Hi all,

haven't been here in a while....

So Hannah has been such an awesome sleeper until........

We moved her over to a bed. She never tried to get out of her crib so we didn't mover her earlier and she is such a peanut that she still had room

Joanna and I are burnt and I know my kid isn't getting enough sleep.

Routines really haven't changed other than her now seemingly developed habit of getting up in the night either asking to go to the bathroom or wanting to find daddy...

She whispers " I was looking for you daddy" It's darn cute but I can't seem to break her habit.

I don't attend to her really other than redirecting her back to bed.

She just seems to not be able to put herself back to sleep like she did when she was in a crib.

It's been a long few weeks.

Any advice for a tired daddy would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.