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New here with lots of worries

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make a wish

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New here with lots of worries

We had been planning to start TTC at the end of the this year but we had to accelerate our plans. So a couple
2 weeks ago I had to go for surgery because on my last annual exam the doctor found s cyst attached to my ovary that looks like endometriosis. I went to my post op last week and the doctor told me that even though he was able to remove it and clear everything he check for my Fallopian tubes and one of them is completely block and the other one have a small leakage (I didn't even know this was possible). He reccomend for us to TTC. Right away and go to see him in 6 months if no luck. I am sad because with those odds I don't think I am going to have any luck. I am 30 and call me stupid but I was not predicting to have issues trying to get pregnant I though I was going to be like a lot of people that I see, I want a baby drop birth control and it would happen now I am stress about the posssibilith of not happening at all or been really hard for it to happen or needing to spend a lot of money (that we don't have) to be able to happen. Motherhood is something I always took for granted. Sorry for venting on my first post but please give me any tricks tips or advice to help make this happen! Anyone else ever deal with endometriosis and block tubes??

Posted 8/1/16 11:57 AM
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One more?

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Re: New here with lots of worries

I don't have experience with this. This board has been really really slow! So I just wanted to say good luck! Maybe cross post it to pregnancy.

Posted 8/2/16 11:04 AM

LIF Adult

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New here with lots of worries

I just wanted to say hugs to you! I don't have endo but have PCOS. We tried a year and also have MFI that we found out once we went to a RE after a year + of trying. I NEVER thought my DH would have had issues and it was a huge shock to hear both of us had issues. At my appointment after all the testing we both had done that's when we learned about the MFI and I have had PCOS confirmed for years. We were told IVF with ICIS was likely the only option. To say I died is an understatement I literally was so beside myself I couldn't breathe or function for days. From that appointment DH quit smoking cold turkey as per doctor recommendation that his issue could be from cigarettes. We waited a long 74 days for retesting, it came back that his condition improved and was classified as mild. Then the waiting began for me to get my period or start provera- and for once in my life I randomly ovulated so that set me back another month waiting for a period- but it came! May 7th the day before Mother's Day I finally began the journey and took my first clomid pill. I was monitored through my cycle, use ovidrel trigger shot and then has back to back IUIs. 8 days after the IUI I got my first positive pregnancy test. We did one cycle of medication and boom! We are now 13 weeks with twins!!! My point is- I NEVER thought pregnancy was an option for me after that appointment. The ladies on the IF board are literally the only reason I was still standing and breathing. But, at the end of the day- don't give up hope!! You NEVER know how this journey will be for you. There are so many women and families on these boards and out in the world often struggling in silence with infertility. No two stories are the same, no journies are the same and no two out comes are the same. For some, they get pregnant just thinking about sex, others it takes a little medication and for others it takes many months sometimes years, but no matter how you get to the end result know that there are so many people out there you can lean on for supports the ladies on this IF board. Don't give up hope! And know that there are SO many people here you can look to for advice, ladies that graciously donate meds, you name it. It's hard now and you may not be able to visualize being a mom now, but don't lose hope! :)

Message edited 8/2/2016 5:30:26 PM.

Posted 8/2/16 11:39 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 12/11

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Re: New here with lots of worries

I'm so sorry! I have known people with endo to get pregnant though after they got that cleared up. Like above poster said... maybe try to post this on the infertility board and there may be more people there to support you and who have been through it. GOOD LUCK! sending baby dust to you!Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 8/2/16 3:54 PM


Member since 12/12

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Re: New here with lots of worries

Hi! Welcome to the TTC world! I am sorry to hear what you are going through. It's never easy to hear that things may be tougher than you anticipate, but at least you know now.
I didn't have endometriosis, but I was diagnosed with a rare congenital adrenal disease in 2009. I was told that as I got older it would be harder for me to conceive. At the time, DH was STRONGLY against starting a family. He was also in denial that it wouldn't happen naturally for us. We decided to start TTC January 2012, but it was too late. The chances of me conceiving on my own were pretty slim. We tried for a while but went to see an RE pretty quickly after that. I was pregnant by Nov. 2012. My doctor recommended going straight to IVF due to my condition and chances of low fertilization and high arresting rate. My doctor was spot on!
We tried to get pregnant on our own after having DD thinking my hormones may have balanced. After 1.5 years, nothing. So we went back to an RE, did IVF and after a MC at 7w and an FET 2 months later I am now 22 weeks pregnant with my second.

The great thing about living in NY is that there are tons of REs that specialize in infertility. They are wonderful and have helped so many women with different conditions get pregnant.

Good Luck to you!!!!

Posted 8/3/16 11:48 AM

LIF Adult

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New here with lots of worries

All I can offer is hugs.

Posted 8/3/16 8:13 PM

So In Love!

Member since 8/11

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New here with lots of worries

Not the same scenario, but I found out a year after I was married and about to start trying that I had a HUGE fibroid blocking my ability to get pregnant. It was the size of a grapefruit by the time it was removed and the removal of it left scar tissue. It was a long road, 4 years filled with a major abdominal surgery (myomectomy), ovulation tests, IUIs, IVF, frozen transfers. I retreated from my friends, gained 45 lbs (between med treatments and stress) and just had a rough go of it. But the end result was a beautiful baby girl who is now 17 months old. It was a long road but I wouldn't trade a thing. It was entirely worth it. Hang in there and try to keep your outlook positive. It may be a tough road, but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hang in there and don't wait to long before seeking the advice of a good RE. Even if you don't start treatments right away, getting their advice puts you more at ease in the decisions you make. After my OB suggested the myomenctomy I went to an RE for his opinion and as he had the reputation of being an amazing surgeon as well as RE, he did the surgery. (Dr. Cohen, North Shore LIJ) I was much more comfortable knowing the person doing my surgery's goal was to get my pregnant, not to just remove the fibroid.

Good luck and try to relax, because its true what they say, stress makes it worse. Easier said then done, but try. In the meantime the infertility board was a really great resource for me and a place to vent.

Hopefully I won't see you there... we are trying naturally for #2 now, giving it two more months and then were going back to the RE.

Posted 8/23/16 10:01 PM

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