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Who will be in delivery room?

Forum Opinion Poll
Just DH/SO 134 80.24%
Just DH/SO and Mom and or Dad 27 16.17%
My immediate family 2 1.20%
Whoever wants to be 1 0.60%
Just me 1 0.60%
Other 2 1.20%

Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

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LIF Adult

Member since 4/09

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Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

Posted by annoyedTTCer

Posted by Tilde

Just DH, I don't want anyone else in the hospital at all until we call them to tell them the baby is born.


Me too.

Posted 1/25/10 7:06 PM

Mommy of an angel

Member since 10/09

5911 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I'm still up in the air about having my mom in the room with DH and I.....on one hand, she would be such a comfort to me and I know she would love to share in the experience, but on the other hand, I feel like it's a very personal and private experience for DH and I...

Posted 1/25/10 7:14 PM

2 Boys

Member since 7/06

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Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I wanted just DH but, the Dr. gave me an estimate around noon that the baby would arrive between 5-6pm. DH texted my parents.

At 5pm, the nurse told me she felt it looked more like 9pm - my parents never answered the text and just made their way to the hospital (it was over an hour away) so they showed up around 7pm in the delivery room. I was miserable at that point so I asked them to leave around 8pm and Chat Icon was born at 9:10pm.

Posted 1/25/10 7:43 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 11/08

808 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I'm going to have both my DH and my mother in the room. If it's a long labor I want to give my DH a break...and my mom always is able to calm me down if I get panicked or anything. Plus my mom and DH have an amazing he kind of wants her there too. So...I will def have both of them there. Everyone else will have to wait in the waiting room.

Message edited 1/25/2010 7:47:42 PM.

Posted 1/25/10 7:46 PM

2 boys 2 girls!!!!

Member since 7/08

3324 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

It will only be DH.

I HATED that my MIL came in when I was in labor ((not delivering)), and too friggen pictures of me in pain, that she proceeds to put up on myspace and facebook .. Then DH's grandparents pushed my brothers and family out of the way to see Michael.

This time my mom and dad will know I'm in labor because they have to watch DS, but NOBODY else will know whats going on until I'm good and ready for them lol.

Posted 1/25/10 7:55 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 12/07

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Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I only wish I had known the first time around what I know now!!!! I had my DH and my mom with me, but my mom is a maternity nurse, so that was a total given. No problem with that.
Meanwhile, my overbearing MIL insisted on waiting the entire time in the waiting room so that she could try to get us to invite her in the labor room, that was not happening (I was in for 24 hours before I had a c-sec.) Not only was that extremely annoying having someone calling on the cell phone every ten minutes, she also had the entire family sitting in there with her just chomping at the bit. The worst of it all was that when I was wheeled out of recovery to come meet my son for the first time, they were ALL waiting in the hallway and all I wanted was special time alone with the baby and my DH. It still upsets me to this day. Do yourself a favor, if you desire that time alone to meet your baby with your DH, plan for it.. I still regret not holding off saying that I was in labor because I barely held my son for a second before my in laws were passing him around the room Chat Icon

Posted 1/25/10 9:25 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 7/07

531 total posts

Beccas mommy

Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I would love to have my mom and DH but im having a C-section so just my DH will be in there. waaaah... i want my mommy!!Chat Icon

Posted 1/25/10 9:51 PM

Just chillin'!!

Member since 1/06

9690 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

For DD I had my DH and Mom in the room. I absolutely loved having my mom there, and would do it again in a sec! However, they will be watching DD, so we are debating inviting my MIL.

Posted 1/25/10 9:57 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 11/08

124 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

This is an interesting question b/c I am pretty sure I want only DH and maybe my mom.

My best friend wants to be there, and she is the type who will have me, her hubby, her mom and God knows how many others in the room with her. I think she's a little offended that I don't feel the same way. Course, it also doesn't help that she and my SIL don't get along, and my SIL will be there since she works there!

Like, she also wants me coming to all doctor's appts with her, and when I had my appts and only had DH there (and my SIL), I don't think she totally
"got it."

Ah well. To each her own!

Posted 1/25/10 10:16 PM

3 GIRLS!!!!

Member since 8/09

3184 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

Posted by jerseychick

Posted by annoyedTTCer

Posted by Tilde

Just DH, I don't want anyone else in the hospital at all until we call them to tell them the baby is born.


Me too.

same for us!

Posted 1/25/10 10:28 PM

Love my two kiddos :)

Member since 8/06

7178 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

just DH for my labor and when I mom and stepdad did visit me while I was in labor at one point and then hung out in the waiting room till DS was born, which was fine. Originally my mom wanted to be there for the birth and I had to ask her nicely to just let it be me and DH (i think she was a little hurt at first) and then she spoke to other people who told her the same thing so she was fine with it. This time around she will most likely be watching my DS, so it will def just be me and DH

Posted 1/25/10 10:30 PM


Member since 12/05

10281 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I wouldn't mind my mom in the room with us, I think it would be nice since its her last Grandchild (of 11) and she hasn't been in a delivery room for any of them. But as of now, just DH will be in the L&D. Im actually not sure SBH allows anyone but SO.

Posted 1/25/10 10:34 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 6/09

771 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I know stony brook only allows 2 people with you in the labor/delivery room. They said that they can't interchange either. But, either way it will only be me and DH, unless he passes out then i will have my mom come in Chat Icon
I would have her in there anyway, but DH wants it to just be us Chat Icon

Posted 1/26/10 4:36 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 10/09

1443 total posts


Re: Just curious, in delivery room.... (w/poll)

I already thought about his, but haven't even mentioned it to DH yet. I definitely know DH will be with me, but I'm also thinking maybe my mom and MIL, but just during the labor part. I'm torn, I wouldn't really mind if they both stayed for the whole thing, but as for my dad and FIL, and sisters and SIL, they MUST remain in the waiting room until we've had our "bonding time", then they are most welcome!

Posted 1/26/10 2:25 PM
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