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has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

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has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

DS is almost 3 and we potty trained him successfully a few weeks ago. he showed ZERO signs of being ready and fought me tooth and nail at first. by the end of the weekend, he was trained. there was no looking back.

DD is 19 months old and curious about the toilet because her brother uses it. i'm home during the summer so i'm willing to try training her IF it could be successful. she shows few signs of being ready, but if i could have both kids out of diapers by the end of the summer, it would be great!

has anyone successfully done it? any tips to make it successful?

has anyone tried and it DIDN'T work? i'd love to hear those stories as well.

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Posted 6/23/11 10:24 AM
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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

I would love to hear this as well. DD is 25 months today and I would love to train her this summer b/c we have a cruise at the end of the summer and she will enjoy it more if she is trained. She has been going on occasion on the potty several times - but not with any regularity since she was 19 month. She even says all the time pee pee and poo poo belong on the potty not in my pants.

I hate to go the pull up route b/c I think it hurt DD#1 with her training - but she seems interested and her sister never did at this age. We tried putting her in big girl pants a couple of times - but she doesn't want to sit when I try to put her on (only when she wants to) and has had frequent accidents. She tell us though that she wants to get rid of her diaper.

If you find something that works please pass it on to me!

Posted 6/23/11 10:37 AM

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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

I would really like to know as well. DD is 20 months and for the past few days has come to me and said I pp in potty mommy. I put her on the potty and she tries to go pee. I am letting her take the lead on this.

Posted 6/23/11 12:49 PM

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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

My son was almost 3 & dd started showing interest at 15 months. We went with it as much as we could. She didn't know how to take her diaper off so when she went over to the potty, that was our first signal.

She wasn't completely potty trained - mainly because I think the daycare I had her at refused to follow up with it. When we put her in a new daycare, they had a schedule for all of the 2-3 year olds, after clean up they would go to the potty in pairs - one potty trained, one not potty trained. They would praise the potty trained one & put the other one on the potty, who would try to follow suit.

Another thing that helped was monitoring the liquids in & how long until she/he needs to go afterwards. We would set the timer at 20 minutes after she finished a drink & put her on the potty.

-Finding a pull-up in smaller sizes.
-Finding underwear in smaller sizes.
- do not make pottying a leisurely event (ie read to her while she's on there)

Helpful hints:
-the timer was key
-wash your hands while she's in the potty - the sound of running water helped.

Also when I potty trained (in the 70s), most moms potty trained their kids by 2 yo. My mom had me & my twin sister going by 2 yo.

I do think pullups may send a mixed message. While they're good for accidents, you never want a child to get used to peeing in them. Also absorbency makes it more comfortable for them to be in a wet diaper/pull-up so try underwear UNDER the pull-up to make them uncomfortable with it.

Posted 6/23/11 1:10 PM

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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

My dd was trained at 20 months. I introduced the potty to her at 18 months told her what to do on it and would leave her on it for a couple of minutes at a time...she showed absolutely no interest at i gave up...then two months later she just started telling me peepee poopoo when she had to go... and after she would go i would give her a m&m as a treat..she sometimes has accidents but that usually happens when shes busy playing...good luck when your dd is ready she will let you know

Posted 6/23/11 1:58 PM

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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

My 24 month old has been showing interest in the potty for about 5 months now. She only wants to sit on it because her big sister does. She's pretty good at telling me she has to go to the potty once she has already gone in the diaper.

This week we started sitting her on it once an hour but she still has yet to do anything on it. She does try to take off her diaper so I know she's ready. I'm trying to get it done before she would have to go in pullups.
I like Barb's idea of the running water. I'm trying that next time she's sitting on it

Posted 6/23/11 2:15 PM

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Re: has anyone successfully potty trained their 20-21 month old GIRL?

yes, my 21 month DD is 100% trained.

for the past few months she was a pee-pee pro but not so great with poop, i was letting her wear pull-ups so she would still do poop in them. i got rid of the pull ups and within a few short weeks and a few messy pair of undies she was trained. i kept her in pull ups at night for about a month but she would still wet them in the AM because she knew she could. so once again i got rid of the pulls ups and we have been golden for the past 1-2 months.

now nothing fits her because she is a peanut and doesn't have the diaper to help fill her pants out.

my son was 100% trained a few months before he was 3.
with DS we did the timer trick, set it for every 20-10 minutes and make him try.... worked for him but not DD

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Posted 6/23/11 2:24 PM

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