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food questions for 8 month old

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food questions for 8 month old

hi! ds is 8 months old tomorrow and a little over 20 pounds he is on similac alimentum and twice a day he gets 3 tbs of cereal and a fruit or veggie baby food.

a couple weeks ago i ask ped if i should do three meals a day. he said no stay with what we are doing.

but now i got to thinking i see so many doing 3 meals a day or at least stage two foods.

i will stay with two meals a day because he is high percentile of weight...but i would like to incorporate mixed veggies and fruits.

at what age did you start doing this?

is there any really wrong way to introduce foods now...with of course the exception of no nuts for example? at the docs so much time is spent just holding him down to check him out that i dont find i can figure out foods etc with the doc bc baby usuaally starts crying at the end and its hard to talk lol

any suggestions or if you can tell me when you started stage two or snacks please share!! tia!!

Posted 1/2/13 2:24 PM
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food questions for 8 month old

DD is just over 8 months now and gets 3 meals. I started the third meal a few weeks ago because she dropped to nursing 4 times a day (although she nursing once or twice during the night still). I started stage 2 as soon as we had gone through all the stage one foods. Partly to have new options and partly to get more food for the same price! As long as there's only one new food in the mix I give her whatever. Our ped didn't really care when I added the 3rd meal but did suggest finger foods, yogurt, and meats at 8 months. We've done yogurt but I haven't started meat yet. She also does puffs and chunks of banana or steamed carrot.

I use as a reference. There are lots of suggestions about what to try and when. It suggests which foods to hold off on bc they can upset their tummies and all that.

Posted 1/2/13 2:37 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: food questions for 8 month old

My DD gets 2 meals most of the time sometimes she will have eggs for breakfast but it depends on her mood. She is 8months old, I give her meats like chicken and yogurt with cut up fruit she also has some veggies, but mainly I try to feed her what we eat.

Posted 1/2/13 3:07 PM

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food questions for 8 month old

DS is 9 1/2 mos old and has been having 3 meals since probably 6 months.

He gets cereal and fruit for breakfast, fruit and veggie for lunch, and cereal and a fruit/veggie combo for dinner usually - along with snacks throughout the day (cheerios, puffs, whatever 3 year old DS leaves within his reach, etc).

Message edited 1/2/2013 3:14:25 PM.

Posted 1/2/13 3:14 PM


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Re: food questions for 8 month old

DD's ped allowed us to use stage 2 foods from the beginning (4.5 months) if we couldn't find a food that he allowed sold separately. For example, I couldn't find apricots by themselves as a stage 1 food, but I gave them to her as Apricots & Mixed Fruit once she had tried all the other fruits included in the blend (apples, bananas, pears, I believe). In reality, she probably started with some Stage 2 foods at 5 months. She doesn't eat a whole container though, maybe half, so I refrigerate the other half.

DD's ped suggested 3 meals at her 6 month visit, and also said that we could start puffs. At every appointment, he gives us a list of which food we can try. She doesn't go back for a "monthly" visit until 9 months, and there are still a bunch of foods that he does not want her trying between now and then (berries, citrus, etc.). No dairy for her either, due to an allergy.

Posted 1/2/13 3:14 PM

* Lovin my baby girl!!! *

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Re: food questions for 8 month old

This may seem Chat Icon but I'm really bad with having dd try different foods... She's 7 months and she likes oatmeal, apples, and pears and that's what we've been sticking with. Recently though I've been letting her try pretty much anything that we eat bc she has such an interest in our food... I'm tired of trying to be the perfect mommy and follow all the rules... It gets out of hand IMO. So we were eating chicken soup the other day, she tried a parsnip and some matzah ball. She tasted my grilled cheese just before. I think I can get her to try more foods if they are the foods I'm eating at the time.

That said, I say go for it! You are the mommy... You aren't going to make a bad decision for your child. Chat Icon

Posted 1/2/13 3:21 PM

My loves!

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Re: food questions for 8 month old

We started both our girls on 3 meals by 7 months. Do what you feel comfortable with. I wouldn't be concerned with his weight unless the doctor said there's a real issue. If you think he's hungry and could eat more, I'd give it to him. DD2 (8 months next week) has 2-3 tablespoons of cereal for breakfast and dinner with almost 4 ounces of a fruit or veggie. For lunch she has 4 ounces of a fruit or veggie.

Posted 1/2/13 4:21 PM

Peanut is here!!!!!!

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food questions for 8 month old

I started 3 meals at 9 months but stage 2 food probably about 5-6 months.

you can try new foods anytime you want just always watch for reactions. The only foods me Ped said to avoid were - stawberries (i did nto follow this) sea food, dairy (I did nto follow this) nuts.

Posted 1/2/13 4:27 PM

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Re: food questions for 8 month old

We went to 3 meals a day at 7 months, her 3rd month of eating. Once we started solids, her formula intake went down quite a bit to 3 bottles a day from 6-7. We were doing fruit and cereal for breakfast/ dinner, then started with a veggie at lunch at her 3rd meal. Now DD is 8 months, and we just started a meat and veggie as her lunch.


Posted 1/3/13 10:43 PM

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