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LIF Infant

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Hi Ladies..I was diagnosed with the MTHFR C677T homozygous. Prior to be diagnosed, I had in 12/13, I an ectopic pregancy causing me to lose one tube. In 3/14, I miscarried at 4 weeks, in 7/14 I miscarried at 3 months. I spoke with my OBGYN and Hematologist and have been advised about going on Lovenox, baby asprin, and folic asprin prior to becoming pregnant. I would have to take it throughout my whole pregnancy including 6 weeks after the baby (hopefully) is born. I'm scared that we might do all this and there is no guarantees for a healthy pregnancy. Part of me wants to stop because I'm so scared. What have been other people's experience with Lovenox? Also, does it hurt? TIA!

Posted 9/17/14 12:47 PM
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I have the heterozygous version of it, my doctors thought nothing of it (had mc & chem last year) BUT my acupuncturist just added a methylnated version of the folate & vitamin b to my regimen (no aspirin, no lovenox) and the next month I got and stayed preggo.

That said, there are a number of girls on here who are doing what was recommended for you and doing very well, some recently delivered their babies! The way I see it, I would rather do it and say that I tried everything than not do it and know that if it happened again I could have done something about it.

Good luck!

Posted 9/17/14 12:54 PM


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Posted by jessnbrian

That said, there are a number of girls on here who are doing what was recommended for you and doing very well, some recently delivered their babies! The way I see it, I would rather do it and say that I tried everything than not do it and know that if it happened again I could have done something about it.

Good luck!

I have heterozygous A which is the most mild kind but after 3 losses last year I am seeing an aggressive specialist who wanted me on lovenox, especially since I have a medical condition that prevents me from taking baby aspirin. Like Jess said, I decided I would rather do it and say I tried everything than risk blaming myself if something went wrong. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and the lovenox is a pain but its a lot painful than a 4th loss.

Edit: I believe homozygous C is the most severe version and the least controversial when it comes to taking lovenox.

Message edited 9/17/2014 1:01:18 PM.

Posted 9/17/14 1:00 PM

LIF Zygote

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I have mthfr c677t and A1298c. We tried for years to get pregnant on our own, the tried with fertility, but would miscarry after each successful BPF. My advice is do a lot of research, get second opinions and decide what is best for you. I chose not to go on lovenox, I saw a hematologist and he said for me the risks outweighed the benefits. When I went back to my RE after more unsuccessful tries, she said she would send me to another hematologist who would most likely put me on lovenox. I decided to wait it out and try getting my enzymes in the healthy ranges.

When my RE found the MTHFR, she first called and told me that I had enzyme deficiencies. Low in all B, D, vitamins and Folic acid. She started me on high doses of these vitamins and nothing happened. My levels didn't change. Did research on MTHFR and learned that we can't break down synthetic forms of supplements so we need everything in active forms. I started a new supplement regimen in December. After a month had her test me and make sure all my levels were good. Jan did't work, Feb was a chemical that went into March, April was canceled due to a cyst, then May I got my BPF. I am still taking my supplements daily and also take a baby asprin.

Edited to say, if this didn't work then I would have gone to the second hematologist and taken lovenox. I was and am willing to try anything, I just wanted to try the supplements first since it was a less evasive approach.

Message edited 9/18/2014 8:00:12 PM.

Posted 9/18/14 7:57 PM

Gonna be a big sister

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I have mthfr and antiphospholipid ( blood clotting issue). I had two miscarriages between 9-10 weeks. The second time we saw the blood clot around baby. Both losses were before I was diagnosed
With my dd ( she is 22.5 months) and is pregnancy I am on lovenox ( from 5 weeks as soon as we see its not eptopic), extra folic acid, sublingual b12, once a month b12 shots, and baby aspirin

I am on baby aspirin for life and my b12 is constantly monitored. The others are on,y when pregnant

Posted 9/18/14 8:38 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 10/10

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I just had a healthy baby girl on September 2, whom I had at 40 weeks 2days. I was on lovenox my entire pregnancy due to MTHFR diagnosis and since I had a c-section ( 45 hours of labor and baby never dropped!!), I am on lovenox still for additional 6 weeks.

I had two miscarriages last year in March and in May of 2013 both early on . My doctor diagnosed me after blood testing with MTHFR and recommended me to an RE. THIS was the best thing that could of ever happened. The RE did additional testing and found out I had low progesterone. Next time I tried I did progesterone suppositiories, PIO injections, lovenox, baby asprin, and Metanex ( broken down Folic Acid). Yes, it is a lot, but I never wanted to go thru a miscarriage again. Can I say the lovenox prevented it? Not for sure, but it was an extra precautionary measure.

I was closely monitored during first 10 weeks at RE and then my regular OB sent me for a consult at a Maternal Fetal Specialist. I had a lot more sonograms then most and at the end I went every week from 34 weeks on for a biophysical profile. Also at 34 weeks I switched to Heparin which is twice a day ( if you go into labor you want it out of your system and lovenox is once every 24 hours, and you WANT that epidural).

There were no side effects for me for lovenox, just an added reassurance. The shots hurt at first and you will bruise but you get used to them quickly and find the area that works best for you!!! If you have any other questions feel free to message me. I have been where you are but at the end of it right now I am staring at my beautiful two week old baby girl!!

Message edited 9/19/2014 11:51:33 AM.

Posted 9/19/14 11:51 AM

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