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Any other twin mommies feel like this?

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LIF Infant

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Any other twin mommies feel like this?

I am just about 24 weeks and for the past few weeks, have been slowing down BIG TIME. I went food shopping this morning, and it was such a struggle to make it through the store. I felt a ton of tightening in my stomach, a lot of pressure down below, and it was such an effort to walk. I am home now with my feet up hoping the tightening subsides. I'm assuming it's braxton hicks and that it's my body's way of telling me to slow down - but honestly, I'm not doing much! I really feel like I shouldn't feel this way at only 24 weeks. Is anyone else dealing with this? I go to my OB again on Monday (and also for a growth sono and cervical length check) and I'm so afraid he's going to tell me to stop doing things. I had a cervical length check last week, and thank goodness, it was great.

Anyone experiencing similar symptoms?

Posted 8/13/12 11:05 AM
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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

i think the walking around was to blame. i remember shopping and leaning over the cart b/c the pressure in my stomach was bad.

Im now 31 weeks and am not allowed to do much. At about 23 weeks, I was told to stop doing all that.

Be careful and take it easy!!! Hope youre feeling better

Posted 8/13/12 4:19 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 8/11

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Any other twin mommies feel like this?

Thanks for your reply! I am almost 24 weeks, so it seems you were feeling the same way as me around then. I have a feeling my doctor is going to tell me to stop doing all this stuff at my next appointment (food shopping, small errands, etc.). It sucks because it's not like they are large errands, but even the small ones are dragging me down lately and I'm feeling awful the remainder of the day.
Sorry you're not allowed to do much at 31 weeks...but I guess we have to listen to our doctors!

Posted 8/13/12 5:02 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 6/08

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

yes - even the small errands exhaust me. you may be adjusting to size and weight you are carrying too.

ive been going to drug store or pool w son, but no big errands.

ive been on modified bed rest since mid june - just recently was able to go around more, but it def hurts with this heat, so im backing off.

good luck - def keep it to minimum to avoid any bed rest Chat Icon

Posted 8/13/12 8:39 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

Yes!! I think it is completely normal when carrying multiples. I joke that it was easier recovering from a c-section than it was carrying the babies around at the end of the pregnancy! Chat Icon It is very uncomfortable but it is your bodies way of telling you to slow down. Hope all goes well at your next appt.

Posted 8/13/12 11:27 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 1/11

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

I'm 22 weeks and 4 days and I am also slowing down big time! I have the same symptoms as you when i go food shopping and stuff, so I try to just walk slower or make shorter trips. If we were carrying only one baby I'm sure we would not feel like this, but with the 2 babies in there its a lot on our bodies. I'm reading a good book about multiple pregnancies and it says you should sit rather than stand whenever you have the opportunity to. Hang in there!

Posted 8/14/12 11:04 AM

drama. daily.

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

Yep... I am exactly the same point you are and I think last thursday I hit a Brick Wall. Seriously, my belly was bigger, I feel the stretching and pulling and pressure. My feet look like 2 potatoes, lol. Chat Icon

I thought for sure I'd be more energetic longer, but I am wiped after vacuuming one room. I take lots of breaks and fold clothes with my feet up. I also figured out how to make cooking shortcuts so I am not standing at the stove for an hour or outside at the BBQ.

Definitely a big change from 2 weeks ago...

Posted 8/14/12 2:24 PM

It's summatime

Member since 3/09

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

Yup! It began around 22 weeks. A 20 minute trip to the grocery store had me in pain.

I was feeling a ton of pressure last Wed and found out my cervix was short on Thurs and was put on bedrest. It improved a bunch since but I know I really need to take it easy.

They say with twins our uterus and the weight is that of someone 8 weeks ahead with a singleton. My babies are 2lb,3 oz and 2 lb, 6oz so thats about 4.5 lbs of pressure!! No wonder I feel like crap! Chat Icon

ETA- my dr said that if Im feeling pain it IS my body telling me to slow down.

Message edited 8/14/2012 8:32:22 PM.

Posted 8/14/12 8:30 PM

<3 <3 <3

Member since 10/07

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

Please please please listen to the signs ur body is giving u.
U need to take it easy. At 25 weeks I still thought I was super woman and was working and commuting and coming home and cleaning and so on. I would get the tightening and thought nothing of it. At 31 weeks I went for my ref doc appt and mentioned it to my doc. He put me on a monitor and saw that I was having contractions every 15 min. He sent me to the hospital and said it might be lack of fluids. By the end of that night into the next morn my contractions were 5 min apart and I dilated (even with a cerclage) about 2cm and was 80% effaced.
Everyone was sure that I was going to delivery early....

Even though I was in p,refers labor I felt fine!! No real pain and just tightening. They were telling me I was technically in labor and I was laughing telling them they were nuts.
Eventually I talked to my babies and told them I needed them to stay put cuz they needed to come home with me when they did come....believe it or not, I think that's what worked. Non of the mess the docs had given me were working and it was left up to "let's wait and see"
My babies listened to mommy and they stopped fighting to come out.

After a week I was sent home ton be on house arrest. I ended up delivering at 36 weeks 3 days but that scare really made me realize that I was doing way too much and ignoring the signs.

Posted 8/14/12 9:50 PM


Member since 6/09

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Re: Any other twin mommies feel like this?

I'm right there with you..I think it's very typical to feel like this with twins this early. I really have been trying to take it easy as much as possible but it is so hard when things have to get done!

Posted 8/18/12 2:26 PM

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