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Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

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LIF Adolescent

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

Posted by aliwnec10

my son has done a few sleepovers, but only with cousins and his 1 good friend (we're neighbors and good friends with the parents).

But i'm done with sleepovers. I hate them. They're up too late and with my nephew, he wakes up at 5:30am (he's 8) and the next day my son is totally wiped out. He's in the 2nd grade and is 7 1/2 but he still needs a lot of sleep.

So unless we have to... no sleepovers for my son.

Not a fan. So we're holding off for a while.

As for a sleepover with a family we don't know... NO WAY!

Agree. We have had sleep overs with cousins and they are up at 5 Am. It's not worth it, we don't do sleepovers anymore. They haven't ( and won't) be sleeping at friends house, especially if we don't know them!!!

Posted 2/15/16 9:17 AM


Member since 5/05

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

My kids have had sleepovers as young as nursery school (4 yo). In fact, my one son (7) is going to his buddy's house tonight for a sleepover with a couple friends and I'm taking their daughter (6/kindergarten) back with me so she can have a sleepover with my son (5/kindergarten). We're friendly with the family and our kids have known each since they were 2.

And just because it's a sleepover, that doesn't mean all our house rules go out the window. I still expect them in bed by 9pm (a little later than their normal 7:30/8pm bedtime for my younger ones.)

I think it just depends on the kids and families.

Posted 2/15/16 2:30 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

We have been doing sleepovers with out neighbors for a few years now (my son is 8). But our thought is that if they wake up in the middle of the night and get scared we can just walk them next door or across the street. I wouldn't do it with anyone else because I am not driving someone home in the middle of the night. Also, I know the families very well. I will never let my children sleep at a house where I have not met the entire family ESPECIALLY when they are a little older. I know too many people who were assaulted by the older siblings of friends at a sleepover.

Posted 2/16/16 4:26 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 4/08

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

I'll never allow sleepovers . When I was 15 my mom let me sleep over a friends house , we thought her parents were home but it was her grandparents , I got sick in the middle of the night and her grandparents didn't speak a lick of English , long story short my mom had to pick me up at 2 am . And I was a teenager . Nope never leaving my child with someone that isn't family or close family friend .

Posted 2/27/16 9:07 PM

Mommy's little YouTube Star!

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Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

She's been doing sleep overs since she was 5.
We've had nearly every single girl scout spend the night at our house as well. I feel it's easier only because we are an only child house so why would I burden my child onto a family of more than one child when it's easier at my house. But she spends the night at houses where there's another only child.

I see no issue with it at all.

To each their own. Like someone else said. You do what you are comfortable with. There's a particular girl scout mom I won't let my child spend the night with under any circumstances. I don't trust her mother.

If and when children stay with me, I have rules. You WILL be getting photos of your kid's antics while at my house through the night (unless you ask me not to, like you're at a movie or date night, no one has said no), and your child will call you after they brush their teeth at LEAST before bed. You will know ahead of time when and if we are planning on leaving the house and going somewhere like.. Hey on Saturdays we go to the gardens so if you spend the night on Friday they are coming with us to the gardens on Saturday mornings until at least noon. You will know what we plan on eating in case of any allergies or preferences. Same for movies, music and games. I always clear that. Much to the kids dismay. Your mom says no scary movies and that includes Goosebumps then coming to my house doesn't give you a free pass kiddo. Sorry. So my 'rules' have now been 'passed on' to all the other moms and it's just the way things are done now.

But the kids love coming over and the parents love having them with me. I enjoy AJ going over to their houses and AJ loves sharing her stuff and seeing how others live LOL. She's 'trained' (if you will) to behave properly at others, while also cautiously. I love her independent spirit and I encourage it.

Best part is.. at 7yrs old. She thinks she's grown up but also has learned Mom is always ALWAYS a phone call away. I'm always able to pick her up if she's not feeling right WITHOUT judgment (happened once) and I trust her and her choices. She will NEVER feel pressured into having to accept what the girls or the girls' parents say is the only option.

Posted 3/3/16 11:30 AM

Baby #2 on the way!

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

DS is in 1st grade (turning 7) and I absolutely think it's too young. I don't plan on allowing any sleepovers until he's in 4th or 5th grade. And even then, I'm not sure. He has enough trouble sleeping as it is. I know for certain that if he had a friend sleeping over (or he was sleeping out at someone else's house without myself or his dad there to make him go to bed) he will stay up until all hours of the night. When he does eventually get old enough for a sleepover, it will NEVER be on a week night. Weekends only. Even when I was graduating HS my parents would have never allowed me to sleep out on a school night.

Posted 3/3/16 1:30 PM

Resident Insomniac

Member since 4/13

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Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

I have a boy and a girl, both older now. My dd was about 7 when she had her first sleepover. Once it started it didn't stop. Girls LOVE sleepovers. Now that she is 16, her friends are always over or she is there. There is rarely a weekend where we don't have a few girls over. They've become part of the décor, like my extra children.

Having said that, my son was not ready for his first sleepover until about 10. He was just not emotionally mature enough. Even still, he has only slept out a handful of times. He doesn't love it. And I despise boy sleepovers at my house. They need to be entertained and, inevitably, they somehow both wake up at 5am.

Posted 3/3/16 1:52 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 8/06

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Re: Sleepover Question - Am I crazy?

No way would i allow my daughter to sleep at a friends house. I agree with many other posts.....i even think 1st and 2nd is too young

Posted 3/6/16 9:30 PM
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