to see and whisked him off to clean him. Then 1 minute later-Declan cam out the same way. Then my DH left with the babies asthey had to go to the NICU. i stayed in the OR and they stiched me up while discussing the finer points of camping and kayaking in the NC mountainsChat Icon It took a wile to stich me up. Then my nurse took me to recovery where they made sure I was peeing and my vitals were good.

Then they wheeled me in to see my babies-which if I wasn't all drugged up probably would have been upsetting as they were on CPAP-they were in the NICU for 7 and 9 days but thankfully are home and doing great now. I had a pretty decent experience considering. My pain was BAD the next day when trying to get out of bed but I am pretty much pain free now at 4 weeks pp and basically felt almopst back to normal at 2weeks pp. I have lost 43 of the 53 pounds I gained-thank you breastfeeding! We are all doing great-altghough sleep deprivedChat Icon

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Posted 12/22/08 1:04 AM

Welcome to the World!

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

Chat Icon YOu're too funny!!! I am so happy to hear that the boyz are okay and back home with mama and papa! Yeah.... Breastfeeding!

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Posted 12/22/08 8:34 AM

s'il vous plaît

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

great birth story! i am so glad your boys are home safe and sound with you - and great job BFing twins!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/22/08 12:41 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

sooo exciting! congrats!!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/22/08 5:29 PM

Candy Girl
Candy girl- you are so sweet!

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008


Posted 12/24/08 10:15 AM

Here's to new beginnings

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

Congratulations! Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/26/08 6:02 PM

Our family is complete, maybe

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

such an exciting birth story....I am so happy for you guys...cannot wait to see you soon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/29/08 9:26 AM

My family is complete

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008

Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/29/08 1:03 PM

Couple more days.

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Re: My twin birth story November 24, 2008


Posted 1/5/09 10:04 AM

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