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Grace has learned to ride a 2 wheeler
Apr 15 2011 2:11PM

At only the age of 4Chat Icon she has mastered the two wheel bike without her training wheels. It is so exciting to watch her fly. The first day without training wheels was 4/12/11.
GO Grace! Chat Icon

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MacInnis Family Chronicles
Jan 5 2009 5:47PM

The story of Graham, Christine, Grace and Baby #2.

Ok- I started this blog in Sept and haven't added to it all. I can't believe all I have missed out on by not blogging. Time to get started!

January 5, 2009
Grace started her first day at Pre school today (PTN)Chat Icon She was clingy and hysterical at first but the staff said once Daddy left, she calmed down and was amazing! She did really well with all the transitions to activies. I can't believe how big my little girl is. Just yesterday, I took her to the park while Graham was at the gym and she asked, Should we call Daddy? She amazes me.
4 more days until maternity leave again and tomorrow is Grace's 2nd birthday. We are spending the day with Sandy so Dawn can go to the doctor and then to Benihana for dinner. I can't believe how big she is now- she is such a wonderful little girl.

January 6, 2009

Grace is two today and I can't believe it. I wrote her a letter for her birthday last year and here is the one from this year.
Dear Grace,

I can’t believe a year has gone by. You are such a big girl now- you say full sentences, yes and no so I know what you need, tell me when you need a new diaper, want something to drink or need a kiss and hug. You never stop talking once you are awake. But you are always fun to listen to. You love to play with Sandy(Cee-Cee) your cousin, torture poor Kai, play with your babies and make me meals with your new kitchen. You are such a fun little girl.

It’s amazing to me that this time last year; you were just learning to really walk and only had a few words to speak. Now you draw pictures with crayons and love to pretend that you are the Mommy. You can say all your A,B,C’s and can even spell your name. You are just so smart and make Daddy and I so proud of you. You constantly make us laugh with your little comments- like the time I was taking you to the park and you told me I should call Daddy and let him know since he wasn’t with us. Or how you hold up your little finger in front of your face and ask for just one more cookie. You love to be tickled, especially when I rock you to sleep and your giggle is just so seductive- it just draws me into your little world.

I love watching you at the park since you are so brave. You have no problem climbing to the biggest slide and show no fear. I can’t believe you have been doing it since you were only 15 months old. You love going on the swings and are now going on the big girl swings too. Sometimes you even lie on your belly and swing that way- something I thought only older kids did. You are just joyful when we go to the park; especially the big park by the library. You don’t even care that the bigger kids are in your way; you just push on through.

Yesterday you started your first day of preschool and they said you did amazing. You are a mentor to disabled children at this school and it makes me so proud to be your Mommy. I can just imagine how you provide a good example to other children on how to speak, climb, interact and play. You do it all so well!

I love you more and more every day and your Daddy and I couldn’t be prouder of you! You are such an amazing little girl and so much fun to be around. Thank you for coming into our world.

Love, Mom

January 13, 2009

So this is what its like to be a SAHM- you get yelled at and spit at and get to watch your child have tanturms in Target. And I thought dealing with teenagers at work was tough- HA!
For our first day, I dropped Grace at her new preschool and she did ok. A little lip quivering and some tears but that was it. I went off to finish paperwork for the new baby at work and to see Grandma Mimi in the hospital. Boy, does time fly- back to pick her up in no time and have a quick In and Out burger lunch before the doctor.
She was so cute at lunch- she sat in a regular chair, singing songs to herself and eating her own burger and fries. She was covered in ketchup by the end but ate most of her big girl burger. So grown up we are...
Off to the doctor for our 2 year appointment. She is 36 inches high and 27 pounds- 90th percentile for height and 50 for weight- just where her doc likes to see her. She didn't even cry when she got her shot but did throw a little tantrum when I told her she could only pick ONE toy from the box when we were done. Her doc said it was ok and just give in but Mommy is tougher. She was fine in a minute and learned that she can't have everything she wants;)

January 13, 2009

Today Grace and I took a Movement class form the city of Torrance. Lots of movement- they weren't kidding. Not sure if Mommy can keep up. Grace was terrified and even though she like the music she didn't say a word until the end. They took out a big parachute for us to play with and asked all the kids to go into the middle. Of course we had to be difficult and tell the teacher, no, I want to sit here on the green square(it was green so I was mighty proud) but she refused to budge. I had to take her off. No reckoning with a two year old....

