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Being induced...

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One more?

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Being induced...

I'm being induced tomorrow night, and I'm freaking out! Then of course I start reading horror stories online etc... Anyone have experiences with being induced? Good or bad?

I've heard it hurts more bc of piotocin??
Risk of c section is higher?
Did ur DH stay the night you just had the cervidil?

I just don't know what to expect...

Posted 9/20/12 1:03 PM
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Re: Being induced...

i have no idea- im sorry. this is my 1st pregnancy but i just wanted to send you lots of luck and hugs!

Posted 9/20/12 1:19 PM

Full heart!

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Re: Being induced...

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I have several few friends who were induced...everyone's story is different! You'll do great!!!


I'm going to be finding out shortly if / when I'll be induced.

Posted 9/20/12 1:34 PM

Love being a Mom

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Re: Being induced...

Everyone's situation will be different. My sister was induced and she delivered her son vaginally after about 14 hours of labor. it was rough-intense contractions; baby's heart rate was dropping and she was minutes away from a C-section if she didn't get him out in those last few pushes.

I have other friends who were induced and ended up getting C-secions; and then some who had non eventful inductions as well. hopefully everything goes smoothly for you!

Lots of luck! And Congratuatlions!! You'll have your LO in your arms tomorrow!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 9/20/12 1:41 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Being induced...

If you do a search you'll get a lot of stories! Everyone's body handles the meds differently. I'm sure you'll be fine!

I was induced with DS except with cytotec. I didn't need pitocin and had a very uneventful induction. I was in labor for about 10 hours from start to finish.

Posted 9/20/12 1:49 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Being induced...

I haven't been on here much since having my daughter in July, but I had a successful induction! I was induced because I was in serious pain (back - herniated discs and sciatica) so I wasn't sleeping and could barely walk. I was three days overdue.

Overall it was not a bad experience. One doctor from my practice put the cervadil in the night before (she did not stay) and then my main doctor was there the entire next day for everything else.

Yes, the contractions came on hard and fast with the high doses of pitocin, but I had the epidural early (they knew I was in favor of one and called for it for me when they saw how bad the contractions were). Early in the day my progress was slow but then I suddenly went from 6cm to 9.5 in less than an hour. Ultimately I delivered about 12 hours from when the pitocin started. I did not need a c-section but I did tear and need an episiotomy. Some say that is because of the induction/how I suddenly progressed, but I have no idea.

I had some bleeding complications but they were specific to me, not the induction process.

Good luck!

Posted 9/20/12 2:21 PM

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Re: Being induced...

Good luck!! Everyone's story is so different. I recommend seeing if they let you get up and move a bit. Obviously you can't go far since you need the monitors but just changing positions even if right by the bed helped me a ton!

Posted 9/20/12 2:47 PM

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Re: Being induced...

Posted by Samira0407

Lots of luck! And Congratuatlions!! You'll have your LO in your arms tomorrow!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Exactly this! No matter what type of delivery you're facing, every one is different an no one can tell you exactly what to expect. But, it will all be worth it in the end! You'll be just fine! Chat Icon

Posted 9/20/12 2:47 PM

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Jake's Mama

Re: Being induced...

Regarding it hurting more, I have no idea since I have only had 1 child. Plus once you start dialating I think they scale back the pitocin but in my case that never happened because I would not dialate. I had a c section but I think it had to do with how big DS was he was HUGE!

Posted 9/20/12 2:49 PM

♥ Lucas and Layla

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Re: Being induced...

I was induced. I went to the hospital at 7am. The meds were started. Dh and I watched tv and was posting on Facebook. By the time the contractions really started to hurt I got an epidural. I got a little nauseas from that but overall fine. When it was time to push, I pushed for like 10 mins and out came my son. (almost 8pm) I had a great experience. No issues whatsoever.

Posted 9/20/12 4:09 PM

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Re: Being induced...

Posted by npbride

If you do a search you'll get a lot of stories! Everyone's body handles the meds differently. I'm sure you'll be fine!

I was induced with DS except with cytotec. I didn't need pitocin and had a very uneventful induction. I was in labor for about 10 hours from start to finish.

Same here. Induced with cytotec. 12 hours start to finish. It was a smooth delivery . I'd do it again for my 2nd if I could.

Posted 9/20/12 4:25 PM

Love my 4 kiddos!

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Re: Being induced...

I've been induced 3 times, 2 with cervadil and pitocin and one with just pitocin.

From my experience, the cervadil gave me back labor, which was not good for me, but as soon as they stopped the cervadil it subsided.

The pitocin brings on stronger contractions than regular labor, but keet mine coming and regular.

All were vaginal deliveries and had no complications.

