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Moms of late walkers...

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Moms of late walkers...

When exactly did your DC walk?

My DD is 16m, cruising, stands alone, takes a few steps (like 3-5), but isn't walking yet.

She's a scooter so she really has no motivation to walk since she can carry objects from A to B while on her butt.

How can I help her to walk? When she takes steps towards me I praise like crazy but she thinks it's hysterical, cracks herself up, falls down to her butt and scoots to me the rest of the way.

Posted 10/3/13 10:50 AM
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Re: Moms of late walkers...

I also am interested in any info. My LO is 14.5 months old and only takes a few steps then drops down and starts to crawl.

Posted 10/3/13 11:32 AM


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Re: Moms of late walkers...

Posted by TNT1005

I also am interested in any info. My LO is 14.5 months old and only takes a few steps then drops down and starts to crawl.

this was what my LO did. We just kept encouraging him to walk by holding his hand so he felt safe walking and then after a few steps we would let go and he would keep going until eventually, he stopped falling and kept walking. I wasn't in a rush, or pushing him, though. if he wanted to sit down, or didn't want to walk, i didn't force him. I'd say he was comfortably walking around 15 months and running, etc by 16/17 months.

He also used the music dog walking toy which in order to get the music to go on, you have to push it while walking, so that was helpful too.

Posted 10/3/13 11:41 AM

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Re: Moms of late walkers...

DS was 17 months when he started walking when he started full on walking. I never thought it would happen. I wasn't worried about delays bc he is so strong, but the problem is he is stubborn. Sometimes lazy. Doesn't mix well. Chat Icon

I knew it was going to happen, wasn't worried either, but I wanted him to walk already bc I hated him always being on the floor when we went out.

BTW... a little over 17 months he was walking and never looked back. Now a little over 2 he runs all over. I tell people he went from crawling to running and skipped walking. Chat Icon

She will get there. Could be a confidence thing. Keep encouraging her to get up. Cheers, smiles, rewards, etc.

Posted 10/3/13 11:55 AM

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Re: Moms of late walkers...

my oldest was 14 months when she started walking
my youngest now is 13 months she will stand , crusie but then end up crawling im hope in the next month or 2 she starts going

Posted 10/3/13 12:12 PM

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Moms of late walkers...

DD started right when she turned 16 months. She's been getting PT since 14 months but she wasn't pulling to stand or other things either. She did scoot on her butt starting around 12 months.

They aren't considered delayed until 18 months. If she's already taking steps I would just be patient. She'll get there when she's ready and once she starts she'll never look back!

Posted 10/3/13 12:36 PM

Hello Kitty

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Moms of late walkers...

My son started walking good at 16m.

Posted 10/3/13 12:44 PM

So Dam* Lucky

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Re: Moms of late walkers...

DD started walking around 15.5 months.

We just encouraged her to walk as much as possible. Don't worry...your DC will get there!

Posted 10/3/13 1:08 PM

3 under 3?!

Member since 5/11

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Moms of late walkers...

DS was about 15 months adjusted. He had been cruising and would take a step or two. One day he just took off. It will happen soon - just keep encouraging it!

Posted 10/3/13 1:22 PM

I think I got this

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Moms of late walkers...

She'll get there. DS was almost 18 months adjusted when he was finally comfortable walking.He just turned 2 and has become a runner/wonderer. I always had lots of toys around to encourage walking and he still uses them all the time. When she does get going, she isn't going to stop, so be prepared.

Posted 10/3/13 2:04 PM


Member since 5/08

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Re: Moms of late walkers...

Thanks everyone and LOL at the "be prepared" comments.

She walks using other items, like the sit to stand walker, and she'll push boxes and such, while walking behind them.

AND - she's in day care 3 days/week in which all the other kids in her class walk. You'd think she'd want to walk already.

Posted 10/3/13 2:30 PM

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Moms of late walkers...

DS was 16 months and 3 days, his EI therapists said, unless there were other concerns, 18 months is when they are considered a late walker.

they will do it when they are ready.

Posted 10/3/13 2:37 PM

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