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TTC - Trying To Conceive List

There lives a spry fairy with powers galore
She flits slyly around behind couple's locked doors
She sometimes wears pink, other times all in blue
She knows where you live...oh yes she knows who is who!

This fairy you see has powers of dust...
She knows the difference between love and just lust
So she watches for couples that make her heart glow
And decides one by one, which couple should grow

Be patient with her, for her dust is expensive
Be patient with her, for her job is very extensive
She takes her time mostly, she takes special care
But dust you she will - when your bodies are bare!

Here is a list of those seeking this sprite
Keep an eye on these girls - she could come tonight!
In the meantime they'll enjoy DH and TTC
For once that fairy arrives - makes three!

-Baby-Love-   -BabyMiracle-   06bride   1More2011
2andcounting   2BeMommy   2BreedorNot2Breed   3isforme
Agus   ajaysmom   AKD   akelly3501
alittlepinch   All-I-Can-Do-Is-Hope   AllyH   AlyC412
amac27   Amama   andbabymmakes3   angel-OF-mine
angel7   angeleyez273   AngelRBM   AnnaBella816
anne1rules   AnnMarie15   anoi-gurl66   anthi83
AnyaG   Aphrodite   ArboristNY   ariakka
ashleyjp   atitus724   Aurora912   Avamyst
azailia   BA2008   baby09   Baby2013
BabyBaby   babybird2010   babycakes   babycranium
BabyDanceBegins   babydreaming   babydreams21   babyface10
babyhopes   babyin2011   babylove   BabyMakesTwo
BABYMAMA13   babymaybe   babymooner   bag19
BBHopes   BBmaking   BCK1029   Beachbaby2014
Beachgal18   beachmama   bean124   BearnWillan
becky   Beezo15   belesprit269   bellybean10
berkens506   Bigbrother2008   bjsw   bmm238
BP-BPGal   Bran-loves-Tom   bringmeababy   BrookeD
bunnylove   bunnyluck   Butrfly1rm   C-Spam
cahartung   Caleighsmom   calendargrl   CallaLily
candygirl78   carie0803   CarlysMom315   CAT215
CatNYC123   causeimb   chefkiki   cherdh
cheryl28   Cheryl7475   cheshe   chicklets
chrissybean   ChrissyK   chrissyL729   christys0925
cissie   cityandbeachmom   CnG143   cntrygirl1106
counselor74   CraftyGirl   crazyshema   cupcakegal
Curlylocks   Curlyqu   dadams   daisylaur
dancerandchef   Darbs821   dashni   dbleplay17
dcl08   Debbie3208   December2000   deedee
discodiva   DisneyMrs   DitD   divamommy
dixiedarlin   DND-2007   doodlebop   dreaming
dreamingofalittleZ   DSmith78   DumpsterBaby   EandF
EarthMama   elizabeth78   Elocin22   emomma17
EPIC   Erica4886   ericash81102   ET2009
fashiong1rl   FeliciaDP   fight the future   figuringout
Firebaby   flowergirl85   forthebirds   frio85
Full-of-Hope   FullersBride   fullofhope   fullofhope13
getinmybelly   ggt08   girlmom-   giuseppeabbrancati
Graciep0o   GrayStreet09   greystreet41   gsgirls1
Gumpslilqtpie   hazel2   Hellomaybe   HereIAm
HeyBaby   hidingin1516   HillandRon   Holier-Than-Thou
HolyBabyFever09   Hope2009   hope2bamom   hopeful07
hopeful7707   Hopetobeprego   hopin4baby   hoping2bemommato2
Hoping4Baby11   hopingforbaby2012   HopingtobeaMOMin09   Hopingtobepreggo09
Hpe2baMom   I-have-baby-fever   iag04   iammommy
icequeen4700   iHiding   ilovemytelevision   ILuvDolphins
iLy   Im-A-Believer   InNYC23   IsItOurTime
IslandersFan81   IUIGirl   IveGotAFeeling   IwantAfamily
iworry247   J78   jaimenatale   JavaJunkie
jaypac915   jb913   jburke322   Jenn1621
JennaG   Jennamouse   Jennirose18   jennker33
JennLala   jennybee   JennyGurl   JennyLashes
jessNdave22408   jgrafff426   JimLaheyTTC   JMC1014