Jan. 24, 2009
Grace and Daddy went to visit Grandma Mimi so I get the morning off. I miss her already though since she is getting to be so funny. Last night I dropped something and said, Oh, man. Right behind me my little parrot says, Oh, man. Too cute. It's hard to even get angry when she has a tantrum and starts yelling at you since she is so funny. She gets herself so worked up that she stutters. Its hysterical. Especially when you ask her why she is crying and she says with a yell, because I am crying! Its just too funny.
This week we had our usual routing of dance class, preschool, story time and just getting out to the park. Unfortunately, our beautiful weather has ended so we are stuck with rain for the next week. Got to come up with some ideas for stuff to do. Its also getting harder as this baby inside me gets bigger. I haven't slept more than four hours a night for the past week. Its really tough. But I definately have gotten a lot doneChat Icon Hopefully, this baby comes early- I will find out more at the doctor on Wed.

January 26, 2009
Grace's vocabulary is just exploding. She now tells us stories about her day and will talk to random strangers. Its really funny to see her try to talk to the maid who doesn't even speak English- that one is the funniest.
Today she told the teacher at school that Sprinkles are crunchy- they were amazed that she knew that word. We also say, I promise, oh, man, I love you and miss you to us. Keep the words coming...

January 27, 2009
Today Grace told me when I came home from the market- I am so happy to see you Mommy. It almost made me cry it was so cute.
I really did cry during our dance class today. We always have a special time to dance with our own child. Grace wanted to be picked up and danced with(no easy feat 9 months pregnant). The song was "Somewhere in My Heart" which is extremely sappy. I just started crying thinking this would be one of my last moments like this just me and Grace. I hope she isn't too hurt by the new baby. I worry so much that she will feel left out. Chat Icon

Jan. 28, 2009
Dr. appointment today for new baby- I am 1-2 centimeters dilated and my cervix has thinned. The head is also in position.Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon This baby could come at ANY time he said so I am pretty excited. He definately doesn't think I will go late.
We are hoping for a Super Bowl baby here so that Aunt Liz gets her chance in the delivery room. Hopefully that happens!!!

February 2, 2009
Still no baby! I feel the saddest for Aunt Liz- I know she really hoped to be here for the birth. It was tough driving her to the airport today. She was such a huge help with the girl's this weekend. They had the best time. Grace finally called her Fabulous Aunt Godmother Liz after much prompting and Sandy won the cutest award when unprompted, she looked at Liz all lovingly and simply said, I love you, Liz. It was precious.
The girls spent the day together today and I must say they are getting better at sharing and not fighting. Thank God, since Aunt Dawn had them for two hours while I drove Aunt Liz to various airports in the Southern California area. Both Dawn and I haven't slept in weeks- me due to being so huge and her due to worries about Marty. Thankfully, the girls are getting more mature each day. They are so sweet when they put their hands on my belly and say Hi to the baby. Its the best!

Feb. 6, 2009
So no new baby yet which is probably for the best since we are all sick. Grace had us up all night last night coughing herself silly and now Mommy has it. I pray this baby stays inside until we get betterChat Icon
Grace has continued to add to her vocabulary and add on to her sentences. Yesterday, Graham asked her if she wanted watermelon and she replied- No, I'm good but thanks for asking! The No, I'm good thing kills me since she sounds so grown up. Right now she has been sleeping for over 3 hours which she really needed. I am so glad she at least got a nap in. Now we just need to all get better quick!

