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for those who have 2 or more dogs...

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LIF Infant

Member since 10/06

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for those who have 2 or more dogs...

do they always get along?
have you ever had any major problems
have you ever wondered what happens when your not home?

Posted 4/24/07 7:41 PM
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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

I have 2 rottys and a pug. My pug LOVE LOVE LOVES my male rotty and he loves her back, my female rotty not so much. SHe will tolerate the pug but does put her in her place sometimes. For the most part they all do get along, the two rottys get a little crzy sometimes but I either let them hash it out or I will break them apart.
As for when we are not home, the pug has a cage and so does my male rotty because they are still puppies. My female rotty has a cage too but I leave the door open.

Posted 4/24/07 9:14 PM


Member since 12/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

I have two dogs, a cocker and a mini poodle. My cocker loves other dogs and loves loves loves his puppy brother. However, my mini poodle (all 9lbs of him) can not be bothered with him half the time. He is such a bully. Half the time they will play and roll around and chase each other, and then BAM my mini poodle decides he is done and will just growl and pounce on him and try to bite his ears, until he runs away. Its a love hate relationship. But if one or the other is at the vet or groomers, they will cry until the other comes home.

Posted 4/24/07 10:38 PM

is not the girl you knew

Member since 5/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

i have 4.
they actually all get along.

of course there is a scuffle here and there, but all in all theyre a pretty good pack.
one of my dogs has issues.
she doesnt like the other dogs touching her phsyically... unless she initiates a playtime.
but all in all no problems

Posted 4/25/07 4:53 AM

True love

Member since 6/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

I have 3 dogs, one having just been introduced. Though she is new and still a little skittish, they all play together, sleep together, roam together, etc. Denver & Holden fight sometimes (over toys -- they always want the same one!) but never anything major or long lasting. They're a happy little pack.

Posted 4/25/07 7:37 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

We have 4, and they love each other. they do seem to split into 2 groups though, which is fine by me b/c the 2 smaller are the best of friends, and the two larger are like an old married couple!

They do have a little bit of "pack" mentality every now & again, but DH & I try our best to maintain our Alpha status as much as possible, especially with a baby on the way.

I cannot even remember only having one dog. It seems so long ago Chat Icon

BTW: I am afraid what they do when I am not home....I have images from the movie "Cats & Dogs" rushing through my headChat Icon

Message edited 4/25/2007 9:48:35 AM.

Posted 4/25/07 9:47 AM

My Happy Girl

Member since 7/06

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

i have two and they get along very well...they play together all the time...where the older one goes, the little one will usually follow.
My DH works from they are out and about the whole day...when we do go out if its for a short amount of time I can only imagine what the two of them do together...but when we go out for long periods, we crate the little one (she is still a pup, kinda a nut)

Posted 4/25/07 3:42 PM

Mommy of 3!

Member since 5/05

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Mommy to two boys and a girl

Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

We have two dogs and they get along well.

But, Casey is the "alpha" and we have to supervise dinner as she tries to steal Tally's food- also, she tries to steal Tally's rawhides. Other than food- they love each other! Chat Icon

Posted 4/26/07 9:37 AM

me and baby #3!

Member since 5/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

I have an 85 lb rottie anda 45 lb puggle and they seem to always get along....and it gets better as time goes on.

Now, they will sleep next to each other and share a couch or chair.

The only time we have an issue is over food....the lil' guy will go after the big girl just to show her who is boss and she backs off. It's a rare occasion and we are usually home to intervene.

As for when we are not home, he still gets crated. I just don't trust him enough yet and I think he prefers it.....there have been times when I let him stay out and he gets so bent out of shape that we left, that he goes poo in the house. His cage=home and he feels safe

Posted 4/27/07 12:38 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 1/07

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

My two love each other. They put their faces together. The little one will lick the bigger ones face like she's grooming him. They play together and keep each other company. The larger one (5 y/o) is the boss and the younger one (2 y/o) knows it. If the little one is doing something the older one doesn't want her to do, he'll growl and she'll go on her back submissively.
The only time they ever fight is over food and it's the little one that starts it. The older one half the time will look the other way...he's so good. But if the little one really comes at him, he will fight with her, which is scary. Neither have been hurt, though. But then a minute later, the little one is trying to kiss the older ones face as if to say, I'm sorry.
I will always have two because it's so much fun watching them play and if we are out all day, I know they have each other.

Posted 4/27/07 1:50 PM

Love my sailor

Member since 6/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

My two dogs play fight all the time, but at the end of the day they are licking each other. They follow each other around and have never hurt each other, so I imagine they get along fine. The little one does annoy the older one sometimes, but that's when I just pick up one of them and kinda play referee. When we aren't home they are crated in separate crates.

Posted 4/27/07 2:36 PM

Two in Blue

Member since 5/05

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Re: for those who have 2 or more dogs...

I have 2 one is a Chow/Shepard/Collie who is super protective of me. the other is a pit/lab/hlound mix-he is sweet and lovable but hyper. The ONLY time they ever growl or "fight" is over attention. Also for some reason when my one friend's dog is over they have scuffled-never anything serious. The minute we scold they stop.

ETA: Chow is 85lbs
Pit mix is 120 lbsChat Icon

Message edited 4/27/2007 4:44:27 PM.

Posted 4/27/07 4:43 PM

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