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Home Neat Home: Neat Idea To Help Keep Your Home Neat and Clean

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By mia bolaris-forget

Fact: Anyone who moves into a new home (or apartment) wants it to be mod and meticulously kempt.
Fact: Shoppers are attracted to stores that are well kept and organized.
Fact: Most people find it hard to actually live this way.
Ever notice how easily things can get out of hand, while you're busy living and that your office space, living space, or even driving space never quite looks like you'd like it and no where near how it looked when you got done cleaning it.
"Sad" but true...keeping up with clutter is a lot easier said than done...but managing it is both managable and possible if you have the right approach.
Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep or transform your house in your "dream" home

1. Use walls wisely: Add cut-to-fit lattice (from your area home improvement store) to walls in back hallways or entryways. Add S-hooks through the slats allowing you to coats, jackets and/or hang baskets that can be filled with toys, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

2.Clean out clutter a little at a time and on a daily basis: Keep up with the clutter by tackling it often and on a daily basis, even if that means doing one small project at a time. Think about organizing your spice rack one day ( perhaps on the day you are cooking) and your bathroom cabinet on the next (tossing anything that you don't use, has expired or is just overkill). You'll be surprised at how quickly and easily you'll "clean up shop" and how soon your house will be in order.

3. Clean and organize as you go: Don't wait until things become "projects"...instead develop a "do as you go mentality". For instance if you reach into your cabinet for some hairspray and realize that toiletries have gotten out of hand....move a few things around, then and there, and put things back in the proper place immediately after using them. This is a great way to keep up with the clutter and preventing it from becoming overwhelming.

4. Junk the junk mail immediately: Check mail as you bring it into the house. Anything that is clearly junk mail should go directly into the shredder or garbage. Remember to discard of or immediately file paid bills, and other documents as you take care of them.

5. Have a specific place for collecting children's projects. Ask kids to place all their finished projects in a designated box or bin that allows you and them to review them later, without having them pile up on your chairs, counters, tables, etc. Once you review the projects encourage each child to pick a favourite or two to save and add to a binder, scrap book (preferably immediately), or on a project board you've set up specifically for such displays. The rest can be tossed or given away to grandma, aunts, uncles, etc.

6. Consider both "old school" and "new school" alternatives for storing notes, lists, ideas, etc: You can create a vast variety of files to store in your computer or on your desktop with sundry items, notes, etc. Or, if you'r eone of those folks that like to have your "paperwork" handy, you can store such items in a good ole-fashioned binder. Revisit from time to time, tossing or sending to the recycle bin outdated lists and other notes you haven't taken serious note of in a while.

7. Divide and conquer: Keep you unmenionables organized by adding dividers to drawers and sorting accoringly based on type, style, colour, function, etc.

8. Consider parting with some of your stuff with a cast-off party: Experts suggest hosting a "gals" event that allows friends, family, co-workers, etc. to shop through your stuff for free.

9. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done: Sure it may all be part of your "duties"...but don't forget to stop and "smell the roses" and to enjoy your accomplishments and take pride in your work.

10. Approach cleaning the same way you would a diet or exercise routine: Keep in mind that you may not see the results you want over night...but that slow and steady "wins the race"

11. Laundry room logistics: Consider hanging two toes tor some hooks and using one for repairs and one for donations. Place items that need sewing, buttons, etc in one, and clothes to be given away in the other.

12. Mark your medicines: Take a permenant marker and mark medicines, vitamins, makeup, etc with date of purchase and when they should be tossed. Keep in mind that mascara should not be kept more than three months and medicines should be thrown out at the end of the year.

13. Make more storage space by using bins and baskets in cubbies and/or hanging canvas shoe organizers on the back of doors: You can use to store shoes, brushes, clips, etc.

14. Get by with a little help from a friend: People are always better at giving advice to, get an objective "partner" to help keep you accountable and clutter-free.

15. Set up a storage system for recipes: While there's nothing wrong with experimenting or trying something fact, we encourage it, having your favourite "go-to" recipes that you can make in a pinch in preferable when you're on a tight schedule. Create an online file for storing recipes or buy a binder with six tabbed dividers that you can customize with your own categories and draw from when cooking and/or entertaining.

16. Set up reminders for special dates: From jotting down on a computer file or a daily planner to setting up phone reminders and/or recording special event dates with various online sites, these or all great ways to keep you "up to date" on important dates.

17. Sort out magazines, newspapers, books, and periodicals: Once you're done reading your reading material, keep items you want and toss or donate the rest. Organize books in a book shelf or library....or trade with friends.

18. A jewel of an idea: Keep necklaces etc from getting tangles by handing from pushpins on fabric-covered boards.

19. Think inside the box...the "You Never Know" box: Keep contents limited to items you think you may need or use....and remove as needed. Items that still remain after several months should be tossed or donated.

20. Consolidate: Take a look at what you have and what you REALLY need. Do you really need or use ALL those pots or pans? How about all those T-shirts, sweat shirts or track pants? Keep only those items that you KNOW you have use for and get rid of the rest.

21. Get rid or guild about re-gifting: Consider NOT opening (entirely) every gift you are given. After all how many glove and scarf sets can you have? Instead keep items that you know you won't use in their box and give to someone you know will appreciate them.

22. Keep clutter contained: Set up bins and other storage supplies in clutter hot spots that will at least allow you to keep it contained. Make sure to go through these bins once and again and get rid of things that have accumulated and are of no particular use.

23. Turn you desktop into a virtual file cabinet: Instead of cluttering your desktop, keep it organized with specifically labeled folder and files that you can find easily and revisit it the future.

24. Clean to impress: How would your home look if you had guests coming over or if you were cleaning for reselling. Strive to achieve this level of neat and clean on a daily basis and keep only those items that you'd pack and take with you.

25. Keep keepsakes organized: Create a box or bin for items you collect while on vacation or have a special display shelf. Photos and other memorabilia can go in a photo album or scrap book.

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