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Nina Grace 2/22/08

Username: Deedlebugs
Last Update: 1/2/11
Photo(s): 168
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Christmas 2010
She is just the cutest!
Posted by Smileyd17 1/11/10 9:18AM
Nina is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!!!! :)
Posted by SweetestOfPeas 11/9/08 10:13AM
Is she sleeping like that in the walker? OMG how cute! She is too funny!
Posted by J9-13 11/5/08 6:05PM
she is SOO pretty...i love the bows! what a little pumpkin!!!!!
Posted by MrsPorkChop 9/26/08 3:31PM
your daughter is the cutest little thing! she is so beautiful
Posted by Wishin4ABaby2 9/1/08 11:15AM
OMG Nina's new pics are PERFECT!! Look at that huge smile in every one!! She is beautiful and I love how you dress her. :)
Posted by eroxgirl 8/25/08 2:46PM
I love looking at your pictures of her. She is so freakin adorable!! I love the expressions on her face. What a cutie!
Posted by anonttcer 8/21/08 11:46AM
She is so adorable!! Where do you get those beautiful bows? I love them
Posted by jodi714 8/2/08 4:45PM
she is so adorable! and you look wonderful!
Posted by MrsPorkChop 7/21/08 2:26PM
Love the swing pics, she's precious!
Posted by SweetCin 7/7/08 1:29PM
She is just adorable! I think she looks a lot like her daddy in these pictures!
Posted by anonttcer 6/11/08 9:48AM
She is all you!!! Beautiful!
Posted by MeeshkaMich 4/22/08 3:23PM
you look so happy and the baby is precious...wishing you guys the best!
Posted by Lanabean 4/14/08 2:50PM
Loving new Nina pics and you look amazing!
Posted by Rycois 3/18/08 12:59PM
She's beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!
Posted by MeeshkaMich 3/18/08 10:30AM
I love my little girl!
Posted by tommy2 3/15/08 4:56AM
the first pics she looked p. O. she is simply adorable congrats again.
Posted by autumn 3/9/08 12:15AM
ahaha she is PO'd at the flash!
Posted by Deedlebugs 3/4/08 6:16PM
Love her squished up face in that last one - she looks like she's PO'd or pooping LOL!
Posted by Rycois 3/4/08 5:51PM
Great pictures! Congratulations! She is precious!
Posted by MST9106 2/28/08 1:12PM
Awwww...she is beautiful! The picture of you holding her is priceless. Congrats and much luck, love and health!!!!
Posted by J9-13 2/28/08 8:36AM
OMIGOSH! she's beautiful! your pics made me tear up!! Congratulations!
Posted by Tonia 2/25/08 4:28PM
Shes SOOOOO dainty and adorable!!!!! Lots of love to your family!!!!
Posted by conigs25 2/25/08 4:25PM
The car seat pictures are the best! She is stunning! Just perfect! Congrats!
Posted by anonttcer 2/25/08 4:02PM
She is SO precious!! Congrats to you all. I hope Mommy and Nina are doing well (and Daddy too!).
Posted by chelle 2/25/08 1:35PM
Congrats, she is beautiful.
Posted by debsey75 2/25/08 9:23AM
She is precious!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by sunflowerjesss 2/25/08 7:48AM
Congrats..She is beautiful!!
Posted by Smileyd17 2/24/08 9:47PM
What an angel - and I def. teared up looking at your expression! Congrats!!
Posted by Rycois 2/24/08 9:02PM
OMG...she is so beautiful. You birth pictures brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations:)
Posted by Lolitababy 2/24/08 8:02PM
Congratulations!!!! I have tears she is so beautiful!! Can't wait to hear all the newborn stories now! Congrats again, enjoy!
Posted by SupportACop 2/24/08 6:57PM
Awwwwwww................SO, SO cute!!!!
Posted by Hofstra26 2/24/08 6:39PM
Yeah yeah yeah!!!! I am so happy for you!!! I have been waiting for these pics of your princess :)
Posted by beautyq115 2/24/08 5:55PM
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