JoJo103   jules227   justhappy   justshir
kabo0831   kandi982   KAS   katiebell
Katmags   kaya   kc1710   keebz
KeepSmiling   Kelly-n-Ant   kellybean   kellyg
KellyKelly   kelsept   Kerry1208   kiki1103
kimbiz1   kimmaymb20   kitcat   Kizzy
KKandE   kls2010   kmek4   Kris828
kristinel   ktay2014   Laauren   ladybug78
ladyshay74   LAIZZO   LaylaL   LBBCHGRL
lbro26   leo919   LIBOUND   LIBuckeye
LILady   lilmartha59   limommer   LINewbie
LItoRI923   LittleBitty   LittleLady322   LittleWonders
lolagranola   LoveDayLove   LoveforLO   LoveMyBaby
LovMyBoy   luvmykids83   m0m   MABLE03
MadDogMrsT   makemeababy   Mamacita2Be   MamaJenny114
Mandy28   marganda   mavaesq   maybea2010baby
maybebaby1002   Mccue79   MCD0524   mdg101605
meeme   Megbrez   meghanmetz   Meliki
melissalo   MelissaMcG   mell   Melzie635
mgmtdee63   michk   michlee17   MikesGirl323
MikesWife   mindygirl73   miracline   missingmyangel
MissusLachey   Missy12608   missymoo   Mistyloon
mjc   mlcvln129   Momma-Mia   MommaM2016
Mommy23   MommytoAlex   mommywantsababy   MonkeyLuv08
monkeypants   moonmist09   Mountaineer   mrs-vyn
MRSadenosine   MRSBA   MrsBusby2009   MrsCampos10-01-10
MrsD1202   MrsEvans2004   MrsF7311   mrsgafforio
MrsGoldie   MrsGr81   MrsH2007   MrsHushHush
MrsI1103   MrsJ2010   MrsK914   mrskk
mrsL2012   MrsLMS   MrsM429   MrsQ0520
MrsT08   MrsW   MrsWoods   mruf81
MsEm   mskittynj   mspresscott   Mstol589
Mweb   mybigfakename   mycrayon   mygrl29
myisabellarose   Myrtle1   natiepie1028   NeedtoHide
NextStopBabytown   Niblet   Nicole29   Nikki-Liz
Nikkibean   njbound07   nmp070106   noname1
NYCBaby789   NYPDlove   OhhhBaby18   OMG2011
onlylisa   OoMarshmallowoO   OtherSelf   PandD20
PattyO   peaceloveandbabydust   pedsnurse   PeTeacher
PinkRoses828   pinky12404   pixiedust   pjc92980
pnbplus1   popcorn83111   prayingforababy   princess99
Puglove   pumpkin77   pumpkinpye517   PunkyBrewster
pupidda122505   qtpiemomma   rani   rawlins98
RC1234   rdy-4-baby   readyfor3   RedRoses
Rerri714   rjoyner   RJzWife   rnGiGi
ROMANCEnBABYDANCE   Rosiegirl11610   Sandra   santababy
Sb411   secretly-ttc   SecretlyPlanning4Baby   SecretlyTTC14
secretlyTTCing   SecretTTC2010   SeekingBFP   shellbebaby
ShhDontTell   shoegal68   shOrtie-mOmma   SillyDawn
simpleFamily   sjt3105   skip123   smp123
snowflake08   soccer1981   soon2bemom07   soontobemrsd325
spanishitalian   sparklehorse   SPitkewicz   Spookie-D
SprayALittlePam   SpringBride08   springtime   SRM12
Staceyk003   STBTTC   SummerMiracle   sunleo
Sunshyne   taihesha   Teach723   teafor2
teaforthree   Thats-what-she-said   THEFISHERS82104   TheLucille2
ThePinkGoose   TheWalshs   tikapop   tilly119
Time42   TimeforTwo2013   tinan1996   TomLaur0808
toni-mike   tricey32   Truluv   tryin4ababy
tryin4baby3   trying2keepfaith   Trying4three   TryingToConceiveNumber2
TTC-DL   ttc1baby   TTCHiding   TTCingOnTheDL
ttcinhiding2011   TTCMIA   TTCMom2Be   ttcsecret
TTCwithHope   ttdiff11   Turtle-Wife   Tylersmom
tysmom2003   vabshear   VerucaSalt   vnv126
wannabamamma   wannabamommy   WannaBeAMom11   WannaBMom2013
wannabpreggers   WantBabyNbr2   wants-2-b-a-mommy   wants2bmommy
wantsababy21   wenleegav   wholala   willbamom
willithappen   Wishin4ABaby2   wishinandhopin   wishing4angel-2
WorkingOnNo2   WouldLike2bPreggo   xiomyflor23   xoxoxo
youngmama   zoe282   ZOOKIE  

There are 499 Long Island moms doing the baby dance!
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