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Random Roman

Username: MrsBumbleb
Last Update: 2/8/11
Photo(s): 271
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my little bundle of joy
OMG...he's adorable...and your captions made me LOL!!!
Posted by MsSissy 5/31/07 1:42PM
hes absolutely adorable. i cant take it!!!!
Posted by MrsPorkChop 4/18/07 1:18PM
He is just too cute. I enjoyed viewing the Adventures of Roman! Oh, and if anything happens between him and Sydney, I have a girl for
Posted by Tah-wee-ZAH 11/22/06 10:22PM
What a cutie, OMG just put a smile on my face, how cute.
Posted by JennZ 11/12/06 10:55AM
omg adorable I love the ones with the tie precious!!!
Posted by mosa77 9/6/06 11:34PM
Your son is so adorable!!!!!! Such a cutie!!!!
Posted by 2PreciousBlessings 8/24/06 8:51PM
You have great pictures, and I love the captions :) Roman is adorable.
Posted by Shroggie 7/23/06 9:30AM
OH MY GOD soooo cute - i LOOOOVE the preppy outfit at the end with the nautical tie!!!!!!!!!...he is PRECIOUS!!!!!!
Posted by MrsPorkChop 7/12/06 1:19PM
Thanks for the smiles! Now I'm sad because of the miles between us. Roman looks wonderful, good job mama. My favorite pic. "Born in America not made here"! Your a trip Chris. Miss you and love you all. Susie
Posted by mtndew 7/6/06 12:14AM
Roman is just tooooo cute! Love him in his little swimsuit with his sweet little girlyfriend Sydney. They look adorable together! Granma Lucille
Posted by MrsBumbleb 7/5/06 2:08PM
I can't believe how big he has gotten!! Great job on the cupcakes!
Posted by nrthshgrl 7/2/06 11:12PM
OMG- I love these pics... and some of your captions are too funny!
Posted by 05mommy09 7/2/06 9:13PM
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pictures! Can't wait to see Roman again in person. love Erica
Posted by pugmama 6/13/06 3:38PM
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