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Intro Thread

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Intro Thread

Message edited 8/4/2010 6:28:57 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 11:35 AM
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My prayers have been answered

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Re: Intro Thread

Hi everyone!

I'm new here--so here goes

Name/Age: Lori almost 32

DH/SO/Age: Frank almost 33

How long TTC: 6 months

RE: SIRM - Dr. Braverman

Infertility Diagnosis: after 2 m/c I found out I have MTHFR and a balanced translocation
ETA: still waiting for more b/w results

ART methods used/result: will be starting IVF with PGD soon

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): NO

good luck to everyone!!!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

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Posted 2/16/09 11:53 AM

Blessed beyond belief

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Hayley, 24

DH/SO/Age: Steve, 28

How long TTC: 1.5 years

RE: OOS - FSMG in San Diego

Infertility Diagnosis: Unexplained, maybe slight MF (morphology)

ART methods used/result: injectables/IUI; IVF; FET

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No.

I'd like to add: I am amazed at the level of strength and support of the women on this board and although I hate that any of us have to be here.. I thank God for bringing us all together in a place where we can ask anything, say anything, and always be supported. Lots of babydust and prayers for everyone Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 2/16/09 11:55 AM

Thankful for my miracle!

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Jen, 34

DH/SO/Age: Patrick, 37

How long TTC: 3+ years

RE: RSNY - West Islip (Dr. Stelling)

Infertility Diagnosis: I have only one tube (lost due to an ectopic pregnancy) and w/o meds I ovulate on that side most of the time. DH has a slight motility issue stemming from scar tissue left by a hernia operation he had when he was 11 months old.

ART methods used/result: 6 IUIs, 1 IVF (currently in 2ww)

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No, but I miraculously conceived once on my own, but lost the (ectopic) pregnancy at 9.5 weeks.

I'd like to add: This is an amazing board and it proves that infertility happens to some of the most wonderful people in the world. The love and support I have found here make me feel less "broken" and less isolated. Thank you for the knowledge and empowerment.

You don't know how STRONG you are until being strong is the ONLY choice you have.

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon
Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

ETA: Update on me - April 20, 2009:
My 1st IVF cycle was a success. I am truly one of the lucky ones, though it took me 3+ years to achieve a healthy pregnancy. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant.

I have no intention of leaving this board and only hope to "pay forward" the great support and kindness that has been shown to me by others.

Message edited 4/20/2009 9:26:23 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 12:24 PM

my boys

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Wanda (formerly cw0904 on LIW)

Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Wanda 32 will be 33 in April

DH/SO/Age: Carl 32

How long TTC: 2 yrs next month off the patch. A year and a half of actual TTC

RE: NSUH: Dr Cohen

Infertility Diagnosis: unexplained

ART methods used/result: 2nd round of IUI on injectables. One BFN. doing 2nd IUI on Wedn. :)

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No

I'd like to add: I am happy to have found this site and have others to share my experience with that are both knowledgable and can completely relate to what I am going through. Chat Icon

Posted 2/16/09 12:40 PM

Plan B is Now Plan A

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Re: Intro Thread

I'm not new but since I just started I'll play.
Name/Age: Susan 41 (and holding)

DH 42

How long TTC: 1 year

RE: Owen Davis-Cornell

Infertility Diagnosis: Elderly eggs and not enough of them..slight MF morphology

ART methods used/result: 1st IVF medicated, canceled and converted to IUI. Currently in the 2ww.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No, but was pregnant once a long time ago. Conceived naturally.

Message edited 2/16/2009 1:59:32 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 1:59 PM

Texting king

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Suzy, age 39.5 (ok, 40 in June)

DH/SO/Age: 49

How long TTC: First time, almost 2 years, this time around going on 6 months.

RE: LI/IVF- Dr. Brenner

Infertility Diagnosis: unexplained with some mf issues

ART methods used/result: First time around total of 5 iui's. 3 with clomid all bfn, 2 injectable cycles, resulting in one bfp with DS. This time (18 months later)..first round with injectables- bfp, resulted in chemical pg, one bfn, currently in 2ww with third cycle.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No

I'd like to add: This site has kept me sane and in the loop on things my RE wouldn't have readily discussed, so thanks to you all!!

