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when did reflux clear up?

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when did reflux clear up?

my DS is six months and has severe reflux. he's on prevacid and pepcid twice daily. he also takes flovent once daily and albuterol as needed due to coughing/wheezing which is brought on by the reflux.

he sleeps in his crib with bed risers lifting his crib. we use the safe-t-wrap to strap him to the crib.

my question -- when did you LO outgow the reflux? even with all the meds and the incline the reflux still bothers him. he still coughs at night (although he's come a long way). he wakes in the mornong wheezing bc of it. the Ped Gastro/Pulm said we just have to wait for him to outgrow it. But at six months he's such a bad sleeper because of it. He hardly naps all day, so he passes out for the night at 630pm. He's up at 1130 crying so we feed him. He'll usually sleep then until 3am. I'll feed him again, and then it's a cr@p shoot the rest of the night. He's usually up fussing every hour and is up for the day by 5-6am. DH and I are exhausted. We have a (almost) 3 year old who was an amazing sleeper from very early on. Only needed ONE night of CIO at 7 months. I'm tempted to let him cry, but being as he's been sick I feel bad. Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

i just need someone to tell me this is going to end soon!

Message edited 8/14/2012 2:50:29 PM.

Posted 8/14/12 2:30 PM
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Re: when did reflux clear up?

With DD #2 she grew out of it at 9 months.

DD#3, at 12 months she had bearable silent reflux, and it was completly gone between 15-28 months.

there is an end in sight. Usually it seems to clear up around the time you start to transition to regular milk.

Posted 8/14/12 4:05 PM

LIF Adolescent

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when did reflux clear up?

My DS had it but it doesn't sound as severe as yours. He stopped spitting up totally about 10 months probably. By then it was like once a month. Before that, at 7/8 months it definitely decreased a lot. Once he was sitting on his own at lot and then standing it went away. I think a lot of crying can aggrivate it from what I read (in terms of the CIO). I did do Ferber a little and had a night or two of CIO around 6/7 months and he began to learn to setlle himself down, but his doesn't sound as severe as your DS. It will go away though!!

Posted 8/14/12 7:20 PM

LIF Adolescent

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when did reflux clear up?

Both my boys had it & both were off meds and fine by 10 months. Hang in there.

Posted 8/14/12 8:01 PM

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Re: when did reflux clear up?

my 1st: it didn't end until 15 months.
my 2nd: is almost 7 months and on prilosec twice a day and he probably needs another med since he always has congestion.

Honestly i would try to wean him off the night feedings. he's waking for them because it's a habit now. I'd gradually reduce the ounces every few nights and increase them during the day.

Posted 8/14/12 8:13 PM

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when did reflux clear up?

DS didn't get congestion from his, he had apnea episodes. Very scary. He out grew those by 4 mos. At 6 mos we attempted to wean him off the Axid, but it wasn't time yet. We still had to continue him on meds until about 9 mos, when we finally noticed a decrease in spit up, so we stopped cold turkey. It worked! But he continues to spit up until about 5-7 days ago. He's 2 weeks shy of his first birthday.

Posted 8/14/12 9:23 PM

LIF Toddler

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Re: when did reflux clear up?

My DS improved when he started sitting and then when he started walking he finally stopped vomiting. He still takes reflux medication (prevacid) now at 3 because the PH probe still showed silent reflux. We are hoping to switch him off all medications soon.

Posted 8/14/12 10:45 PM

2 little ladies

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Re: when did reflux clear up?

10.5 months actual 8 months adjusted.

Posted 8/15/12 5:50 AM

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