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Did you/are you going to pierce her ears?

Forum Opinion Poll
Yes 89 55.63%
No 60 37.50%
Still undecided 11 6.88%

Moms of girls....

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mom of two!

Member since 5/05

4368 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

We did DD at 11mo---never had any problems with them

Posted 5/17/11 3:34 PM

Love my babies

Member since 4/10

4201 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

Posted by neener1211

I'll let her decide when she wants them. If it is 3 or 10 or 50. It's her choice.Chat Icon

Me too!Chat Icon

Posted 5/17/11 3:36 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 5/05

3380 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

I didn't do either DD's ears but thought about it. But ultimately decided to let them choose for themselves. I got mine done when I was about 13 and i just remember it hurt so bad, but was so excited to get them done.

Posted 5/17/11 3:55 PM

3 GIRLS!!!!

Member since 8/09

3184 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

I really wanted to get DD ears pierced at a young age (about 2-3 months before she realized what was going on) but her doctor would not do it until she was at least 6 months old. Now that DD is almost 11 months, she is so aware that we are in the doctors office and most times she loses her $hit as soon as we walk into the exam room. I now feel bad bringing her to them for something that is going to be a bit painful for something cosmetic/unnecessary. I am still trying to decide what to do.

Posted 5/17/11 4:21 PM

My Girls

Member since 12/06

3642 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

Not yet.

I was probably 7 or 8 when I had my ears pierced. Do I remember that it hurt? Yes...Do I remember getting a little infection and having to clean it? Yes.

But what I remember most, is going out for a "girls day" with my mom. Picking out the earrings, loving how I looked with them, going for ice cream afterwards.

And that is what I will give my daughter. She has a pair of diamond studs her Godmother gave her with a note that explains that just as she and I did, when DD is older, she and I can have a special day and go get her ears pierced.

Do I think she'd be upset if I'd pierced them as a baby? No. But bottom line for me, her body, her choice.

Posted 5/17/11 4:27 PM

Just another chapter in life..

Member since 11/09

53848 total posts

..being a mommy and being a wife!

Re: Moms of girls....

OK I am glad I am not alone in wanting her to make the decision herself.
I just HATE causing her pain- even though she won't remember any of this.
Shots are bad enough.

Thanks ladies for the opinions !

Posted 5/17/11 5:08 PM

On a journey! :)

Member since 9/08

1274 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

DD is almost two and I decided she will get them done when she asks us to get them pierced.

Posted 5/17/11 5:42 PM

Mommy to 3!

Member since 10/05

20369 total posts

Jesss, duh.

Re: Moms of girls....

Yes. At their 3 month well visit they will have their ears pierced. 2 reasons. 1 because as identical twins different earings will aid on telling them apart. 2 I got my ears pierced when I was 7 and always wishes I had them done when I was a baby. Would have saved me the experience of the pain.

Posted 5/17/11 6:01 PM

2 under 2...whew!!

Member since 2/07

9876 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

Posted by patti08

She can get her ears pierced when ever she asks and is ready. I'm leaving it up to her and will make a fun Mommy/Daughter lunch, shopping, ear piercing day of it when the time comes.

Same here. Not doing it until she asks for them! She is beautiful enough without them Chat Icon

Posted 5/17/11 6:52 PM

My Happy Girl

Member since 7/06

8198 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

I had DD's done at 7 months

Posted 5/17/11 7:02 PM

Love her!

Member since 2/08

3673 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

Personally, I do not like babies/toddlers with earrings. To me, it makes them not look like babies.

Posted 5/17/11 7:08 PM

Our Family is Complete!

Member since 11/06

2064 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

Posted by allIwant

Posted by neener1211

I'll let her decide when she wants them. If it is 3 or 10 or 50. It's her choice.Chat Icon

same for me!

us too. Plus DH wouldn't even discuss it now!

Posted 5/17/11 7:23 PM


Member since 5/05

26975 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

My DD is 5 and still doesn't have them. I will wait until she asks and if I think she is old enough to care for them.

My mom wanted me to wait until I was 16, and then caved by the time I was 11.

Posted 5/17/11 7:32 PM

Two ladies and a gentleman!

Member since 5/05

12165 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

My girls are 4 and 5 and I have no immediate plans to do so. Not a fan... When they want them (maybe Communion?), I'll take them and make an afternoon of it! Chat Icon

Posted 5/17/11 7:40 PM

LIF Adult

Member since 4/07

2712 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

No, I'm not doing it until she asks for it. I'd like it to be her choice and also something she is excited for.

Posted 5/17/11 8:34 PM

I'm cranky

Member since 7/06

18178 total posts

Mama Cranky

Re: Moms of girls....

Nope-I have such a great memory of my nana taking me to the jewelry store to get them done, making a day of it when I was 7. I want Claire to have that tooChat Icon

Posted 5/17/11 8:52 PM

Growing up soo fast..

Member since 1/06

14917 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

we did DDs at 9 mths old. she did fine.

Posted 5/17/11 8:57 PM

family is all that matters

Member since 6/06

6513 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

did it at 4 months old. one of the best decisions i have made. she looks so pretty with her earrings and i love changing them out. people comment on them all the time!

Posted 5/17/11 8:58 PM

Momma's Little Beans

Member since 1/06

3923 total posts


Re: Moms of girls....

I never wanted her ears pierced until she was old enough to take care of them and know what to expect. With that said, she was 5.

Posted 5/17/11 9:12 PM
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