Posted 2/16/09 2:24 PM

That's all I got.

Member since 7/06

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Michelle, 37

DH/SO/Age: Steve, 38

How long TTC: 6 years

RE: LI/IVF- Dr. Brenner (not much longer)

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS, obesity

ART methods used/result: 5 IUIs w/ clomid, 3 IVFs all BFN; each subsequent IVF produced more and better quality embryos.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): 21 week loss in 2003, PTL or IC. Conceived naturally.

Posted 2/16/09 2:56 PM

LIF Toddler

Member since 7/05

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Jessica, 34

DH/SO/Age: 37
How long TTC: 1 1/2 years

RE: Columbia

Infertility Diagnosis:1 blocked tube, myomectomy of 13 fibroids in 2007

ART methods used/result: 3 IUI's: 2 with clomid, one injectible, on to IVF next but taking this month off due to cyst from injectible cycle

Any other children: Yes, naturally in 2007 but we had a loss at 21 weeks due to placental rupture from fibroids

Posted 2/16/09 3:51 PM

3 boys and a princess!

Member since 11/08

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Jenn 33

DH/SO/Age: 37

How long TTC: Almost a year

RE: LI-IVF; Dr. Kuokkanen

Infertility Diagnosis: Low Motility

ART methods used/result: still new----starting Clomid if AF comes again this month

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Nope

I'd like to add: I luv this board. Everyone is so supportive and it really helps to "meet" others in similar situations. I tell my friends that I'm in a support group!

Chat Icon

Posted 2/16/09 4:31 PM

Always My Miracle

Member since 9/05

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Re: Intro Thread

I'll keep it simple!!

Name/Age: Dawn/38 in June

DH/SO/Age: Peter/42 in May

How long TTC: 6 months without help nearly 1 1/2 years with.

RE: RSofNY - Dr. Stelling

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS/Unexplained

ART methods used/result: 3 clomid cycles w/IUI, 1st IVF-BFN, 2nd IVF-ectopic/chemical, 3rd IVF cycle only 5 fertilized so we froze to batch for future PGD, 4th IVF cycle cancelled due to poor response, 5th IVF w/PGD 5dt transfered 3 blasts. Am in 2ww.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Chat Icon

I'd like to add: I dont know where I'd be without the support of everyone here. It is comforting to know that I am not alone and there is always someone who understands when even the closest people to me dont.

Message edited 2/20/2009 9:19:54 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 4:49 PM

So in love with my little man!

Member since 6/08

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Crissy, just turned 30

DH/SO/Age: Mike, 34

How long TTC: 1.5 years (first 9 months we weren't officially trying, we took the "whatever happens, happens" approach

RE: RS of NY - Dr. Trivax

Infertility Diagnosis: Male Factor, bi-lateral varicocele (just found out last week) - zero sperm on first SA, 1 million on 2nd SA

ART methods used/result: Clomid 1 month (until we got results back from first SA). Conceived naturally in July, resulted in chemical

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): None

I'd like to add: This has been a wonderful place to go and get support from others in the same situation. It doesn't make it quite as hard to deal with because others have been through it and gotten their BFP!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 2/16/09 5:21 PM

Two under two!

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Kristyna 30

DH/SO/Age: Justin 30

How long TTC: it took 18 months

RE: LI IVF Dr. Brenner

Infertility Diagnosis: Male Factor, varicocele repair

ART methods used/result: 1 unmed IUI, 2 clomid IUI one miscarriage, 1 IVF resulting in Chat Icon! Due April 29

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No

This board is great! I learned so much here and found so much support.

Message edited 2/16/2009 5:45:28 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 5:44 PM

Two Boys for Me!!

Member since 1/07

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Kristin 29

DH/SO/Age: DH is 32

How long 18 months

RE: RMA of NY - Dr. Flisser

Infertility Diagnosis: I had a uterine polyp removed and slightly elevated FSH. It appears that I have egg quality issues.

ART methods used/result: 3 Clomid/IUI cycles; 2 injectable/IUI cycles. The last injectable/IUI cycle resulted in a m/c at 8 weeks.

IVF (May 2009): BFP!!! While I originally was pg with twins, we lost one at 7 weeks Chat Icon Fortunately our other baby is doing well!!!