Good Luck!

Posted 9/20/12 4:38 PM

Party of 5 - 2015

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Being induced...

dh stayed the night I Had the cervadil, it hurt to be put in......
pictocin was iv- wasn't a problem.

Posted 9/20/12 5:10 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: Being induced...

I was induced with DD #1 because my water broke, but my labor was progressing. Got to the hospital at around 8am. Was given something similar to cervadil, which did nothing. Pitocin was started at 2pm and baby was born with no complications just before 10pm. The contractions were super painful before I got the epidural, but they were coming very fast so I wasn't getting a break in between them. Once I got the epi all was good.
Baby was born in less than an hour of pushing.
Overall it was a very good experience and it looks like I might be induced again with this pregnancy.
good luck!

Posted 9/20/12 8:39 PM

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Being induced...

I was induced 2 weeks ago at 2 days past 40 weeks because I was super uncomfortable and baby hadn't grown much since my 38 week appt. We went in at 11am on Thursday 9/6 and the cervadil was inserted at 1:50pm, it was a little uncomfortable when they were inserting it since they have to get it right by the cervix for the medicine to be able to ripen it but nothing worse than an internal. The contractions started with just the cervadil but nothing I couldn't just breathe through, I think I was going to start going on my own since the cervadil started giving me contractions right away. The cervadil stayed in for 12 hours and after that they broke my water then the contractions started getting kind of intense so I asked for the epidural and was able to get some sleep, DH stayed with me. I got to about 4 cm and then stalled so they gave me a little bit of pitocin and told me if I didn't progress in a couple hours they were going to have to think about doing a C section. I could feel the contractions picking up and alot of pressure so with each contraction I pushed a little and when they came into check me I was at 6cm. I progressed pretty quick from there and he was born at 2:08pm on Friday almost 24 hours exactly from when the cervadil was put in. I only tore very minimally and have had the best recovery so far. I was up and about that night and ready to get out of the hospital Saturday but they wouldn't let me go. I have had very minimal bleeding and feel completely back to normal, cooking, cleaning and running around. So I would say my induction was successful. When I was in the moment I felt like it was taking forever but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Sorry so long just wanted to give u all the info I remember.

Edited to Add: when I went in the morning of induction before the cervadil was placed my cervix was still think and I was not even 1cm dilated

Message edited 9/21/2012 9:36:24 AM.

Posted 9/21/12 9:32 AM

i got a mama's boy!!

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Re: Being induced...

crashing. I was induced nearly 9 weeksago. It wasntnearly asbad as ithought either. I went in on the sunday before i delivered. I was 4cm on my own, and contracting on my own. They decided instead of cervidil to give me pitocin. I slept through most of it. Once pain became bad overnight, i was given the epidural. The following morning, they broke my water, and again i slept through most of it. By 3or 4 in the afternoon, i was 10 cm, and was being advised to start pushing- i waited till 5 and change. he was born vaginally at 7 12 pm. My husband stayed with me the entire time. Only time he left was for teh epidural and to eat. He felt bad becausei couldnt and had to leave teh area to get the food. He mad a few phone calls. I had the tv and the nurses wereextremely nice. the only negative about teh whole thing was stayingin bed teh entire time. My hospital doesnt have mobile monitors. If you have quesions feel fre to FM me with questions even if tehy are tonight- i check my email frequently and these pop up. good luck adn just think.. in the next 24-48 hours your beautiful little one will be here and in your arms..

Posted 9/21/12 9:34 AM

LIF Toddler

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Re: Being induced...

Good luck today. I have heard all stories but a good one is that of my friend who was induced yesterday at 7:30am, had her epidural at 9:45am, was fully dilated at 10:30am and had her baby at 11:00am. Things can go fast or they can go slow, everyone is different. Good luck!!!

Posted 9/21/12 10:43 AM


Member since 10/06

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Re: Being induced...

I was induced 3 times. All 3 were successful inductions.
#1 was cervidel then pitocin. I'm not going to lie. That labor and delivery sucked but my ds didn't turn and my epi failed. I dd not need a section so at least it was successful. Dh did not stay the night.
#2 was easy until transition with the help of an epi. I Had some bad pressure at the end but nothing like #1.
#3 was almost a bed birth lol thanks to a very potent epi lol My ob missed the delivery and I literally almost laughed the baby out. I'm a nervous laugher and the resident was yelling at my to stop laughing. Each time I laughed the baby came out more and they weren't ready to deliver him yet.

The contractions are very intense with little to no time between them to recover. I don't think I could do it natural. I made it to 4cm without an epi. Good luck Chat Icon

Posted 9/21/12 11:12 AM

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