A new report claims the couple wants to tie the knot in England within the next few months!
If you thought Jude Law, 37, and Sienna Miller, 28, looked good together at the Met Gala in NYC on May 3, just imagine how great they’d look in a tuxedo and wedding gown! You’ll get your chance to see it, if the latest report from the UK’s Daily Mail is true. A friend of the couple tells the paper that Jude & Sienna “don’t want to jinx things by talking about it, but they have told their nearest and dearest that they would like to get married in the summer!”

Sienna reportedly wants the wedding to be “bohemian style” and her friend says she asked her sister Savannah to design the perfect dress.

The friend also says the couple would have a second ceremony in New York, so more of their friends and family could attend.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard wedding bells for Jude and Sienna. The couple was engaged in 2006, but she ended it when she learned that Jude had an affair with his children’s nanny. Clearly she’s forgiven him, as the two are back to being totally in love — and showing it off at public events like the Met Gala for all the world to see!

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