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No

This board has been a great source of support and information! I truly hope everyone on here gets their BFP!

Message edited 7/1/2009 3:20:22 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 5:53 PM

I'm a mommy to a 2 year old!!!

Member since 1/08

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Andrea / 37

DH/SO/Age: 40

How long TTC: Almost a year

RE: RSofNY= Dr. Sung

Infertility Diagnosis: Low Motility

ART methods used/result: nothing yet. I have to get my LDL and sugar levels down and lose weight

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Nope

I'd like to add: I have learned a lot on this board. I love that I can go to the Dr's office and have an understanding of the process.

Posted 2/16/09 6:04 PM

LIF Adolescent

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Stephanie/38 in March

DH/SO/Age: Jay/37

How long TTC: A little over a year

RE: LI-IVF- Dr. Brenner

Infertility Diagnosis: Unexplained

ART methods used/result: 3 clomid cycles w/IUI, BFN- 1st IVF-BFN,1 FET,BFN, 2nd IVF, BFP, but sadly ended with a loss of twins, one at 9 weeks, the other at 15.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived):

I'd like to add: The support of everyone here is great. I am very happy I found this group. I hope everyone here gets a BFP. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALLChat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 2/16/09 9:02 PM

Turning a new page

Member since 5/05

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Dina, 33

DH/SO/Age: DH is 37

How long TTC: 14 months

RE: Braverman

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS, possible clotting issues

ART methods used/result: 3 months Clomid w/o IUI, 1 IUI w/ no meds, 1 IUI w/ clomid. Now on 1500 mg of metformin- Moving on to IUI this month with Letrozole instead of clomid, metanx, and baby asprin.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): yes, one DD 28 months- conceived 2nd cycle on 50mg of clomid without IUI.

This board is a great source of support, understanding, inspiration, and knowledge....

Posted 2/16/09 9:12 PM

Big Sister to be!

Member since 7/07

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Tara 24

DH/SO/Age: James 26

How long TTC: 6 months before we found out DH had cancer

RE: The Center For Human Reproduction - North Shore University Hospital - Dr.Scholl

Infertility Diagnosis: Male Infertility due to DH having Testical cancer and chemotherapy and found out I had high prolactin levels

ART methods used/result: IVF with ICSI. 1st IVF cycle worked!Due August 5th!

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Nope

I'd like to add: i couldnt of gotten through my cycle if it wasnt for all the ladies on this board and there support. everyone was so kind and helpful and i truely believe you all had a part in my successful IVF cycle with your postive thoughts and praysChat Icon Best of luck to allChat Icon Chat Icon

Message edited 2/17/2009 10:14:58 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 9:46 PM


Member since 1/08

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Jen- 23

DH/SO/Age: Ryan- 27

How long TTC: 3+ years

RE: LI IVF- Dr. Kenigsberg

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS was the main one, plus MTHFR and Hypothyroidism

ART methods used/result: Finally began seeing an RE in April 2008 after a m/c and a long time trying on our own. Started Metformin 1500mg per day. Also, 50mg synthroid, a baby aspirin and folgard for MTHFR. Then I started Clomid 50 mg which did nothing for me but make me psychotic and miserable. Went to injectibles to avoid bad side effects of clomid and did one cycle injectibles/IUI. Didn't work and left me with several residual cysts, some filled with blood (i forget what they're called). Doc wouldn't let me do another injectible/IUI cycle due to cysts so after taking a month off to heal we began the IVF process. First cycle we were successful.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Nope. We did get pregnant once on out own in the beginning of 2007, but I m/c at 8 weeks.

I'd like to add: Be your own advocate and never lose faith.Chat Icon

Message edited 2/16/2009 10:40:56 PM.

Posted 2/16/09 10:40 PM

Peace out Homies!