Feb. 11, 2009
Still pregnant! Chat Icon But the end is near- I have a scheduled induction on Valentine's Day if I don't go on my own before then. I am sure I won't. I don't think my body knows how! Exciting to know this baby will be out soon.
Its tough on Grace right now though- Mommy is so tired and cranky and she senses this big change that is going to happen so she is cranky as well. I hope she is going to be ok and not hate us too much for bringing a new baby home.Chat Icon

Feb. 13, 2009It's a perfect rainy day here in LA that begs for you to hang out on your couch and read trashy novels. Especially perfect since Grace just went down for a nap and I have 2 hours to myself.

Then I realized, this is it- my last day of just being Mommy to 1. What I thought was so hard two years ago is now a piece of cake but about to get so much harder.

I guess its the rain but thought I was share my thoughts. Tomorrow I become a mommy to 2! Oh, how the world will change for me

Chat Icon Chat Icon

Feb. 14th 2009- Baby Jack is here! After an induced labor and 45 minutes of pushing, Jack went into distress and I needed an emergency C-section. Scary but Thank God we are both ok.

Feb.15- 18- Jack and I get to bond in the hospital and relax together. Its SO amazing and fun. I love just breastfeeding him and falling asleep. I am sure having all these pain meds helps. But I am really enjoying this time with him. Grace has been wonderful too. She is so helpful and caring of him. Hopefully it will last.Chat Icon

March 7th 2009
Ok- life with a newborn and a toddler is tough. Thank God we had Mom and Dad for two weeks and then Aunt Liz. She has been a Godsend- cleaning up, comforting Jack, taking care of Grace. I finally had to be firm that I needed our house free of chaos which didn't go over well with Dawn. I feel awful but there is nothing I can do. I need to get rest when I can and the evenings were just getting crazy.

May 1st, 2009
I can't believe I haven't updated in so long. Jack is doing really well- he is so big! I am not sure how much he weighs but I wouldn't be surprized if it was 14 -15 pds. He looks like he is 5-6 months old. He sleeps really well at night- had a few nights he slept until 5:30 am but mostly up at 2:30 and back down again at 3:30 and sleeping until noon. He is still pretty cranky- I hope he grows out of it by 3 months old. Opps Grace has poopies must go! She really needs to get toilet trained.
Grace is talking up a storm- you can have real conversations with her now about everything. She loves school, gladly goes to the gym and stays at the play area by herself so Mommy and Daddy can work out, and tells me Jack is her best friend. We are using skittles to try and toilet train her but so far she only has gone on the potty once and peed. Otherwise she just sits there. Hopefully we can acomplish this soon.
She is adorable unless she does not nap and then watch out! She is on a rampage today since she hasn't napped all day. She has been talking back and being rude. Her tantrums are usually funny but today they are trying.
She just told Daddy that she misses Grandma. We spent a week there at Easter and Grace talks about her everyday. She really does miss her a lot. She also misses her Aunt Liz and her Lola. She acts likes its her dog. Its really cute.
So far, I have made some new Mommy friends- like Sara from work and Kara from down the block. I also see Amy from North and have joined a Moms club. I wish i could work part time but not in this economy. Chat Icon Chat Icon

May 30, 2009
WOW! A lot has happened. Jack and Grace had their first earthquake and lived to tell about it. Grace and I were pretty freaked out since it happened just as I put her down to bed. It was very long and loud. I heard crashing in the living room too so that made us even more afraid. Thankfully, it was just a candle holder but still...
We also went back to NY for Easter and had a nice visit. Everyone loved Jack and Grace had so much fun with Grandma and Aunt Liz. We went to the Queens Zoo and Grace loved feeding the animals and going on the carousel. We also managed to squeeze in some pony rides down in Irvine when we went to visit Mimi. Grace loves them!
Graham and I finally had a date night last night and went out for some sushi and met some fun people. It was only a couple of hours but so needed. I felt like we were a couple again. Unfortunately Jack woke up at 12 :30 just as I was going to sleep. He had been sleeping until around 4am or 5 so this was a surprise. I hope it doesn't happen again! Jack is such a big boy- staying in his own room in the crib already. He loves it! He is getting so aware of his surroundings and it is so much fun to watch him learn new things- like that he has hands and that they can go in his mouth! Adorable! He is so handsome. Grace is such a great big sister too- she rarely gets jealous. It's just hard to have two all the time. But I really don't want to go back to work. I could live like this every dayChat Icon

