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My pregnancy

Username: julz33
Last Update: 2/12/09
Photo(s): 102
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You look awesome!! Congrats!!
Posted by CMM518 2/7/10 1:22PM
You look awesome!! One hot mama!! ;0)
Posted by J9-13 2/13/09 8:37AM
you look fabulous 8 months PP!!!! Good job Julie!!!
Posted by Kissy331 2/13/09 6:37AM
Ok that lil boy is full cooked. It's time to come out now! So cute!! Best wishes!! Can't wait to see the pix.
Posted by roxygrl8 5/25/08 8:01PM
You just look fabulous! Those last pictures came out beautiful.
Posted by anjerandunder 5/12/08 7:49PM
You are the cutest lil preggo :)
Posted by stayandjohn 5/7/08 12:34PM
Those are great pics taken by your sister. Love the pic of you and DH with bellies, lol.. Congrats Julie. Can't wait to see pictures of your DS. Jola
Posted by Kotka 5/7/08 12:09PM
kudos to u-u can still fit in that bikini!!!!!!!
Posted by photoshopbabe 5/5/08 8:28PM
OMG! Look at you!!! You look so beautiful! It's getting so close! Can't wait to see your lil man!!!!
Posted by J9-13 4/30/08 11:01AM
you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Posted by pickles16 4/28/08 12:05PM
Aww you look so cute!! You are all baby, lucky ducky!!
Posted by roxygrl8 4/28/08 5:17AM
you look absolutely adorable!!!
Posted by snowflake08 4/27/08 11:09PM
you look amazing!!! so pretty!!
Posted by photoshopbabe 4/18/08 10:59PM
you look awesome
Posted by JenBenMen 4/17/08 1:33PM
You look amazing! Just gorgeous!! I love the pic of you and Dh at your shower!!
Posted by J9-13 4/1/08 12:38PM
you are the cutest pregnant lady
Posted by melissalo 3/16/08 11:08AM
too cute! all belly :)
Posted by jennyb 3/15/08 1:12PM
Posted by Sweets13 3/2/08 5:59AM
U look great!!! nothing but belly! Like you have a basket ball under your shirt! Congrats again!!!
Posted by Bebalina 3/1/08 11:07PM
GREAT pics. Enjoy every minute. :)
Posted by MrsBumbleb 3/1/08 9:50AM
OMG you are ALL baby - did you gain an ounce of fat? You look fantastic!!!! Congrats to you and your hubby!!!
Posted by DandS 2/26/08 11:51AM
u look great Julz! you're allll belly!!
Posted by Bebalina 2/16/08 8:04PM
You look beautiful!!!
Posted by Faithx2 2/10/08 5:58PM
You look great and the 2 of you are too adorable!
Posted by MsSissy 2/10/08 10:53AM
and i thought u were beautiful as a bride!!! (reason i chose duet btw..) but wow as a preggers!! speechless!!
Posted by photoshopbabe 2/9/08 11:32PM
Hey Julie! You look fabulous...I loved looking at your month-to-month belly pics. And WOW! A baby boy! I'm so happy for you guys. :)
Posted by lillian771 1/15/08 1:51PM
Wow! You showed at 6 weeks already! You look amazing and congratulations!
Posted by AtomicMom 1/11/08 5:03PM
Julz you look fantastic!
Posted by MsSissy 1/4/08 6:50PM
You look amazing!!!!!!
Posted by heidla 1/1/08 11:15AM
If its possible- you are even more beautiful preggo!!! You look AWESOME!
Posted by 05mommy09 12/16/07 9:54PM
You look FANTASTIC Julz! Congrats!
Posted by BabyAvocado 12/14/07 9:21PM
You look fantastic!!
Posted by ~Colleen~ 12/3/07 4:02PM
Julz, You look GREAT in that bikini! The last time my pre-preggo body looked like that it was for 5 minutes in You rock that bikini momma!!
Posted by Tah-wee-ZAH 12/3/07 3:30PM
you look amazing!
Posted by CkGm 12/3/07 1:07PM
how is that's not even summer, you put on a bikini, and you're pregnant! The skin is smooth and you're actually tan! Girl, I'd say you look pretty amazing!
Posted by Lanabean 12/3/07 7:23AM
SCARY??? I think you look amazing!!!!
Posted by Happy1 12/2/07 5:24PM
You look amazing!
Posted by firsttimer 12/2/07 3:44PM
SCARY??? your nuts! lol You look wonderful!!!! I wish I looked that good in a bikini when I'm not pregnnat--lol :)
Posted by MelToddJulia 12/2/07 3:33PM
Awww cute belly!! You look great, not scary at all! You should do your weekly pictures in the same bathing suit so you can see the progress better.
Posted by roxygrl8 12/2/07 3:29PM
You look absolutely fabulous!!!!!!
Posted by DayDay 12/2/07 2:53PM
Pregnancy definately does agree with you! You look great!
Posted by Kissy331 12/2/07 1:38PM
congrats! You look so cute!
Posted by NewlyMrs 11/30/07 5:42PM
Oh Julz....You look GREAT. Couldn't be are going to be a GREAT mom and you 2 are going to make one beautiful baby!
Posted by btrflygrl 11/19/07 10:58AM
You look ADORABLE! Congratulations!
Posted by BaroqueMama 11/15/07 4:44PM
cute belly congrats, and good luck
Posted by MrsBumbleb 11/15/07 5:22AM
OMG - Congratulations!!!! You look great! Lots of good wishes for you - a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!
Posted by Ang-Rich 11/13/07 2:30PM
congratulations Julz! You look great!!
Posted by Bebalina 11/13/07 12:19AM
you look so cute!!
Posted by Tine73 11/12/07 3:45PM
you look amazing!
Posted by christy 11/11/07 11:58AM
aww you look adorable!!
Posted by CaseyGirl 11/11/07 9:52AM
Julie, you look so cute!! Congrats girl!
Posted by Tany 11/10/07 11:42PM
Congrats!!!! You look sooo cute!
Posted by J9-13 11/10/07 6:52PM
Congratulations! You look so cute.
Posted by pinky 11/10/07 5:48PM
Congratulations! You look adorable!
Posted by SeptemberBride03 11/10/07 4:54PM
You look wonderful!!!! Such a cute belly!
Posted by Kissy331 11/10/07 4:21PM
You look adorable!!!!!!
Posted by Faithx2 11/10/07 3:30PM
you look adorable. What a cute belly!!!
Posted by Deedlebugs 11/10/07 3:03PM
u look great
Posted by bklyngirl 11/10/07 12:56PM
u look great congrats
Posted by Briannasmommy 11/10/07 12:42PM
You look great!!! A little wives tale but when you show right away, they say its a boy! A happy and healthy pregnancy.
Posted by Smileyd17 11/10/07 11:58AM
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