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Rewards for potty

Forum Opinion Poll
Yes 6 50.00%
No 3 25.00%
Only when they ask to go 2 16.67%
Only for Poops 0 0.00%
Other 1 8.33%

Reward for Potty Training

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Drama Momma

Member since 9/06

9947 total posts


Reward for Potty Training

Yay or nay?

I haven't been rewarding for pee pees.

I'll ask her and if she says yes, I put her on and she'll pee but if she says no I say OK and put a diaper on her. She pees on the potty several times a day but still wears a diaper full time.

She pooped on the potty for the first time about 2 weeks ago and then again 2 days ago. It took me by surprise the first time but the second time she asked to go and I gave her a sticker. she pretends she has to go, pretends TO go, and then asks for a sticker. Chat Icon

Do you reward for potty? Input please. Chat Icon

Posted 6/30/10 4:09 PM

life is a carousel

Member since 7/07

14956 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

I would reward only when they go on the potty BUT I would also get rid of the diaper..

Honestly, once you get rid of the diaper, they will be trained within a few days if that! (in my experience of course!)

Posted 6/30/10 4:11 PM

Drama Momma

Member since 9/06

9947 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

Posted by bicosi

I would reward only when they go on the potty BUT I would also get rid of the diaper..

Honestly, once you get rid of the diaper, they will be trained within a few days if that! (in my experience of course!)

So for pee pees or poops once the diaper is off?

I am afraid she isn't ready (22 months) or maybe I'm not ready! Chat Icon

I guess I'll just go for it. Make myself homebound for a couple of days and buy her some panties Chat Icon

Posted 6/30/10 4:13 PM

Mommy's Girls! ♥

Member since 11/07

10116 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

We're not potty training Reilly yet, but when we were potty training Meghan a few years ago, we did not give rewards for going on the potty. We just used positive reinforcement ala cheers and clapping. Chat Icon

Posted 6/30/10 4:14 PM

I am an amazing bakist

Member since 5/05

13673 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

This is my system....

Asking to go on the potty but not actually doing anything = 1 m&m
Asking to go on the potty and actually peeing = 3 m&m's (1 for asking, 1 for peeing, 1 for washing her hands)
Asking to go on the potty and pooping = 10 m&m's (it was supposed to be 5, but we changed it when she was really resisting pooping)

We've been doing this for about a month....and today she's been in underwear all day with only one accident when she was outside. She's asked and peed 3 times today. And last night, she pooped on the potty!Chat Icon

I like giving a reward for asking, only because it gives them an incentive to ask....and 1 m&m isn't really a huge treat.

Posted 6/30/10 4:17 PM


Member since 5/05

19403 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

The first few times they asked and peed on the potty they got a little reward (junk from target's $1 section or Party City) Then it was only for poops on the potty.

We don't use food as a reward for anything, my parents did and once I was able to buy candy and stuff on my own I went crazy and I think is part of the reason I'm the size of a small country now.

Posted 6/30/10 4:33 PM

Check out my cool glasses

Member since 5/05

8135 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

My system went like this
Pee on the potty=1 sticker + 1 m&m
Poop on the potty =1 sticker + 5 m&m's.

I carried a ziplock of the m&m's with me, so if we were out, she would still get one, but not the sticker. After a couple of weeks, she only asked for the m&m's occasionally, so I stopped giving them.

However...when I tried to train her when she was just 3..she wanted nothing to do with the potty so it was pointless, even with m&m's! When she was literally was overnight and she was trained.

Posted 6/30/10 4:39 PM


Member since 2/07

2642 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

Yes, we rewarded DS with cheers and clapping and we would give him his "potty treat" of an M&M. After he was going PP on the potty reguarlly we saved the M&Ms for #2s only. He gave us a really hard time going #2 so we promised if he did we would have a "potty party" by taking him for ice cream and the toy store.

Not sure if that is considered right but it worked for us.

OH I wanted to add the whole sticker thing did not work for us......m&m's did

Message edited 6/30/2010 4:41:19 PM.

Posted 6/30/10 4:40 PM


Member since 8/06

13803 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

With Robbie I don't think I 'rewarded'. I would cheer and make a big deal out of his accomplishment - but I don't think I ever gave him some THING.

I DID - however - tell him I was throwing him an underwear party and that after we had it he would no longer wear diapers. And we did throw him that party. People (family and close friends) brought him underpants and we had balloons and cake and he modeled his new fashions for the attendees. It was pretty hilarious.

Posted 6/30/10 4:58 PM


Member since 5/05

3893 total posts


Re: Reward for Potty Training

We did a star chart, she got a star for hits or near misses. If she didn't actually go then no star.

For a predetermined number of stars she would get a reward.

I bought the chart in Buy Buy Baby for under $10. It has sections for "getting to the bathroom fast", "going potty" "washing hands" and dry day.

We set 5 dry days as the incentive for a princess dress and she got the reward in 6 days.

Posted 6/30/10 5:03 PM

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