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Do YOU ever nap?

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different, not less

Member since 7/09

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

I am a FTWM and I do not nap... on the weekends I have to run errands so I don't really have time. Plus DH works at night so I have to watch my DS while he sleeps during the day anyway.

Posted 2/26/13 9:12 AM
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L'amore vince sempre

Member since 5/05

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Mrs. B

Do YOU ever nap?

I'm a FTWM so there is no time for naps. On the weekend, I am trying to catch up with errands that I couldn't do during the week and spending time with my DS.

Once in a blue moon I will fall asleep with DS for 20 minutes or so. It does throw me off at night. I end up staying up late and then I'm cranky the next morning because DS is ready to go, go, go and I just want to sleep.

Message edited 2/26/2013 9:24:26 AM.

Posted 2/26/13 9:23 AM

3 Girls for Me!

Member since 8/07

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

VERY rarely.

I LOVE to nap- but DH is rarely around and when he is- either HE is napping or we are out doing things.

My kids never nap at the same time (the 3 yr old rarely naps period) so I'm always with one or the other or both.

I'm a FTWM.

I told DH that all I want for mother's day is a night in a local hotel with room service. I'm going to just lie in bed all day and night- I'll read and watch TV uninterrupted, nap, sleep, nap, read and eat...

Sounds like paradise! Chat Icon

Posted 2/26/13 10:56 AM


Member since 5/08

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

In the 9 months since she's been born - I can count them on my one hand.

I WISH I could but it would take me an hour to actually fall asleep, and then she'd wake up.

If I could fall asleep quickly I'd nap every time she did.

Posted 2/26/13 10:58 AM

For mom i miss u ETC ILOVEU

Member since 3/07

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Do YOU ever nap?

Havent had a nap in over 3 years. Sunday is my birthday and this is the only present im asking for!

Posted 2/26/13 11:25 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 7/11

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Unfortunately no, maybe once or twice when I was so exhausted and needed a little nap, but for the most part no. I am a FTWM and DS isn't a great sleeper at night. DH gave in to him so now he's up in the middle of the night looking for a bottle, but that's another story. I try to get everything done in the house while DS is napping. I definitely get mad at DH when he goes to take a nap because I am forever doing housework and DH's napping. I would love to take a nap but I'm basically one of those people that once I'm up, I'm up for the rest of the day.

Posted 2/26/13 11:52 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 7/10

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

No I don't nap and I am a SAHM. I do sleep in a bit bc DD naps 8-9am. I go to bed late though - midnight which is due to my last pump session...and I get up to bf DD at 5am...then we both go back to sleep.

I think I have taken 4 naps in the 4 months she is alive - but like I said I am getting a good chunk of sleep at night. When #2 comes around I am sure I will be napping quite regularly!

Posted 2/26/13 12:49 PM

HELLO Manolo !!

Member since 5/06

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

If I lay down to take a nap - you know I am REALLY REALLY sick

Posted 2/26/13 1:09 PM


Member since 12/09

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

oh this was seriousChat Icon

no i never do

Posted 2/26/13 1:46 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 4/09

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Posted by StaceyWill

No, but I was never much of a napper anyway.

same here. I did take a nap when DD napped maybe 2-3 times when I was pregnant.

Posted 2/26/13 2:11 PM

Hidey Ho!

Member since 2/10

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

during the week there is no time. but i am in bed by 8:30/9!! Chat Icon
on the weekends, if the stars align, i will take advantage if at all possible.

Posted 2/26/13 7:50 PM


Member since 1/12

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Posted by Lara&Aidansmommy

Havent had a nap in over 3 years. Sunday is my birthday and this is the only present im asking for!

Do it and enjoy!!Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 2/26/13 7:53 PM

Mommy to 2 sweet girls!

Member since 3/09

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Dh and I both try to nap on the weekends when the girls are napping. Sadly it doesn't always work out. I love maps though!

Posted 2/26/13 8:06 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 12/10

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Do YOU ever nap?

I used to be able to when I was on maternity leave but now that I'm back to work full time I'm so used to being up early that I can't nap as much as I try to.

Posted 2/26/13 8:15 PM

Almost there!

Member since 7/06

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Re: Do YOU ever nap?

Posted by MarisaK

If I lay down to take a nap - you know I am REALLY REALLY sick

Same here. I just did that yesterday - I had a headache for 3 days straight and I needed it. It was on the couch and interrupted by restarting Team Umizoomi on demand every 20 min. Chat Icon

I try to go to bed right after the kids go to sleep if I'm feeling run down.

Posted 2/26/13 8:19 PM
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