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New Years Times Square

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He's coming soon!

Member since 4/10

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New Years Times Square

Has anyone ever gone?

I am never planning on going, just curious as to who has gone and wondering how insane it was? Where do you go to the bathroom? Was it worth going?

Posted 12/30/10 11:10 PM
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Re: New Years Times Square

I have always wanted to go. But when the time rolls around I quickly change my mind. To cold, to crowded, to many drunks and no place to go to the bathroom.
Not really sure why I want to go in the first placeChat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

I will say if I could watch it from a nice warm hotel room I would definitely consider itChat Icon

Posted 12/30/10 11:13 PM

Bunny kisses are so cute!

Member since 5/05

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Re: New Years Times Square

What feels like a million years ago, I spent NYE in the city watching the ball drop. A college friend of mine rented a two bedroom suite overlooking times square and the ball. We ordered food up to the room and had champagne. It was really awsome.

ETA: There were about 100 of us in the two rooms. It was a lot of fun. Everyone paid $5 to attend. It covered the cost of the room and food.

Message edited 12/30/2010 11:20:04 PM.

Posted 12/30/10 11:18 PM

Two girls!

Member since 12/09

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Re: New Years Times Square

Ugh, never. I try to avoid Times Square on NYE. In fact, I try to avoid going ANYWHERE in Manhattan on NYE. This year we didn't make any plans outside of the city, so we are staying in. I love living in this city every single day, EXCEPT December 31st!!!!!

Posted 12/30/10 11:20 PM

MBA at your service!

Member since 7/06

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Re: New Years Times Square

I've only done Times Square from a hotel room in the city -- and that was enough. Chat Icon While that was fun, it was expensive and we were all crowded in the room.

We headed down to go to Times Square and it was freezing and just not worth it since we didn't get there early. We just went back to the room and partied there for the rest of the night.

Posted 12/30/10 11:21 PM

No one sings like you anymore.

Member since 7/10

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Petticoated Swashbuckler

Re: New Years Times Square

Since I work in Times Square, I never have the desire to go there for New Year's.

On years where NYE falls on a weekday and we have to work (though we don't tomorrow, yay!), I've walked through there on my lunch break and people are already out there! At 1 in the afternoon! And after a certain time, they barricade sections so once you're there, you're stuck. If you leave to pee, you can't come back.

I've read that some people wear adult diapers in case they gotta go. Chat Icon

The idea of being crowded up against people, not being allowed booze, and having a diaper as my only recourse when it comes to bladder issues just sounds like torture to me!

Posted 12/30/10 11:26 PM


Member since 11/08

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Formally NYPD-Wife

Re: New Years Times Square

Went once and will never go feet were freezing the whole time and we were very far away!

Posted 12/31/10 12:01 AM

love my little girl !

Member since 9/10

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Re: New Years Times Square

I've never gone and I have ZERO desire to ever go. The idea of being packed next to random strangers in the freezing cold is my idea of torture!

Posted 12/31/10 12:07 AM


Member since 6/10

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Re: New Years Times Square

I went...u can't go pee. Granted I drank, had to pee....and was on a train back to li at 11. Got in cab and the ball dropped.

would never do it again!

Posted 12/31/10 12:55 AM


Member since 6/07

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Re: New Years Times Square

I've lived in NYC my entire life & I have no desire at all to go. The thought of having to get a spot 12 hours early if I want to see anything, standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people... yuck no thanks! I'd rather watch it on tv laying on my couch & drinking!

Posted 12/31/10 1:26 AM

Thank You St. Gerard.....

Member since 12/09

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Re: New Years Times Square

never gone and no desire to go.

I did one year want to see the ball... just to see it up there.. not actually for the drop.. so I decided to take a walk there after work... then hop on the train to go home. WELL... I get there.. GREAT spot... and I look up.. where's the ball? It's just the stick!!! I never got to see the ball. What a waste!!

So I go to leave... I'm wearing a skirt suit and jacket, so clearly not dressed appropriately... well it also happened to be not long after 9/11.. so they were barakating you in and not letting anyone leave... I was trapped!!! I quickly saw this one family.. where the father stopped and talked to the cop... i think showed some badge or something... I rushed up really close to them without them realizing and pretending to be with them and got out. THANK GOD I GOT OUT!!! If I was stuck there I'd be stuck alone in a skirt... I would have froze, peed my skirt and missed the NYE party I was going to..

