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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

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LIF Adult

Member since 4/14

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

So we currently live in bayshore right in town and it's great. We are looking to buy a home and are contemplating moving east. We both work in plainview but LOVE miller place. We don't have children yet but hopefully soon. Would you move this far or look closer? We love the town, prices are in our price range and its 15 minutes from my parents. Anyone have a long commute or a similar commute?

Posted 11/29/14 10:02 AM
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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Personally, unless work was out there, that would be too far for DH and I.

I feel like there are plenty of nice, affordable starter communities closer to Plainview.

I commute from just over the border of SS Suffolk to Manhasset and need to allow myself at least an hour. Most of the traffic I hit is from my area thru Central Nassau.

You should also think about your long term plan too. If you envision working out there, or becoming a SAHM, then maybe.

Posted 11/29/14 10:46 AM

Life is Good!

Member since 7/07

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I wouldn't. We like Miller Place too but DH commutes to Manhattan and would spend two hours on a train.

One of the last major snowstorms we had, my 15 minute commute turned into an hour and a half. Some of my co-workers that lived further out east (and not much further than me) spent 4 hours trying to get home. Miller Place to Plainview seems like a hike.

Posted 11/29/14 2:05 PM

My bunny

Member since 5/06

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

That's a rough commute during rush hour. I used to do Melville to setauket and it was an hour, so that will prob be longer! If you don't commute at peak times I would consider it.

Posted 11/29/14 2:31 PM

All good things in 2016!!

Member since 8/05

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Yes I don't think it's a terrible commute at all. Plus, having your folks close after you have kids is worth the commute alone. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have them close by. Good luck to you!!

Message edited 11/29/2014 8:26:27 PM.

Posted 11/29/14 8:25 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I grew up there. I commuted to Hofstra over 10 years ago and it took an hour plus. I wouldn't move back unless I had a job north of the expressway

Posted 11/29/14 9:08 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 1/10

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I used to do Mount Sinai to mineola. It was terrible! I honestly think I'd try to stay farther west.

Posted 11/30/14 12:51 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 11/14

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I don't have personal experience with that commute, but I feel like it would be rough if you are commuting during rush hour. On Mapquest, it looks like you'd have about a 45 minute commute without that could easily turn into 1.5 hours.

Posted 11/30/14 1:36 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 5/10

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Long commutes are not fun... DH has a 1 hour commute right now and is miserable. We found a house in between our jobs and now his commute will be 20-25 minutes. Much better. It may not be in our #1 choice location but it's amazing how much the commute can make a difference in someone's life.

Posted 11/30/14 4:04 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 1/13

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Before I had a kid I never minded long commutes. Enjoyed them, really.

Now I live in Rocky Point and commute to St. James.

And I hate it. It's only 15 miles, but it can take almost an hour at times. Now that I have a DS, I hate every second of being in the car for a commute.

Given that there are so many other great communities, I would not actively seek a longer commute, especially if children can be involved. It could make it impossible to get to after school activities, evening appointments, etc.

Posted 11/30/14 5:00 PM

different, not less

Member since 7/09

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

no... a long commute can be miserable. especially in the snow/bad weather. I live in eastern nassau and work in western nassau and there are some days that I wish I lived closer to work.

Posted 12/1/14 10:51 AM

I think I got this

Member since 11/10

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I live in Holbrook, commute to Lindenhurst. I hate it.

Posted 12/1/14 11:14 AM

i need sleep ;-)

Member since 2/14

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Posted by Kitten1929

Before I had a kid I never minded long commutes. Enjoyed them, really.
Now that I have a DS, I hate every second of being in the car for a commute.

this is what i'm worried about. we are moving within a few years. i really want to be back in Npt/ENpt or similar school district but my commute to Rhead may be too far. However, my current commute is almost as long due to the worstttt roads. decisions decisions! good thing nothing will be finalized before DS is born lol

Posted 12/1/14 12:21 PM

His laugh, Her smile

Member since 12/06

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I live in Seaford and commute to Northern Westchester - albeit I only work 3 days a week. We moved from Queens to Long Island after having two kids. We purchased a house in the area we thought best for our family and I suck up the commute. I am happy with our decision.

Posted 12/1/14 2:45 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 8/12

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

NO WAY - I used to do Smithtown to Plainview and that would take a min of 45 minutes during rush hour. Your commute would be AT LEAST an hour, probably close to an hour and a half.

Posted 12/1/14 3:57 PM

One day at a time

Member since 11/07

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

We moved from Farmingdale to West Islip - only 10-15 minutes away. I didn't think it would be a big deal. I wish I had thought it out better. The commute in the morning to my office is horrible, especially in any sort of bad weather.

Posted 12/2/14 10:58 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 10/06

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Don't do it.

I used to do Centereach to Port Washington and the highways in Suffolk back up just as much as in Nassau. It sucks. It probably took me almost an hour to get to the Plainview area and Miller Place is quite a bit further.

Also, my BIL lives in Miller Place and it's up there - pretty far off the highway.

It's a very pretty town with good schools but I would look closer.

Posted 12/3/14 9:32 AM

Can't plan life...

Member since 8/08

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Wwyd moving and would increase commute

honestly, I think it depends. I work in Islip and we started out looking on the south shore. A house came up in Miller place that fit all of our needs/wants. At first I didnt think I wanted to do it but my husband made a good point. A job can change, the situation can change. But our house was going to be forever. Good schools and parents nearby was more important to me because I didnt want to base my life and childrens school on a job. But there is also the flip side that I hate the long drive some days. lol.
I guess I knew I had a career that if I needed to I could work closer (but less money). But I got used to the commute, although it is shorter than yours will be..

Posted 12/3/14 12:33 PM

2 girls 4 me!

Member since 8/08

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Mama mama mama....

Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

Nope. No way. I grew up near MP, and getting anywhere from there is a pain. It's not that accessible to highways or train and 347/25A are no fun in bad weather. MP is pretty and wooded and the schools are great, so I get the appeal. If you're really in love with the town, why not do a test drive from one of the houses to your job? That'll give you a small idea of what it'll be like.

There are so many nice towns around Bay Shore (and I think Bay Shore/Brightwaters is great, too). JMO but I'd check those out first.

Posted 12/4/14 12:16 PM

Mommy of two!

Member since 5/10

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Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

id look closer first. DH and I live on south shore and work on northshore of Nassau and its bad most of the year. We did it because this house was right for our family. We looked for 9+ months and knew the market.

If you find your dream home there and have exhausted closer areas then you may want to make that decision

Posted 12/10/14 2:42 PM

Happy Little Girl

Member since 5/05

3830 total posts

Thia (Cynthia)

Re: Wwyd moving and would increase commute

I live in West Islip and work in Uniondale. I have a 40 minutes (50 minute tops) commute and that works fine for me.

My parents are in Port Jefferson and I have driven there a couple of times from work. It takes an 1 1/2 hours. It was brutal. It's so slow moving along 25A. I would not want to do that daily (and 2x's a day).

Posted 12/15/14 5:21 PM

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