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Re: Outraged!

Posted by w8andsee

Posted by RainyDay

Posted by w8andsee

Posted by CookiePuss

Posted by w8andsee

Posted by CookiePuss

Funny how many men are coming forward and claiming sexual assault from priest and such and there none of the amount of push back that Ford is getting.

I really don't think you can compare the two. They are completely different.

What is different about the 2? They are both sexual assaults on children .

Well in the case of Christine Ford, she was 15 years old and Kavanaugh was 17. She's accusing him of pushing her into a bedroom and groping her , he tried rip off her clothes and covered her mouth. She managed to run out of the room and hide, then escaped the party.

In the sexual assault cases with priests, the priest is an adult 30 - 60 years old, the child is 5 - 12 years old. The priest is performing sex acts on the child or having the child perform sex acts on him for years.

You cannot compare the 2 assaults. One is attempted rape and the other is years of sexual abuse.

What does her age have to do with anything? Sexual assault is sexual assault. So because the men were assaulted over years they should be believed more than her because it was a one time deal?

I didn't say she shouldn't be believed and I do believe her. I just said you can't compare her assault to the assault children have endured for years from priests because the severity of the crimes in my opinion are not equal.

I think the main difference is the number of times that the priests assualted the same victim over and over. Clearly if given the choice you would rather be sexually assaulted once than sexually assaulted over and over and over again. And obviously if you could you would choose to never be sexually assualted at all but we are only comparing these two circumstances. But this is completely off topic.

Posted 9/20/18 8:46 PM
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Re: Outraged!

Posted by NervousNell

Posted by chilltocam

Posted by NervousNell

I am not speaking politically either.
I haven't even kept up with this particular story.

But you can look at it another way as well. Why do people automatically believe a woman over a man?
If I were a man right now, I'd be nervous that some woman that didn't like me, that I had words with, that maybe I dated and broke up with, that I rubbed the wrong way, whatever, would say I did something to her and everyone would just believe it with no proof.

So it can go both ways.

I feel every accusation must be investigated. Absolutely. Nobody should be dismissed.

but I also believe innocent until proven guilty

Not disagreeing , but so many are so quick to automatically disbelieve the woman. And given the scrutiny they face, I find it hard to believe many women would put themselves through that just for the hell of it.

No I agree with you. Both parties should be taken seriously and all accusations looked at.
I just don't automatically believe someone because they are a woman. But I don't automatically not believe them either.

I agree. I don't see why you should automatically believe the woman - or, automatically NOT believe her. For me it should be treated like other crimes - investigate, ask questions, evaluate evidence, try to determine the facts. If her story is found to be credible, then he should fry. Unfortunately, assuming her story is true, her waiting 30 years to make an accusation does not make any of that easy and some people are going to think the timing is suspect for political reasons. That's just the nature of our society in 2018.

As a mother of both a daughter and son, all of this terrifies me.

Posted 9/20/18 9:21 PM

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Re: Outraged!

Posted by w8andsee
You cannot compare the 2 assaults. One is attempted rape and the other is years of sexual abuse.

I think they are quite similar in that the victim remained quiet for fear of retribution or just pure guilt.

Posted 9/20/18 9:33 PM
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