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Do/Did you?

Forum Opinion Poll
Exclusively breastfeed 60 27.40%
Exclusively pump 11 5.02%
Exclusively formula feed 79 36.07%
Pump/Breastfeed, & forumla feed 61 27.85%
Other 8 3.65%

Do/Did you? (Poll)

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Just another chapter in life..

Member since 11/09

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..being a mommy and being a wife!

Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

Posted by beachgirl13

I formula fed all 3. I'm shocked based on the poll that that is what most people did. I thought most breastfed.

Yeah it's like some dirty little secret! Chat Icon

Honestly- I am PROUD to say I formula fed. I make a decision that is best for me, my family, my DD and I stand by it.
I never once felt guilty, bad, or like I did something wrong.
My DD is very healthy, strong, smart- and in the end that is all that matters!

I think the main thing is making a decision that works for YOU and standing behind it.

Posted 8/14/11 8:36 PM

Mom of 3 - YIKES! =)

Member since 10/09

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

Posted by PennyJ923

I have only been pumping 3 ounces total every 2 hours for the past 2 days, I will get 6 total in the morning. I dont understand what happened, and it seems DD is going through a growth spurt because she has been taking 4oz bottles of the milk since yesterday, so I am not producing enough for her anymore. I also don't know if she should be eating that much every 2-4 hours...

Honestly at that age..that sounds about right...

Inghe beginning you pump so little bec it colustrum ..then when your milk comes body is waiting for cues from your baby to see how much it should make..then it starts to regulate itself...and only makes what it needs (supply & demand)

At 3 weeks..I think 3 oz every 2 hrs sounds very is not necessarily dwindling - just regulating KWIM!!??!!

Since the pump is not as efficient as a baby, make sure you are making up for it! Def still pump every 2 hrs AROUND the clock until your supply is well established (at least 6-8 weeks) , def drinks lots and lots of water, use your hands to do breast compressions/massages to help the milk come out the whole session..I would do 5 min on one breast then 5 on the other and then switch...the whole session...don't let the pump do all the work..and def go to at least you get a second let down..mine came at around the 20-22 min mark...and sometimes a whole other oz would come at that pt.

I also took fenugreek pills 3 pills 3x a day..and that helped up my supply!

I exclusively pumped my DD for the first 3 months bec we had all sorts of issues..and one day around 3 months..I tried to have her latch..and I guess bec she was more efficient at eating in general...she latched I was so def do rule bf may still work..just not yet...since she was good at both..I cont. to pump and bf...for her entire 1st year!

Good luck

Hope this helps!

Posted 8/14/11 9:04 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 12/09

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

ep for the past 7.5 months

Posted 8/14/11 10:11 PM

s'il vous plaît

Member since 6/07

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

I BFed and pumped in the beginning with some formula to supplement. DS went to formula full time at 5 months, DD went to formula at 3 months. I would have gone longer but I have d-MER.

Posted 8/14/11 10:16 PM

Mommy of 2!

Member since 12/08

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

12months- EBF with some pumping to build a stash. Though I'm not really sure why I built a stash.. I just used it for cereal!

Posted 8/14/11 10:28 PM

Love my little boys!!!

Member since 8/07

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

Posted by johnsae

I think it's very interesting that in the poll a lot of people admit to exclusively formula feeding, while in real life and in the responses in this poll a lot of people don't say they exclusively formula feed...

IMO people don't want to admit they formula feed.

I am exclusively formula feeding my newborn, and am not afraid to admit it.

I dont think that is the case at all. Im not afraid to admit that I EFF I wasnt going to reply to this post because I answered the poll and the OP is BFing so to me she was looking for some help on BFing so my FF response (othet than answering the pill) didnt seem needed.

Posted 8/14/11 10:58 PM

2 girls 4 me!

Member since 8/08

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Mama mama mama....

Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

Exclusively BF, but DD eats solids now too.

Not trying to start drama here, but I would consider any mama that exclusively pumps in the EBF category also. Breastmilk is breastmilk, and not all of us can stay home to do it.

Posted 8/15/11 8:02 AM


Member since 8/05

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

I pumped for 3 weeks and supplimented with formula. I HATED pumping. HATED it. If there where to be a number 2, its straight to formula. I have zero desire to pump, or BF ever again.

Posted 8/15/11 8:20 AM

Let's Go Rangers!

Member since 1/07

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Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

I BF and pumped for three months and then EP until one year - and weaned off of it just last week! Chat Icon

To get your supply back up. Make a batch of oatmeal cookies, eat one every time you pump. Drink a HUGE glass of water every time you pump. If you are not pumping, undress your DC down to a diaper and keep constant skin to skin contact for as long as you can every single day.

FM me if you have any questions!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon I went back to work at 3 months and was still able to complete the year!

Message edited 8/15/2011 8:42:00 AM.

Posted 8/15/11 8:40 AM

sometimes 1+1= 4 <3

Member since 8/09

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the lucky one

Re: Do/Did you? (Poll)

DD was EBF for 15.5 months Chat Icon

Posted 8/15/11 8:45 AM
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