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Our Home

Username: CaMacho
Last Update: 2/14/12
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Our townhome! Closed 5/8/08
Congrats! You have a beautiful home and a great eye for decorating! :)
Posted by CMM518 1/30/10 11:33PM
I have the same rug in my den, I absolutely love it! Looks beautiful
Posted by Deedlebugs 10/20/09 11:38AM
You did an amazing job! Fantastic taste...
Posted by mooshyboo 9/8/09 3:03PM
Beautiful job on the house! You and DH have fantastic taste!
Posted by Sweets13 6/18/09 7:27AM
I love looking at all the new things you do with your home. You have such a knack for design. Everything is so beautiful!!
Posted by RocPin 6/17/09 10:45PM
Amazing! Gorgeous!
Posted by vwebb85 5/19/09 3:27PM
I just looked through EVERY SINGLE picture because you did such an AMAZING job transforming your house!!! It looks like a warm, welcoming home now! Your future daughter is going to love her new home!!!!
Posted by LuvmyShihTzu 4/22/09 6:41PM
Your house is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Can you come decorate mine?!?
Posted by KevinNKristin8-15-08 3/28/09 7:42PM
All I can say is WOW!!!!!! What a beautiful transformation! You and DH did a great job. I LOVE everything you did to your pad! Well done!!!
Posted by roxygrl8 3/27/09 1:29PM
Hi, your house is stunning. I notice that you have a cat, as I have two and also have wood floors, do you find it hard to keep up with the cat hair?
Posted by philsdeezy 3/25/09 8:56AM
Wow! Beautiful! Can I rent you and your DH to help us when we move? :P
Posted by VirginiaDeb 3/25/09 5:33AM
Your home is beautiful - can you come over and decorate for me!
Posted by AimeeE2006 3/12/09 9:49PM
i love ur house-i want to live in FL!
Posted by photoshopbabe 3/12/09 10:50AM
absolutely beautiful, what an amazing job you and DH did
Posted by JenG 3/11/09 7:06PM
your house is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Posted by MrsM-6-7-08 2/21/09 3:00PM
Your home is GORGEOUS!! I'm so impressed!
Posted by kahlua716 12/2/08 11:32AM
i love checking in on your looks great- i love your kitchen and the shelf with the light shining on it...just beautiful!
Posted by MrsPorkChop 9/27/08 9:05AM
Gorgeous, Great job!
Posted by Deedlebugs 9/4/08 5:35PM
Everything looks so awesome Jess!!
Posted by J9-13 9/2/08 11:12AM
Beautiful job! It really looks great!
Posted by kmac 8/16/08 8:13AM
Everything looks great, Good luck in your new home!!
Posted by Luv2bAmom 8/11/08 2:59PM
Your home is GORGEOUS!! Where is it?
Posted by CroatianBride 8/5/08 2:45PM
WOW Jess, you guys did an awesome job!! Very modern....I love it. And I love the color of the laundry room too!! Congrat's again!!
Posted by pig22seal 7/27/08 7:43PM
It is looking awesome!!! Can't wait to see the end result!
Posted by MissJones 7/25/08 9:53PM
Looks awesome!
Posted by Tine73 7/15/08 1:56PM
You house is beatifull! Love the way rooms flow into one another and the beautiful rounded arches! Enjoy!
Posted by WhatNow 6/11/08 12:15PM
Looks beautiful!!! Congratulations on your new home!!!
Posted by Pooka 5/28/08 9:25PM
its coming great
Posted by JenBenMen 5/28/08 12:16PM
Posted by JenBenMen 5/21/08 7:34PM
Congrats on the house!!
Posted by Sandy55 5/19/08 4:23PM
Great house Jess - Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Posted by ~Colleen~ 5/14/08 10:48AM
great house Jess!
Posted by Joeswife1106 5/14/08 10:43AM
Your new home is beautiful. Enjoy!
Posted by lisad117 5/12/08 10:37PM
i love it!! best of luck and I cant wait to see more pics
Posted by JenBenMen 5/12/08 8:29PM
Jess it's gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see what you do in the kitchen! Congrats and all the best of luck with it!
Posted by Bluepixie 5/10/08 2:06PM
Great house! Congrats!
Posted by julz33 5/10/08 1:24PM
Love it!!! The best of luck!!!
Posted by MissJones 5/10/08 11:43AM
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