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My pregnancy

Username: MrsPornStar
Last Update: 10/7/08
Photo(s): 67
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2/18/08- In shock!!
You LOOK great HOLLIE!
Posted by Smileyd17 10/8/08 12:51PM
What a cutie!!! He is already causing chaos inside the womb!!!!
Posted by Kissy331 8/27/08 7:26AM
Girl, you look great!!! :)
Posted by Smileyd17 8/21/08 9:16AM
you look fantastic!!!! Your belly is so cute!
Posted by Kissy331 8/21/08 6:53AM
You look so adorable Hollie!
Posted by J9-13 8/7/08 11:18AM
You look beautiful.. You're glowing, perfect belly.
Posted by MeeshkaMich 8/7/08 9:58AM
Very cute baby!!!! You are carryin so well =)
Posted by Kissy331 7/11/08 6:55AM
you look so cute in your new pics!
Posted by CaseyGirl 6/8/08 12:38PM
holly you look adorable
Posted by autumn 6/6/08 3:22PM
U look great i think u are having a boy
Posted by Briannasmommy 6/3/08 8:37AM
OMG look at his or her head!!! Your little one is growing fast!!
Posted by beautyq115 5/6/08 10:09PM
OMG I missed the announcement - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Does this mean you got preggo around the time of TWOTY? You're going to be a great mom!
Posted by LoveyQ 4/17/08 10:57AM
Isn't amazing how developed they are at 11 weeks? That sono pic is just absolutely happy you're doing well my dear! xoxoxoxo
Posted by MST9106 4/15/08 11:35AM
You are FAR from HUGE!!! Your Sola is so cute though!!! I love the front shot!!
Posted by Kissy331 4/15/08 7:12AM
You are NOT huge, Miss!!
Posted by DirtyBlonde 4/12/08 12:33PM
I'm so happy for you Hollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you are not huge, your are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! And the bean is so cute
Posted by BrookeD 4/4/08 4:06PM
Congrats to you!
Posted by Lanabean 4/4/08 11:18AM
Happiness! I'm going to check this weekly!!
Posted by DirtyBlonde 4/3/08 10:46PM
To the best DOC ever CONGRATS!!!!! Hollie I wish you and your husband Jon a happy and healthy 9 months!!! You will make a wonderful mom and btw your NOT huge lol.
Posted by kns10-20 4/3/08 4:54PM
OMG Congrats, I am so happy for you!!!
Posted by Deedlebugs 4/3/08 3:53PM
OMG,OMG!!! Congrats!! I'm soooo happy for you guys!
Posted by J9-13 4/3/08 3:18PM
WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! OMG...first Leslie and then you...I think I am going to explode with JOY!!! Congrats! :)
Posted by beautyq115 4/3/08 2:35PM
Thank God you finally revealed the news! I couldn't keep the secret any longer!!!!!! I see little Baby P*rnStar...adorable! God Bless booba!!
Posted by MrsMerlot 4/3/08 12:20PM
what a cute little bean!!! I am so happy for John & you!!!!!
Posted by Kissy331 4/3/08 12:12PM
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