June 6, 2009
OMG-SO cute today- Jack and Grace were in the car together and I hear giggling. Its JACK! Laughing up a storm at his sister who then starts laughing too. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard. Jack had a really good day today- he took a nap at Cook's Corner at Colettes, and then was very happy and giggling. He also took a long nap in the afternoon. Now if we could just start sleeping through the night again... what happened to that???

July 14, 2009
Jack is five months old today and what a different baby! He laughs, smiles and is so easy during the day. When he starts getting fussy, I know its time for a nap. He still struggles with sleeping in his crib- today it took five tries to get him to bed but the paci helps. He is still getting up 2-3 times a night to be fed and soothed but I am not ready for sleep training just yet. I think we need to wait until 6 months old. He is still so needy for me and I really enjoy rocking him most nights. He is just so adorable. He worships his sister. The other night I left him in the bathroom with Grace while she was bathing and got his pj's. I heard this hysterical laughter and went back to see Jack doubled over with laughter over Grace jumping in the tub. Too bad I had to put a stop to it since it was so cute. Grace is having a harder time now though and has more tanturms. She can't be left alone with Jack since she can be rough with him. I am trying hard not to be to harsh on her but its hard. I have such a hard time controlling my temper and have to remember she is just a baby still too.
I can't believe I have to leave them to go to work in a few weeks. I am going to miss them so much and wonder how I am going to do it all. Thankfully, we found a great pre-school/day care program for her and a Mom at my school to watch Jack. I like knowing he is only a couple of minutes away if he needs me and I can go over for lunch sometimes for a break with him.
Next week is his christening in NY. I can't believe how much time has flew by. Chat Icon

August 4, 2009
What a sad week- Marty died on Monday and Grandma on Tuesday. We fly back to NY on Thursday at 6am. I am so sad for Dawn right now and can't even feel for Grandma just yet. Losing a parent is so much harder than a Grandparent. I feel like this is the end of an era- I guess we are truly the grownups now.
Grace doesn't understand all this death. She told Dad she couldn't play with him when she comes to NY because he is deadChat Icon She got confused when I sad Sandy's Pop-pop had died. Then today she said she was excited to see GiGi on Thursday so she could make her feel better againChat Icon I am so glad Grandma got to enjoy her great grandchildren for one last time and see Jack Laugh and watch Grace dance for her. It is a memory I will have forever.
Rest in Peace Marty and Grandma- you were well loved by everyone. Chat Icon Chat Icon

Sept. 4, 2009

I went back to work and its been a nightmare. Every day I get up at the crack of dawn to get showered, dressed and get me and Jack out the door. Grace hates getting dressed early even though she loves school when she gets there. I know she is so upset not to be home anymore. At least Jack doesn't know any better and loves being with his Nellie every day. I just don't know how I am going to do it all and am so scared. Tonight I just started crying watching videos on my phone with Grace when I put her to bed. We all sounded so happy when I was home. I miss the kids so much and I miss having even one second to myself. At least I had the gym in the mornings to get a break, now there is not one break at all. I am so very tired already. Grace was so scared to hear me crying and I wish I could have stopped but I am just so scared, tired and worried. I have no marriage anymore; I don't even feel like we are team. I feel like he resents me for going back to work even though I have no choice. He doesn't even know what I do all day or even care. I have to say I have never felt so alone.Chat Icon

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