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21 Day Fix questions

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LIF Adult

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21 Day Fix questions

I keep seeing this popping up on some friends FB pages and they seem to be getting results so I went on amazon and its about $72 so is it worth it?

I am leaving for vacation in 14 days so cannot do the full 21 days, is it worth doing it for 14 days then picking it up back up again at day 1-21 when I get back?

How is this different to all the other fad diets out there?

What am I getting for $71? The DVD's and some small containers?

Has anyone done a modified version of this with their own containers and workouts etc?

Suitable for a vegetarian?

Seeing people lose 10 lbs in a week to 10 days seems crazy to me..has anyone really done this?

Worth the cost?


Posted 3/12/15 11:14 AM
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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

You get a meal plan. The containers are portion controlled containers. You get DVDs . The workouts are ok. If you follow very strictly 14 days is going to be a good jumpstart. As a vegetarian I have trouble with all of these things. Many of our sources of protein also fall into the carb category. So it becomes difficult. I'll pm you.

Posted 3/12/15 11:21 AM

too excited for words

Member since 10/05

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

If you eat fish, eggs and yogurt/cottage cheese, you can use those are your protein sources. And if you're willing to do the shakeology, that's another protein. I do like the videos. They get easier as you get stronger, but you can make it tougher by upping your weights.
As for the weight loss, I'm almost 21 days in and down 5-6lbs. I am very good about eating correctly during the week. The weekends are a little tougher. If you followed it to a tee, then you could probably drop closer to 10+lbs. I'm trying to make this more of a lifestyle thing then just a 3 week challenge. So I'm not making myself crazy. I feel like if I stick to healthy portions and the workouts, then I will lose the weight in time. I also have a MUCH harder time losing weight because I have hashimotos, so I'm just glad to be losing at all.

Posted 3/12/15 10:57 PM

Peanut is here!!!!!!

Member since 5/09

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21 Day Fix questions

You can buy the containers on eBay and I'll send you the video and I'll have to dig out the plan. It will be cheaper that way. I'd give you my containers but DS uses them as toys and we lost some.

Posted 3/14/15 9:19 AM

My BIG man and my little man!

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions


Message edited 3/14/2015 8:44:49 PM.

Posted 3/14/15 8:43 PM

Beachbody-Karen Gampel
LIFamilies Business

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

I'd be happy to help you with this. Feel free to PM me.

Posted 3/14/15 8:47 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I love it. 30 minute workouts and they are HARD! But I am really trying every week to get stronger and do each workout in its entirety and not quit before the 60 second circuit. So I am in competition with myself lol. Anyway I also like the workouts bc they do a little bit of everything, upper body, lower body, pilates, plyo. I like working out at home, it works well for me but I needed a set plan bc I was all over the place!

Anyway the food plan confused me at first but I got the hang of it quickly. I like it bc it forces me to eat a lot of protein and from every food group. The first week or so was hard bc I was hungry even though I was eating a ton but it all evened out. I did have to change things up a tiny bit and do egg whites intend of whole eggs bc I think I was having too much fat. I also cut some of the fruit out. This is just working better for me personally. I think everyone is different though!

I don't have any weight to lose really but did lose about 1.5 lbs in 3 weeks and I haven't taken measurements yet but my stomach looks more defined and my legs feel stronger. She really hits legs alot! I saw most changes in my body at week 3 and am about to start week 4!

I would def buy the program from a BB coach - it helps to have someone to talk to and also they can add you to a challenge group on FB to keep you motivated. I am not a coach and not trying to sell you, just sauing what worked for me!

Posted 3/16/15 11:44 PM

Love my Babes

Member since 8/05

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

I'm on my first day of this program, glad to see its working for you ladies. Once I see results it will be easier to keep at it.

Posted 3/17/15 2:53 PM

LIF Zygote

Member since 2/14

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

Its not a fad diet, its definitely a way of life change.

It makes you more aware of your portions sizes. Nowadays its all about more food for your buck, but the body doesnt need mountains of food. Its also alot better bc you dont have to count calories. You just keep an eye on your portions and your set.

I believe it comes with a 3 day road to competition meal plan which really helps you lose weight in a short amount of time. Most people who lose ALOT of weight have cycled through the fix 2-3 times. But within the first cycle of 21days you will definitely see a difference.

The workouts are great if your beginner to intermediate. And since they are only 30min it helps you motivate and not be lazy, bc you can find time for 30minutes a day.

If you purchase it from a coach. (I can recommend a few awesome ones, they can better help you keep you on track) with challenge groups that they run and help provide awesome recipes. Its definitely worth it.

Posted 3/19/15 9:47 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 10/14

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21 Day Fix questions

I am also thinking of getting this. Does the program come with meal suggestions, or is it just eat x amount of protein, y amount of carbs, etc. I need direction when it comes to preparing my food and figuring out what to eat.

Posted 3/26/15 2:31 PM

-Crossfit & pitbull addict

Member since 7/06

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21 Day Fix questions

It has lists of foods. The foods higher up in the list are most suggested. There are tons of 21 fix meals on Pinterest and facebook.

Posted 3/26/15 7:13 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 5/06

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

I know this is a little old, but I wanted to chime in. I am on day 16 of my 21 Day Fix and I am in love with my results so far. I am using the Shakeology as well and it's really been a game changer for me because I don't have the urge to snack anymore. It's my breakfast and I'm not hungry again until lunch (though I do eat my healthy snack 2 hours later to keep my metabolism going).
I'm down 10 lbs and a LOT of inches. It's noticeable. When I initially saw the size of the containers I scoffed, but I am really never hungry and it's very motivational to see it working. I Googled people's results pictures before I signed up and was incredulous, but now that I've taken my own "before" pics, I'm excited for the "afters". It's definitely doable! I like it so much I actually just signed up to be a coach yesterday! LOL! So if anyone needs to order anything or wants some good Facebook support groups, let me know :)

Message edited 4/13/2015 11:44:46 PM.

Posted 4/13/15 11:44 PM

My 3 little guys!

Member since 12/10

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

How are the shakes? A lot of the reviews say they taste gross?

Posted 4/15/15 9:56 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 5/06

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Re: 21 Day Fix questions

Posted by Dolphinsbaby

How are the shakes? A lot of the reviews say they taste gross?

I have tried a lot of protein shakes and hated them all. The Shakeology actually tastes like a drink I would normally drink. I get the combo pack of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and they're all good.

Posted 4/15/15 10:17 PM

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