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Nikolas Anthony

Username: FeliciaDP
Last Update: 10/11/07
Photo(s): 128
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Our angel
Happy Birthday Nico!!!
Posted by Ang-Rich 10/11/07 9:24AM
I LOVE every single picture of Niko. He is such a happy boy!!!!! Happy Birthday Niko!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Posted by Sweets13 10/11/07 8:42AM
What a looker!!!!! Cant believe he is turning 1, went so fast!!!!
Posted by boosh1002 9/16/07 8:42AM
Wondering when the updated pics were coming! He so stinkin CUTE!! Getting so big! Luv him Flee! :o)
Posted by Smileyd17 9/15/07 11:08AM
I love the pictures of Niko & Tigger!!! I know he loves ours better though :-) and he can come play with it with Victoria any time he wants! mmmmwwwwuuuuaaaahhhh!
Posted by dooodles 8/26/07 12:09PM
Ohh I love my future son in law....he is so handsome
Posted by Moehick 8/16/07 9:12PM
Niko is such a cutie...that face is gorgeous! And I love those cheeks!!!
Posted by Ang-Rich 8/15/07 3:06PM
He is just absolutely ADORABLE! That face!
Posted by anonttcer 8/15/07 12:59PM
Love him!!! Such a beautiful boy!!!
Posted by Smileyd17 8/15/07 12:41PM
I don't know, I think this kid is a METS fan, mainly due to what that blue does to his eyes! GORGEOUS!!
Posted by Janice 6/29/07 11:35PM
Can't stop falling in love with that smile :-)
Posted by dooodles 6/22/07 2:06PM
Im loving the Mets pictures!!
Posted by boosh1002 6/21/07 1:17PM
He is truly a beautiful baby! Love him! :o)
Posted by Smileyd17 6/19/07 7:27PM
What a wonderful wife you are to put Niko in the Met's outfits for Daddy :-) I bet Ant LOVED it! And do we need to send a Yankees hat for Mommy's pics?
Posted by dooodles 6/19/07 1:17PM
Felicia, he is so adorable...I love that smile!!!!!
Posted by SweetCin 4/22/07 8:11PM
hes sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee flee his eyes are so blueeeeeeee
Posted by CowgirlChick97 4/21/07 6:49PM
Super Smiley and too damn cute...LOVE HIM:)
Posted by Moehick 4/21/07 11:30AM
Oh Felicia...Niko is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
Posted by AndreaLMT 4/21/07 11:23AM
I don't know if its because we were pregnant together, but I feel like I really know Niko! Or this kid's personality really shines through in his pics! Its really amazing to see him with each update. You can tell you are doing an amazing job.
Posted by Janice 4/1/07 9:40PM
He is a total cutie!!!!
Posted by Smileyd17 2/28/07 4:36PM
niko is adorable!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sweets13 2/28/07 11:52AM
OMG! Niko and Animal pics are the funniest! I agree with Janice you have to post more of that adorable little guy, stop hogging him!:)
Posted by Moehick 2/27/07 6:45PM
He gets cutier every day!! We need more christening pictures!!!
Posted by boosh1002 2/27/07 3:08PM
love the tummy time pics! please work harder on updating these, or I am going to call you out on the board! lol.. he is beautiful
Posted by Janice 2/25/07 8:15AM
Felicia he is just gorgeous! I cannot believe how fast times goes, 3 months!!! He's so handsome.:)
Posted by Spring Baby06 1/30/07 7:54PM
That one of him passed out sleeping is just priceless!
Posted by anonttcer 1/15/07 3:48PM
His smile is precious! I can't wait till he and the Animal can meet up and drool all over each other:)
Posted by Moehick 12/22/06 9:31AM
Oh my goodness!!! Niko isis GORGEOUS.. TO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his perfect round head and those cheeks!!! xoxoxo
Posted by Sweets13 12/18/06 6:09PM
I want to pinch those cheeks!!!! Niko is beautiful!!!!
Posted by boosh1002 12/18/06 1:50PM
omg i love his xmas pics, seriously ur son is just the cutest thing ever!!!!
Posted by Michi 12/14/06 8:29PM
Oh Flee, the pic of you and Niko is so precious!!! I love the way he poses for the pics!!
Posted by boosh1002 11/23/06 12:40PM
Aww he is so cute he is getting so big
Posted by Briannasmommy 11/22/06 1:09PM
love him!!!!
Posted by Michi 11/14/06 10:37AM
Love my little Niko.( Ok, Ok, YOUR little Niko) .....Cant wait to meet you!
Posted by dm24angel 11/11/06 2:13PM
Niko, You look so cute in your little moo cow costume! The tail is so funny!! I love you! Can't wait to meet you! Aunt Miki!
Posted by mrswask 10/30/06 8:00PM
Alright enough is enough!! When are you going to share this little munchin with the aunties???!!! He truly is beautiful, I think he looks like you!!
Posted by boosh1002 10/30/06 7:01PM
Oh My God....he is so alert in so many of the pictures! What a handsome little guy. I can't wait till Kerri gets to meet him because she can't stop drooling over his pictures (literally)!:)
Posted by Moehick 10/30/06 1:14PM
Nikolas is too damn cute and Momma looks fabulous!
Posted by WoodIAm 10/26/06 11:49PM
Your son is so precious Felicia. Congratulations! -Marcela
Posted by pnm1654 10/26/06 1:23PM
absolutely perfect! he is adorable
Posted by Janice 10/25/06 7:19PM
He's beautiful! I love the pictures of him in his little towel! Congratulations!
Posted by CookiePuss 10/25/06 4:47PM
What a gorgeous BOY!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness....he is perfect!!! Lots of love to you and your family!!! xoxoxo
Posted by Sweets13 10/25/06 9:06AM
He is Beautiful!! Congrats!
Posted by Smileyd17 10/24/06 3:11PM
Love the new pics!! That little rookie outfit looks familar!! (wink wink) Cant wait to meet you!!! Auntie Christine
Posted by boosh1002 10/22/06 1:43PM
omg! he is so cute!!! I love the pics! He already has the best little outfits!!!
Posted by Myrockette 10/21/06 10:03PM
I love the little baseball shoes. He's adorable Felicia!
Posted by Spring Baby06 10/21/06 8:08PM
Niko - Aunt Miki loves you! I can't wait to meet you!!! XOXO
Posted by mrswask 10/21/06 1:02PM
I HEART HIM! Big KISSED to Niko Love Auntie Juney
Posted by june262004 10/21/06 12:34PM
What a handsome little angel he is! I'm loving him sitting in his boppy. Congratulations!
Posted by Wendy1220 10/21/06 9:54AM
So gorgeous!!
Posted by Faithx2 10/21/06 8:23AM
Flee...Animal loves her little Greek Salad....he is so yummy looking. I Heart Him:)
Posted by Moehick 10/19/06 10:36PM
What a handsome lil' man! Its been such a pleasure going through my whole pregnancy with you! The other girls and I were very fortunate to have some as sweet and supportive as you! cant wait to see you on the other side (parenting). Paulette
Posted by PrincessP 10/19/06 7:39PM
aww he is so cute
Posted by Briannasmommy 10/17/06 9:58PM
OMG, what a cutie!!! Still trying to figure who he looks like!! Love Aunt Christine
Posted by boosh1002 10/17/06 9:00PM
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