That's as close as I got. I couldn't deal with the crown and I like to drink on NYE.... the pee aspect would NOT be fun!!! This year I'm pregnant so even though I won't be drinking... NO WAY!!

I'll watch good old old **** Clark!

Posted 12/31/10 2:01 AM


Member since 9/06

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Me!! All about ME!

Re: New Years Times Square

You couldn't pay me enough to go within 50 blocks of Times Square on NYE.

Tourists + Massive crowds + cold = HELL

Posted 12/31/10 7:56 AM


Member since 5/10

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Re: New Years Times Square

Posted by MrsKS

I'll watch good old old **** Clark!

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/31/10 7:58 AM

Bring on the glitter and bows!

Member since 6/08

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Re: New Years Times Square

I have never done it. I had a friends who went in on a room and LOVED it. The hotel blocks off the front of their building so that guest only can be in that area. They have the option of going in and out as they want for food, drinks, warming up and the bathroom.

I would personally never go and just stand out in the open. I would have to pee with in 2 hours and hate life! Chat Icon

Posted 12/31/10 8:14 AM

I'm going to be a big brother!

Member since 6/07

1860 total posts


Re: New Years Times Square

I went once - years ago, before 9/11. It was a great big street party. We wrapped ourselves in a blanket, snuck in booze and snacks and had a blast.

However, I have some friends that went after 9/11 and had totally different experience. Cops were really strict about the booze, and once you got to your spot you were not allowed to leave and come back - for security reasons.

With that said, since this is supposed to be a relatively mild NYE, this might be the year to go. Just don't drink too much because I don't think there are bathrooms.

Posted 12/31/10 9:03 AM

s'il vous plaît

Member since 6/07

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Re: New Years Times Square

Posted by kimbalina

I would personally never go and just stand out in the open. I would have to pee with in 2 hours and hate life! Chat Icon

Same. I could never go just because of the lack of bathrooms! I would want to though. Maybe a diaper is an option Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 12/31/10 9:06 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 10/09

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Re: New Years Times Square

My family & I went one year. It worked out great for us. My Uncle was manager at a hotel that had direct line of sight to the ball. He got us a great room & had security escort us downstaris at 11:58 & back up to the room at 12:02. The best part of the entire night was staying up until 2AM watching the sanitation department clean up the mess that was left after everyone went home. Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

If it wasn't for my Uncles hook up we would have never of gone. IMO its completely not worth it. They barricade sections so once you're there, you're stuck. No bathroom, no food, no drinks, nothing.

Posted 12/31/10 9:50 AM

We are complete <3

Member since 12/07

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Re: New Years Times Square

I have just as good a time watching it on the tv

Posted 12/31/10 9:55 AM

LIF Infant

Member since 9/10

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Re: New Years Times Square

Haven't gone and don't think I ever could. I'm way too claustrophobic!

Posted 12/31/10 9:56 AM

I'm a PANK!!!

Member since 5/05

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Professional Aunts No Kids

Re: New Years Times Square

I work in the area and zero desire to every go. I really am convinced that the only people that go are people from out of state and out of country!

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

No NYer seems to ever want to go!

Posted 12/31/10 9:58 AM

Kindness matters

Member since 12/10

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Mary (MOB)

Re: New Years Times Square

I saw on TV, the crowds are gathering. And, now after reading these posts, I know what they do about going to the bathroom, ie. adult diapers!!! Why doesn't the City put up porta potties? Security or expense? Mary

Posted 12/31/10 4:18 PM

Keep passing the open windows

Member since 10/06

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Re: New Years Times Square

My DH has gone every year for the past 10 years... he has to, he's a city cop!!!! We have never spent a NYE together. And I don't think he would ever go if he wasn't working it.

Although, he just texted me that he's posted outside of Lace Gentleman's Club, so I'm sure this will be a memorable evening for him Chat Icon

Posted 12/31/10 4:31 PM

LIF Toddler

Member since 10/10

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Re: New Years Times Square

No and I have no desire to go.

Posted 12/31/10 4:36 PM

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