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Julianne Hough costume controversy

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Love my two girls! xoxo

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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

I see it as this ...People dress up as, Black people, White people, Hispanic people, Chinese, Japenese, Mexican,drag queens, Gay people, women, men, babys, animals, obese people the list goes on and on! Everyone can be offended one way!! I have seen people dresses as Hitler people wear Obama masks, I have even seen my very very good Black friend come to my costume party in a KKK costume!! Talking about offensive..but he is nuts and cracks jokes like this all the time. thats just how he is! Anyway I am just saying we need to relax a little!!

Posted 10/29/13 3:56 PM
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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Posted by Goobster

Posted by Jonsgirl04

ITA!! Not a big deal! And my co worker who is black says "who the hell cares" and that she looks like tan mom more. haha! So she doesnt see anything wrong with it either!Chat Icon And she does look like tan mom more!Chat Icon

I actually thought she was tan mom too! LOL

So did i

Posted 10/29/13 4:36 PM

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Julianne Hough costume controversy

SO I guess my daughter won't be Mulan for Halloween :( I can't have a Caucasian little girl offending anyone even though she loves Mulan.

Posted 10/29/13 4:37 PM


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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Posted by klingklang77

I'm sorry I don't see this as offensive. She's dressed up as a character from a show (I don't know what it is, never seen it). It's not like she she is dressed up as a minstrel.

If she were dressed as an actor in a minstrel show, then THAT would be offensive, not this.

On a similar note, have you heard of the Zwarte Piet tradition in the Netherlands on December 5th? I was there one year and saw lots of black faces around (people paint their faces black for this tradition). I was wondering what the h*ll was going on. I had to ask a cashier why people were doing this. She looked at me like I had two heads and explained it was December 5th. Ok.... I find this tradition offensive because it is a mock of Africans.

I just had a debate about Zwarte Piet with a Dutch friend last night. From what I've heard and read, I find it extremely offensive, although this is the first year that I will be here in the Netherlands to experience it. My friend said it's a tradition and it doesn't have racist connotations anymore, but slavery was also a tradition...that's not a reason to keep something around.

Posted 10/30/13 7:12 AM

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Julianne Hough costume controversy

My husband made a good point last night, what about Michael Jackson? He dyed himself white!!! That's not offensive to anyone? What about Obama costumes? Holster costumes? Those are all ok?

Posted 10/30/13 8:57 AM


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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Posted by danielle3203

My husband made a good point last night, what about Michael Jackson? He dyed himself white!!! That's not offensive to anyone? What about Obama costumes? Holster costumes? Those are all ok?

You can't compare Michael Jackson to this- he clearly had a lot of emotional and mental problems that drove what he did, as opposed to someone who showed poor judgement in choosing a Halloween costume.

Posted 10/30/13 9:09 AM

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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Do people think that dressing like Hitler is unoffensive and unintimidating?

Julianne's costume is super offensive. She even apologized, and her closest friends conceded that it was a total lack of judgment. There's not even a debate about it--except on here. It's kind of one of those things where you may not realize it, but it's generally considered offensive. And whether or not you're member of the group historically targeted by the practice, you kind of have to take everyone's word for it (like she did) and move on.

Just like, for example, someone could be ignorant of the symbolism/context of a burning cross and not find it scary or offensive...but it's ignorant not to find out and accept why almost everyone else is offended.

Posted 10/30/13 9:47 AM

You are my I love you

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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

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Posted 10/30/13 9:58 AM

LIF Adult

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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Posted by Hofstra26

Posted by rsquared

Blackface is certainly offensive. The practice has historical roots that are exploitative and insulting. Watch the movie really shows the problems with blackface. There are actually equity rules about white actors performing in blackface.

I find this really offensive.

But there is no intent to make fun of or mock anyone. She's dressing up as a character on a show for Halloween. I don't see how it's offensive. It's in good fun and a clever costume.

i do not see it offensive at all either its a halloween costume people dress up as others all the time for halloween .
i just think certain things get taken way out of hand.

no one made a big deal about the movie white chicks? they had their faces white playing white girls right????

Posted 10/30/13 5:06 PM


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Julianne Hough costume controversy

People are so sensitive. It's halloween. Get over it.

Posted 10/30/13 5:24 PM


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Re: Julianne Hough costume controversy

Holy hell, it's a damn costume.

Posted 10/30/13 5:32 PM
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