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If you have identical twins

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The twins are almost 2!

Member since 11/08

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If you have identical twins

Did you ever almost mix them up??? I was told I am most likely having identical twins by the Dr, and the sono tech was joking saying "I wonder how many people have mixed them up at the beginning" So I was wondering how you tell them apart at the beginning before they establish personalities and differences that parents know!

thanks! Chat Icon

Posted 12/22/10 5:42 PM
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pretty princesses

Member since 7/09

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Re: If you have identical twins

I have identical twin girls. We couldn't tell them apart for the first six months. We painted 1 dd toenail pink and we also dressed them in different colored socks. My advice is always show their socks in pictures so you can tell them apart. We have so many pictures that we are unsure of who is who.

Posted 12/22/10 6:28 PM

Mommy to 3!

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Jesss, duh.

Re: If you have identical twins

We are having identical twin girls. For the first few weeks we plan on painting a toenail.

Once they get their ears pierced they will have different colored stud earings.

Also considering getting them different baby bracelets.

Posted 12/22/10 8:38 PM


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Re: If you have identical twins


I see a difference even though I was told they are def identical.

Um, I see I was right Chat Icon

Posted 12/23/10 9:37 AM

my little loves

Member since 8/08

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Re: If you have identical twins

my mom put a purple string ankle bracelet on me for the first few months Chat Icon we were VERY identical as little ones

Posted 12/23/10 12:16 PM

"My 3 Sons!"

Member since 3/06

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Re: If you have identical twins

i have identical boys that dont look so identical. i was planning on painting one of boys toe nails in the beginning to help me tell them apart, but we didnt need to do that.
one is a little bigger than the other so that is the easiest way to tell them apart and one has more hair than the other. i have to say though, now that they are 6.5 months they are starting to look more alike and there have been times that DH and I have to really look at them to figure out who is who.

Posted 12/27/10 10:48 AM

LIF Zygote

Member since 7/10

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Re: If you have identical twins

I have identical twin girls. I was told the whole pregnancy they were fraternal, everything was separate...separate sacs, placentas, etc. After birth, I thought, wow, they look VERY similar. The older they got, the more they looked alike. The Ped at their 3 mo appt mentioned that he thought they were identical and to have them DNA tested. Well, had them tested and yes they are monozygotic twins...identicals. ANyway, to answer your question...we mix them up all the time. For the first couple months, I could tell them apart...Sarah had more hair and was the bigger baby. Then both lost all their hair, Priscilla's weight caught up, and wow, its hard to tell them apart. I got their ears pierced and their earrings are slightly different, so that tells me who is who. Both have the same voices, same's amazing, when I hear one of them crying, I can't tell who it is, unless I look at their earrings. LOL Priscilla sticks her tongue out a lot so that's another way I can tell the difference. But honestly, right now it's difficult! Their new hair that's grown in is exactly the same color, same amount, same texture. Now they are 7 mo old, and I'm beginning to see different facial Priscilla sticking her tongue out, Sarah likes to stare LOL.
I find it so fascinating watching them grow. It's truly amazing!

Posted 12/28/10 9:55 PM

Life is Good

Member since 6/06

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Re: If you have identical twins

I have identical twin girls. I didn't know they were going to be identical. They were in separate sacs and had separate placentas.

I never had a hard time telling them apart. I didn't believe people when they told me they were identical. Chat Icon I still think they have different faces.

Posted 12/30/10 6:49 AM

My Little Yankee Fans

Member since 1/06

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Re: If you have identical twins

Mine were born at 3 lbs difference so it was never an issue. In pictures if it is just one of them I get confused unless I look at the date, they look identical just 3 months later, lol.

Posted 1/3/11 2:35 PM

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