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My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

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Baby brother coming soon!

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My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

It was decided on Jan 6th that I was going to be induced. I had gone to see my high risk Dr. (I had a fibroid they were watching throughout the pregnancy) and they had told me my fluids were low and that my ob probably wouldnt let me go past another week. So the next day I saw my Dr and he agreed and said he could induce me or go for a scheduled C-section. Of course I didnt want a c-section so i opted for an induction. So it was scheduled for the folowing tuesday 1/11/11. Now I was super excited.
Well along came Tuesday and when I called my Dr to see what time to go to the hospital (they had me on the schedule just not a specific time) he said call at noon. Noon came and went and I was told to call back in 2 hrs. This went on all day long. The hospital was so packed with woman in labor they had no room for me. There was a moment I broke down cause I was tired and anxious and nervous about the snow storm coming but then I realized it was better to be at home then sitting in the hospital hallway.

Now finally at 6 I make my last call to the hospital and they told me to come down at 8 Chat Icon yay finally.
When I got there I was so happy to see my Dr. He got me in and I had a nice LDR room!
They started the cervadil at around midnight and we were off. They had said that there was a chance this could put me in full blown labor so I was hoping it would but it didnt But I had the most painful back labor ever!!! No matter what I did or how i sat or layed nothing made me feel better at one point I almost asked for drugs but I had heard bad things about demeral so I didnt want to take it. I got a little rest and before I knew it it was morning.
The Dr came back in I think it was around 12:00 and took out the cervadil (man did that hurt). I was able to get up and shower and then they started the pitocin, I was around 2-3 cm.
At some point not too long after that the Dr came back in and broke my water (again that hurt like a Biotch lol) and uped the pitocin. My Dr kept saying your gonna do great, your gonna push this kid right out I just know it
Chat Icon It was a great motivation!
Now it was almost 2:00 and the contractions were getting stronger and painful and I think I could have handled them longer BUT that along with my back being on fire I couldnt take it anymore. I told them I needed the epidoral. I was around 5 cm when I got it and man did it change everything. I wanted a drug free birth but I knew getting induced it wasnt going to be possible. I was now able to relax, rest and watch tv.
Around 3 pm the nurse came in and had stopped the pitocin. I was around 6 cm. I was sleeping so I didnt know she did this but the babys heartrate had dropped a few times so they shut it off to give the baby a break. Thank God cause I was so worried about having an emergency c-section.
All of a sudden around 4:30 I felt a gush come out. I asked my Mom to come look and she was like yup its a bloody show. I also felt the baby dropping (that was the most amazing feeling ever) and a lot of pressure. The nurse came in and checked me and said I was at 10 cm!! I couldnt believe it!! I had gone from 6-10 cm in an 1 1/2 hrs without the pitocin! She called for the Dr and once he checked me he said lets wait till 5 because my cervic still had a little lip left and by then we should be ready to start pushing.
I felt the baby drop again and another gush and more pressure! It was so cool. The nurse came back in at 5:00 and got me all set up. Put my legs in the stirrups and told me to push, so I pushed. All of a sudden she was like stop! OMG the head is right there. She called the Dr he came in and was like I cant believe this, the baby is right here. He told me to push and I did. I stopped for a minute because he had to cut me but then I pushed maybe 5 times without a break in between.My Dh and Mom and nurse were wonderrful!! Everyone kept saying push push dont stop but it was kinda hard cause I had to catch my breath real quick and before I knew it her head was out and then her whole body and my DH looked over and my Dr said ITS A GIRL!!! We were so socked, we thought for sure it was a boy because so many people kept telling us that. Everyone kept saying I cant believe how fast you pushed her out. In 10 minutes she was out!
Evelyn May was born at 5:19 pm on 1/12/11 weighing 7 lbs 19 1/2" long.
She the best and most beautiful baby ever. We are so in love and cant stop staring at her!!!

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Posted 1/24/11 2:14 PM

Baby brother coming soon!

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

I hate this site for posting pics. I had to make them so small to fit!

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Posted 1/24/11 2:19 PM

Love my little girls!!! <3

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

wow, she is so gorgeous! your story was amazing to read. congrats!!!!!!!!!

Posted 1/24/11 3:04 PM

Love my babies

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

Holy cra@p Jeanette!! You only pushed for 10 min?? Chat Icon You are one lucky lady!! Little Evelyn is so beautiful!! Im so happy for you!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 2/1/11 7:28 PM

<3 <3 <3

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

What a great story. Congrats!!! she is a beautiful little girl!

Posted 2/17/11 7:50 PM

Goals w/o plans r just wishes

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

awww... she's so adorable! Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like a long journey, but with such a happy (and quick) ending Chat Icon Congrats!!

Posted 2/20/11 7:27 PM

Baby girl has a baby brother!

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Re: My Birth Story - Evelyn May 1/12/11

Oh Jeanette, I love your birth story!!! Chat Icon

I can't believe how different it is when you get meds from when you don't! You actually make giving birth sound like fun (rather than me, who makes it sound like the most excruciatingly difficult experience of my life lol).

Your daughter is so beautiful and you already know how happy I am for you!!

Posted 2/25/11 10:38 AM

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