sorry if this was asked before.

Hubby got his DD214 and he has actually got enough days to meet the criteria! Chat Icon Chat Icon We were both so amazed. He is also learning all the stuff/benefits he gets for serving such a small period of time but he qualifies as he did it during the 1st Gulf War.

So... we have sent off or our certificate of eligibility.

I have NOT spoken to a bank yet.

What's my next steps. I hope to be on contract by April of course to hit the tax credit deadline.

The builder made a really stupid comment to me that was pure salesman on the day after my baby had surgery and was nothing near her regular self and so I was stressed.

Good thing is it pushed me to get off my butt and call a Realtor and MAN was I amazed at how many pre-owned homes in my neighborhood I can get for less money and more space/options/features/better schools. I have a choice from 26 that I narrowed down to about 10 and then 3 that are my tops.

Lastly if this all works out ... I may have to break my lease in this hell hole apt. Is it really the end of the world if I do that AFTER i close on a house?