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Gerty ®

Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age - Gerty/43

DH/Age - Dan/37

How long TTC: 5 years

RE: Dr. Kenigsberg - LI-IVF

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS/Blocked Tubes

ART Methods used/result: Sorry this is long.... Began seeing an RE (RSNY) 11/2004 after trying on our own/with OB for 6 months. 2 cycles of Clomid/IUI, 10 cycles of Inj./IUI with two cancelled cycles due to hyperstimulation. Asked for HSG and/or water sono and was told it wasn't necessary, so I left them. Interviewed with LI-IVF and liked Dr. K so started seeing him 11/2006. First IVF cycle 1/2007 -failed with 7 FET's all negative. Consulted with 3 other RE's, noone had any better ideas, so stayed with Dr. K and did another IVF cycle 9/2007 - fresh cycle failed, FET on 10/2007 resulted in BFP....lost our son at 22 weeks due to IC. Started back with LI-IVF 6/2008, did 5 FET's all negative. Fresh IVF cycle 10/2008 - no transfer due to OHSS. FET 11/2008 resulted in current pregnancy. Still have 30 frosties.

Any other children: No, we did conceive as stated above but lost the baby due to IC.

And I have to agree 100% with Jenny - be your own advocate, consult with other RE's and keep the faith.

Posted 2/17/09 12:09 AM

2 under 2...whew!!

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Beth, 28

DH/SO/Age: Danny, 29

How long TTC: 3 months...without treatment we would have been TTC forever...

RE: I'm in Charlotte, NC...I saw a great Dr. here.

Infertility Diagnosis: PCOS and hypothyroidism

ART methods used/result: Metformin for 2 months with no results, Clomid/Ovidrel used on the 3rd month and that was the magic ticket!

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Just Ryleigh, she's 2 months

I'd like to add: Don't lose hope no matter what...I thought a diagnosis of PCOS meant that I was doomed never to have children. Stay positive, even when it seems impossible!!

Posted 2/17/09 12:12 AM

My two miracles!

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Kristen 29

DH/SO/Age: Jason 30

How long TTC: 15 months before seeking RE help

RE: The Center For Human Reproduction - North Shore University Hospital - Dr. Scholl

Infertility Diagnosis: Strictly Male Factor due to poor morphology & motility. Also DH has low testosterone levels

ART methods used/result: 2 failed medicated IUI's with Clomid & 1 IVF/ICSI that resulted in Pregnancy..Due August 26th

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): NopeChat Icon! Due August 26th!

This board was amazing through my entire IF journey. Even though my stay was shorter then others, I always come back to see how everyone is doing. Everyone was always here to lend a helping hand or just an ear so I could vent! Chat Icon I wish everyone the very best in their journey!

Message edited 3/16/2009 7:42:58 AM.

Posted 2/17/09 6:58 AM

Liam's Mommy!

Member since 1/07

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Tricia, 29

DH/SO/Age: Stephen, 33

How long TTC: 16 months, with one m/c about 6 months in.

RE: RS of NY- San Roman

Infertility Diagnosis: Low Motility, Low Morphology... really good counts. Also, at some points my FSH level was 10-12.

ART methods used/result: 3 IUI's-no meds... bfn's
1 IUI with half a pill of Clomid- BFN
1 IUI with 50 mg of Clomid- BFP- needed progesterone to support this pregnancy since the numbers started dropping quickly around 6 1/2 weeks.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No

Posted 2/17/09 8:01 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 7/07

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Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Reese 33

DH/SO/Age: 31

How long TTC: 14 months

RE: Cornell/Goldschlag

Infertility Diagnosis: Slight mf (doc didn't seem concerned), I had a uterine polyp removed, but was told basically it's "unexplained."

ART methods used/result: Injectibles & IUI...first one worked.

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): No, but conceived naturally a year prior, but ended in m/c

I'd like to add: The women on this board have taught me so much, and you're all so strong. I wouldn't have known or understood half of what was going on if it wasn't for the IF board.

Posted 2/17/09 8:29 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: Intro Thread

NEW Re: Intro Thread

Name/Age: Beth 33

DH/SO/Age: 37

How long TTC: 2 years

RE: Dr. Leonore Huppert (I live in Philly)

Infertility Diagnosis: Possible endometriosis (detected endometrioma on MRI), hypothyroidism and hostile CM

ART methods used/result: 3 cycles natural IUI, 3 cycles IUI with injectables, one cycle IVF

Any other children (if yes, how conceived): Yes, conceived naturally, after one month trying.

I seriously would have never made it through those 2 years without the support, knowledge and advice of all the wonderful ladies on this board
Chat Icon

Posted 2/17/09 9:05 AM
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