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Sienna Hayley 3/1/10 <3

Username: munchkinfacemama
Last Update: 1/26/11
Photo(s): 142
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She is an absolutely beautiful child !
Posted by MrsA1012 1/1/11 7:03PM
She is SOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!! She seriously looks like a baby doll!!
Posted by PennyCat 8/29/10 11:12PM
oh michelle.. she is just so adorable.. love the new pics! i want to see her !!
Posted by MetsGirl07 3/23/10 1:48PM
She's such a peanut! Too cute!
Posted by NervousNell 3/22/10 9:56AM
I know I comment all the time but she is just so cute!
Posted by MrsNicolaxoxo 3/21/10 9:37PM
THe most precious little peanut!
Posted by MrsNicolaxoxo 3/16/10 9:10PM
I love that one of you kissing her little feet!!!!
Posted by Diana712 3/14/10 10:44PM
She is just so precious.. You did it!!! I am so happy for you
Posted by Diana712 3/4/10 7:22AM
congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is gorgeous!!!
Posted by Sunday 3/3/10 11:31PM
She is adorable!! Congrats!
Posted by CMM518 3/3/10 9:09AM
OMG! So cute! God bless her.
Posted by MaMaTeenie 3/2/10 2:05PM
Michelle, I love her! She is just so beautiful and I think she already looks so much like you. I am so happy for you Mama. Enjoy loving her.
Posted by Deedlebugs 3/1/10 10:34PM
Congrat's Michelle! All the best always xo
Posted by TheBigShowsWife 3/1/10 7:45PM! She is so so so beautiful and you looked so adorable before giving birth and wonderful after as well. I can't wait to watch beautiful Sienna grow. I am truly so happy for you...xoxoxoxo
Posted by MrsNicolaxoxo 3/1/10 7:06PM
omg congrats girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CoutureMaMa 3/1/10 5:00PM
Congrats!! she's beautiful and that pic of her looking up at you brought tears to my eyes!
Posted by shiv 3/1/10 3:39PM
congrats! SHES ADORABLE!
Posted by Maybe-A-Baby10 3/1/10 2:52PM
she is so adorable! i love her and want to squeeze her .. so precious mich!
Posted by MetsGirl07 3/1/10 2:34PM
awwww CONGRATS!!! She's beautiful, just like her Mommy. :) Mazel tov!!!
Posted by Shorty 3/1/10 2:33PM
Hey she's John's girlfriend Hayley!!! LOL.. She's gorgeous Mama!!!
Posted by Linda1003 3/1/10 2:30PM
OMG I LOVE HER! Wait until Loey sees his new girlfriend!!!! She is so beautiful! Congrats mommy!!!
Posted by maybeamommy 3/1/10 2:05PM
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