After 7 years! Chat Icon. Had 2 mc before my 2 boys who are now 6 abd 7 yrs old. Got divorced, living with my fiance,my ex husband and I are great friends, he's remarried, moving a mile away from me my fiancee and the boys.

With my boys I was going to rs of ny, did clomid, iuis, lovenox asa.
Naturally got preg by accident 2 years ago wth my fiance (bf at the time) but mc around 6 weeks. Got engaged a few months later and we started trying again 6 months later. Got preg again, mc again , chemical that time.
Tried going to rs again but I don't have if coverage, so my reg ob gave me clomid.tried for 6 months - nothing. Gave up bc I'm almost 40, have several mc and honestly I felt at a good place in life. Wanted to maybe try after the summer.
Got a bfp at 10dpo, why I tested so early I can't really answer, I dont know. I felt different so I bought a dollar store test.
Got beta done at 12dpo and it was a 29.
Beta at 15dpo and it's a 83.
Prog is 13.5
Very excited to be joining this board again.